HSTV-L Drama | Stop Sucking And Get Good With This 1 Trick

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  1. Best intro so far this year.

  2. I need tigor link 🙁

  3. How do i support you. I want your decals and stuff, but I’m playing on console

  4. Yo Phly, I don’t think anyone presumed this to be anything other than a user issue – but watching your videos is like Usain Bolt giving me running lessons

  5. wheres the link?

  6. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the HSTV personally, a lot of the time it hates me and a lot of the time it works. So it’s a constant I love this tank I hate this tank feeling.

  7. Honestly this video is a common phly W

  8. Dude i play HSTV and IPM1 and lemme tell u , when i play this thing and starts to get kills i end up with more kills in HSTV than IPM1 , btw theu should reduce the repair coast of hstv a bit tho.

  9. If phly ever sells tigor again I’m buying one in a heartbeat

  10. Wt player: Everything sucks and isn’t good
    Phly: You have massive skill issues. Get better and stop crying about sucking

  11. Just some dude chillin

    To kill that new Russian premuim shoot right under the turret

  12. got a quad kill with this recently fighting russia and china, then went on to capture a point. my favorite light tank in game.

  13. This phlyutorial is super fun!

  14. Its funny to see everyone complain about vehicles, and it’s secretly the fact that they are bad at the game. HSTV-L as well as most light tanks, are flank and spanks. They don’t have enough pen to get through the front of a MBT. It’s obvious, if something isn’t working, change styles. I’ll agree that there is definite bias in this game, like the American vs German M48 drama. But guys, it’s a skill issue at the end of the day. You can outplay almost every faction and vehicle in the same BR if you know how the game works at a core level, with minor exceptions

  15. good video. just keep up the quality

  16. How do I get the phlydaily bundle on ps4

  17. I think 10.3 was the sweet spot, unless they give it 1 second reload and proper penetrating value at think 320 then 10.7 is justified. Like why the 2s38 with like 220 pen and .5 second reload and gen 3 thermals, and hold more ammo is at 9.7.

  18. Everytime Phly takes out a vehicle to test and play, enemy tanks or players in general turns deaf and one eyed blind, when I play the enemy would have enhanced boosted hearing and locked on laser eyes, skill issue is the key here, I guess.

    Even when I am attempting to be sneaky during flanking moves the enemy would just ambushes me out of nowhere and one shot kills me, happens to me 8 out 10 times. If not this they would just accurately one shot sniped me from 1.5km+ away. I got more chance in winning in arcade games, but that’s just arcade, realistic is what I want to excel at.

    • Like Phly said about sometimes it is like the slider just slides one way on a tank to make it better or worse, why couldn’t content creators get that little “help” hmmm

  19. Bring back the tiger plushie

  20. Irl most rounds are not 100% consistent

  21. how did you go from 1.5 mil to 3 mill in 3 games llmao I need to be able to pull out that kinda cash per game

  22. Wtf does “R&G” mean? Where are you getting these acronyms?

  23. god i love the HSTV-L, i only tend to go for ammo racks if it’s from the side and they’re moving fast, if i can in any way stop it, i’ll typically shoot out the engine first, then the barrel when they’re stationary. Works wonders usually.

  24. Heh, HSTV-L players are learning what all Italian mains already know. RNGesus knows no allegiance, and he giveth and he taketh at the dop of a hat.

  25. 12:21 Feel good inc moment

  26. That intro was so wonderful

  27. Whole drama is not about that HSTVL is bad but that 2S3M russian premium bias is at 9.7 and HSTVL at 10.7

  28. Seems like the devs have annoyingly turned those sliders up to 150% for Russia

  29. Where do I get tegor

  30. I never understood the complaints. The HSTV-L is still a 100% certified cancer machine, even when nerfed.

  31. The real gripe with the HSTVL for most players is that after all the nerfs it sits at 10.7 while the better HSTVL(2S38) sits at 9.7 in the Soviet tree as a premium.

  32. Meanwhile, Russian HSTV-L (2S38) is a whole BR lower with a radar and faster RoF

  33. ok so HSTV bad right now time for the VCC 80/60

  34. phly, I’ve been watching your videos endlessly these past couple of days, living with schizophrenia hasn’t been easy but hearing your voice and watching your distracting gameplay has given me a safe and normal place to be, you’ll never know how much your videos mean to me, thank you.

  35. shooting out the cannon is the cheap way I myself think personal and I would rather go for a one-shot kill but the stupid cannon breach mechanic is in the game so you are pretty much for sure gonna get your cannon taken out most the time. But such a shitty way to battle someone.

  36. Detective Patchouli

    did youtube just put this as Rise of Kingdom ?

  37. I have 80 million power

  38. There is no link, to the 5$ package to support you, just links to rise of kingdoms.

  39. Stop calling it a drama when it’s clearly a:
    >reddit moment

  40. I don’t know what they are talking about hstv is my fave top tier tank and the only top tier I atually find fun

  41. Where is link for tigor I don’t see it

  42. wheres the link to get tigor?

  43. i made it into a phly video!! 7:41 now i can die in peace because all these years of wt were worth it

  44. Ignore the whisper

  45. The intro bro was epic

  46. why my light recon tank didn’t kill MBT’s when i shot them in to the front composite armor plate covered by modern ERA WHY?!

  47. Hello Phly, i want to support you but couldn’t find the link :/

  48. They do that the 9040 bill as well.
    It’s (the bill) is pretty useless.

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