HUGE 165mm Cannon with 31KG Projectile | Centurion AVRE (War Thunder 1.79 Gameplay)

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HUGE 165mm Cannon with 31KG Projectile | Centurion AVRE (War Thunder 1.79 Gameplay)

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  1. Orlando Southcott

    top tier KV-2

  2. What if The churchilll avre gets added?
    Will it be much more harder to aim considering its a 290mm mortar?

  3. your local communist

    centuries of research

    Centurion avre



    I c what u did there

  4. Ok guys. Phly’s mission is to uptier a Pz IV C into a 3.0 lineup. In order to disrupt enemy movements and plans Phly has to sniper and harass adversary tankers from a distance.

  5. George Golightly

    Can you do that rangefinding thing in RB?

  6. Loving the unloved t-26-4

  7. This tank looks like a decepticon .

  8. Haas Steambraker

    I would love to see a video where you have a friend spot targets for you while you sit back and try to play artillery. It would be legendary to see you get a kill you cannot directly see.

  9. At least show us frontal shot, to see if the bulldozer works

  10. 21 seconds…….wow nice meme

  11. Are you just dumb or why can’t you just change the zeroing of the sight?

  12. how bout KV-3 or KV-4 Phly….

  13. just let Churchill guide you shell

  14. This one ain’t gonna be fun, except if you enjoy getting shit on by every body else in the enemy team, remember the Brummbar syndrom…

  15. Can you please do a AMX-40 video next?


  17. Phly chi ri II is now one of the best tanks in the game check it out

  18. pls take leo2

  19. Take out the Yak-15 & Su-122-54

  20. The Alpha Raptor

    Did no one noticed that that HESH shell increased it’s penetration when the angle got sharper and the range got farther?

  21. lol When the 165mm gets eaten by a track.


    Idk why but when a tank had bulldozer on it I get an instant hardon for It XD

  23. issue with this round is the game is still broken, that is a main issue here and well it will not work untill they fix it

  24. here comes the British derp

  25. U need to play with the British tank destroy the AT2

  26. Struggle Gaming

    I’d love artillery in WT if they used artillery computers/maps and spotting / callouts. Not Wot style but more like aiming a mortar in Squad.

  27. I just realized Phly sounds like TheRadBrad

  28. What kind of depression do we have? Crippling depression


  30. Yup…of all the tanks they could have given the british player, they got this, massively overtiered, non competitive waste of time

  31. Will be playing the living derp out of this when it comes live

  32. *the HESH pens more at steeper angles*

  33. We got the Lorraine so I’m just waiting for the T92 ( 240 MM Artillery)

  34. For next video do the new german 20mm!

  35. Stürmpanzer with armor…

  36. How do you do the thing with the sights after range-finding?

  37. This reminds me of a KV 1 eating my Stürmpanzer shells to the turret side. It should pen directly, and the damn thing only took a track after 4 shots.

  38. bombarding the enemy from spawn at the start of the match? might give that a try.

  39. wish my game could run as smooth as this

  40. Pleas bring out the Leo tomorrow plzzz mate

  41. The cannon kills like an hot knife through butter

  42. It’s so fucking meme xD

  43. Guys teach me how to range find please. Always when I do it the just tell me the distance but doesnt do it automatically.

  44. Noob question, but how to you adjust the optic while rangefinding?

  45. I am pretty sure the dozer is to avoid getting hit by mines.

  46. Phly pls, use the zeroing keys ;-;

  47. Can you do a video on one of the Sherman’s? Attempt:???

  48. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    In the last one you should have charged and dozered him to death!

  49. Centurion mk. M551

  50. STILL no Italian tanks , not even freaking AA tanks !

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