HP Buffs, New Tech Tree, Collectors Tanks | World of Tanks Update 1.9 Patch Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks 1.9 Update New Tech Tree Rework, HP Increase/Buff, Collector’s Tanks, Removed Tanks. World of Tanks New Changes. World Tanks Update 1.9 Patch Review.

► Official articles about World Tanks Update 1.9: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/tech-trees-update/

Today I am going to cover first information about the upcoming update 1.9. I know how much you hate reading, so I am going to do that for you, to keep you in a tight loop with everything happening in World Tanks.

Let me know what you think about the WoT patch 1.9!

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. I know how much you guys hate reading so, I do that for you + I try to make everything clear about the upcoming changes! 🙂
    Have a great week, my friends! Stay safe! ❤

    • Marc Schreiber I would assume if the tank is already Elite status we won’t have to research new modules. Although like what happened with my Cromwell when British light tanks came out, my Cromwell still had the Elite status but I didn’t research the light tank after the Crom. Tough question honestly…

    • @MysteryTanker this question remains… I have a all low tier researched…. do I need to research those modules again, if I would buy those tanks as a collectable… though question…@DezGamez what do you believe

    • bart van herrewegen

      I have the 113 researched but i have not bought it yet, what will happen if i don’t buy it before 1.9?

    • bart van herrewegen it will become a collectors vehicle and you can still buy it after the update. As long as if it’s researched.

    • @Wolf Is Bad There’s masses of noobs playing at the moment so it’s a great time to farm them and it seems you had an epic time doing this.

  2. Dez! What song is playing from 5:00 to 7:40 ? Please tell me, I’ve been repeating it 6 times already

  3. Angel Y Cintron Nieves

    The balance game no depen tanks is a players veterans.. pro….regular….and new …and news ..

  4. I dont like it

  5. When is this going Live?

  6. This will lead to more bots at higher tiers. MM will just get more unbalanced and we will have more 15-0 games that lasts less than 5 minutes. All these new changes are totally unnecessary. The only real problem that is urgent to be adressed is the unbalanced mm.

  7. So many complains about arty its not like tier 2-4 arty is accurate pfff

  8. all i want know is why are the noobs being rewarded. where is the compensation for having polayed since 2011-2-013. Again WoT shitting on their real player base. people that have grinded thru shit the hard way need to have huge reward. this system is gonna put soooooo many players that r clueless into tier X vehicles they really have no business to even own.
    the grind thru the tiers is where u L2P..not by jumping into end game content is screwing up matches. This REALLY signals the end of this game. Im already tired of the retarded ass MM that doesnt take player skill into account. So now lets make it easier for the skilless tards to play more tier X’s….Now gotta find another new game to play..& WoW new expansion is still 9 months away. FML WoT drops the ball again. normally players that fumble as much as WoT does get cut

  9. What I really want to know, is how much hp my tog will have after the buff

  10. ok. got the 113. im at t54 and amx 30 proto. so i can grind and get it or get it after a.9?

  11. Aleksa Milosavljević

    5:41 again kv1s tier 6 like before

  12. Aleksa Milosavljević

    7:37 with t28 prototype you can go for t28 now you cant

  13. So what will happen when my crusader is made into a light tank and I’m assuming replaced in the line by the cavalier will I keep the crusader and move on in the new line or… because I’m trying to get the Cromwell

  14. I like the changes and the update does explain some things I was confused over.
    We get to keep the removed tanks with all their modules intact and they do not count as reward type vehicles.
    Thats good and also a little sad, while I wanted to be able to derp in my Jumbo Sherman and in my Hetzer I was also happy that we might get a load of training vehicles.
    I thought that would have been great for FTP players sadly it was not to be.

  15. Over the weekend on the NA server I spent a bunch of time finishing grinding out the T-62A from the fully upgraded T-44 and the 113 on my WZ-111 1-4 buying them while they were on the 20% discount then the morning after I finished and bought both tanks they announced these changes. Spent the last month focusing on getting those 2 and now trying to finish the Jpanther II grind to get it unlocked before 1.9. Left untrained crews in them so the change from being good crew trainers to requiring a trained crew for the collector’s tanks I will just wait and see if they get an auto “retrain” to the tank they are on.

  16. VK 30.01 (H) from heavy to medium? That’s curious…

  17. It sounds MUCH better than what happened with WoT blitz. In blitz the tank would just gone until there’s an event or shop offers, also in blitz the collector’s tank can’t change their modules.
    These changes actually sounds pretty good, but I’ll just wait until it goes live.

  18. if I’m currently on the tier 6 of Leopard line does that mean I’m gonna start again in tier 5?

  19. american tank cupolla….for fuck sake…….what kind of tank would blow up just by getting shot in their cupolla multiple times……….sigh

  20. Davor Damjanović

    I am still w8ing for news will there be XP compensation xD

  21. 1 let HE ammo as it is
    2 give all tanks around 10% special ammo of there total load out of the total ammo capacity
    3 give all tier 8 tanks over 200 mm or 200 mm of penetration on there standard ammo
    4 Don’t nerf arty but only 2 per team

  22. Does anyone know whats going to happen to my t62a?

  23. Finally facing tier 4 and 5 tanks will be a bit more worth in the KV-2

  24. Augustuvi Primce dea.V.

    E-100/IS-4 buff

  25. This was supposed to be a big update amied to fix spamming premium shells a little bit. What we got is just simplified tech tree? Hahaha good job WG nailed it once again 👍

  26. I see they used WoTB as a guinea pig for this game… I play both games

  27. Speak indonesia supitle😀

  28. So as a new player I got Sherman jumbo I can’t play a lot but went with it because I could t29 and the medium t7 of USA. What does that mean for me? Will have to redo the entire heavy tank line?

  29. Day 999999 waiting for the E 100 buff

  30. its going to suck when tier 4 players buy tier 10 tanks and jump into tier 10 games.

  31. Now all they have to do is remove Arty from T5 to T10 and we can have a playable game.

  32. Yeah, all that stuff… OR… Simply…

  33. So, I just checked the new changes coming up. Covenanter and Crusader are moving up a tier – neither are excellent for its current one. Do you know if their guns would be changed too ?
    VK 30 H become a medium, having abysmal mobility. It will be like a giant Valentine?

  34. about th tech tree changes you will get stuck if you dont like the line
    for example now if you search vk 36.01 P you can go for jpz E100 or Maus or pz7 or E100 ……….but now if you get to tier 6 you can only get E100….if you want the other tanks like pz 7 you need to get back to tier 4 ……. if you want jpz E100 you need to go back and grind tier 3
    its more grind !!!! More grind …… MORE GRIND …….. you cant jump lines with this !!!

  35. When you research the 113 and T-62a because you were lead to believe they would be given ‘special’ status and not have to retrain crews.

    👏Well played WG, got me again 👏

  36. kelan tuet iski tilille

    so tog 2 is going to have 2k hp?

  37. Tech tree changes sucks

  38. What will happen to sexton I🤔

  39. nice, so noobs like me who only have 2 tier X tanks (121 and 705a) essentially get the t62a and 113 without having to grind the exp, just need 12.2 million credits 😛

  40. I hate those tree research changes. It was nice to move from t28 prot to t28 without going the whole not turreted branch. It has logic, now it is stupid… if you want to move to other vehicles you have to grind much more now.

  41. New players, don’t have to fear from artillery?
    PewDiePie starting with tier VIII: “Why is the rock shooting me?”

  42. So I grind throughout T-54 for nothing or I miss something. Spend my time to grind crew and exp for T-62A and second gun of T-54, and now someone will get this tank for free ?? Am I missing something here ???

  43. What about grinded xp for the removed tanks? I have 160k xp on my t54 for t62a. :/

  44. Cezar Stefan 'SEGH' Jucan

    The best way to deaden artillery abuse is to make their missions independent from the other campaign missions. Once they are something that must not be played in order to get campaign rewards, we will see fewer folks filling the ranks.

  45. I’m so stupid, yesterday i free exp-ed all tanks tier 1-5 …. I already had read the update notes … F my life x.x After watching this vid I understood what is going to happen … x.x

  46. so if I have the Jpanzer II and all of its modules reasearched but not in the garage, I can buy this later? Will I have to re reseacht the modules again???

  47. O ding dong ling Long

    Ugh don‘t tell me they actually did it

  48. This is great. New players should not have to deal with cancerous players who spam 10k games in a tier 3 artillery.

  49. Matteo De Piccoli

    I have bc12t and i can reseach the amx30b prot, should i do it to get free the 30B tier X?

  50. No new map, not interest.

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