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World of is making huge changes to American tanks including the M103, T32, T29, M6, T1 Heavy and M44! Here's all you need to know!



  1. This is not addressing the balance . Planning to selling more Rene . Always over buff . then players jumps into those over buff tanks and then over nerfed .

  2. Don’t nerf t29.

  3. Arty may as well not exist in the game.

  4. MAybe they need to buff the E5 as well (and I say that not even having american heavy line).. it’s pretty unpopular tank atm. with all the hulldown meta that most likely is never going to disapear, unless they buff the SPG’s.

  5. TIL M44 is more played than the rest of the tier VI SPGs combined.

  6. Well that was frustrating to watch. The m103 was one of my fav t9 tanks. The armor buff will be negligible while the nerf to mobility is completely unnecessary and will make it a chore to play. The strength of the m103 was the passable mobility and excellent gun. F off WG. Nerfing the t29!? What, can’t have an OG tech tree tank be actually good? F off WG. The nerfs to the m44 don’t go far enough. The mid tier arty make playing mid tiers cancerous. They’re completely overpowered and should be nerfed across the board. Nerf dmg and pen and certainly reload. Happy to only play this game rarely after 55k battles and better than most stats. WG is like a pimp. They give you just enough to keep you coming back while abusing their player base and extracting value.

  7. I wonder if this means they’ll do another round of premium buffs. I’ve been waiting for the T-103 to get some help for ages now…

  8. THe T29 is fine as is and is the only American heavy worth a damn. But hey, lets nerf the T29 after we let it be power crept to being just an average tank these days. The entire American heavy line (except T29 currently) thanks to a weak pimple or pathetic armor are easily beat up and overall a joke. They really need to fix the American heavy line and give it the pimple armor back so they are useful again on a ridgeline which was the entire point of the tank.

  9. leave T29 tf alone!!!!!

  10. 2:32 i think that is WG goal to make tier 7’s barely pen with gold rounds and also make some tier 8’s fire gold
    its certainly better then most tier 5’s being able to pen it with either gold or standard ammo

  11. ‘It’s played three times more than any other artillery…’

    Yes, QB, because it’s just about the only playable SPG left in the game. What is the point of a whole class that has completely no relevance in the game any more? This is just about the only one example left where you can play it and still feel like you’re actually benefitting your team.

  12. Miroslav Zadrepko

    That’s cute: nerf good arty, make it bad as other, and frustrate players. But, god forbid, do not dare to nerf FR le. Cmn WG, cut the crap, just say “you can do missions with arty, but you must pay first”

  13. __________________________________________________

    No gameplay no like bye

  14. So the T29 is going from terrible DPM to THE worst for a tier 7 heavy tank with over 100 less dpm than the next lowest. That’s a bit extreme don’t you think?

  15. lol, should tell you something when the prem tanks are removed from the list and all the tech tree tanks are well below 50% wins.

    WG was firmly established in NA. NA just got wise to the p2w bs and moved on. the game itself is too complicated for newbies to have any kind of success, even though its easier than ever to move up the lines. meanwhile the diehard long time players with their amazing crews, rolling in credits so they can be 2 key heroes, and knowledge of the game feast on anybody new.

    1/4 of the average all time high playerbase are left playing on NA. its not because the american tank lines mostly suck. this buff wont bring players in.

    the big exodus happened after the 1st arty changes. then a smaller exodus after the HE changes.

    all the really good NA content creators gave up on the game years ago.

  16. I really hope Italian heavies get a buff too

  17. Wow, WG actually did something to balance the game instead of spamming premium tank? What is this nonsense

  18. I taught the t32has 195 pen in old days

  19. The Mid Tier Arty is fine its the top tier arty that needs a boost it does so little especially when all your damage is spotted by others, progress on high tier arty is painfully slow.

  20. Fix for U.S. Heavies, reduce the size of the tumor. Way to big weak spot. Almost no other country has such huge weak spots on their turret.

  21. oh no, not the M44 machine howitzer …

  22. T29 nerfed why???,
    Wargaming is ruining one of the most iconic tanks again.

  23. The F2P Experience

    massive change for the T32 🙂
    Are there any buffs to bring to the T110E5? This is my only Tier X tank

  24. Stefano Braggion

    T32 will be a monster =) it was strong even when I played it (still had 198mm pen with standard ammo)… now it’s amazing =)

  25. Tech tree tanks near the top of the list! God! someone nerf it! How will we ever sell these premiums else!

  26. M3 Lee would like to have a Buff Too.

  27. T29 nerfs are a crime against humanity

  28. Omg the most oppressive artillery is getting nerffed finally. The reload speed on the m44 has been cancer for far too long… now if we could get the Lefh a nerf

  29. I can say that, at M103, is more a nerf than a buf.

  30. Yeah the m44 nerfs are good for the game don’t get me wrong but I for instance already preferred the AMX so…….

  31. When I started to play WoT, there was no swedish tanks so I went german tree.

  32. they should buff t57 heavy armor. frontal and side.

  33. Trystan Royston

    Now we need buffs to the Churchill VII and the Black Prince 😀

  34. The real low tier arty problem is the LeFH

  35. “This one’s going to be controversial for all the artillery players out there.”
    I don’t think so, M44 was obviously broken. I agree it’s popularity is problem #1 and the nerf will hopefully change that. The aiming time nerf however might be counter-productive. Many M44 players are already only sitting on a single target until they’re forced to pick another one. (Because many are simply trying to get the stun missions over with and it’s way more productive to stun someone who’s med kit is on cooldown. Removing the stun missions or change them to the amount of tanks stunned rather than the total time stunned should have a way bigger effect, especially if you reduce SPGs to 1 or 2 per side depending on the map. (You really don’t need 2 SPGs on city maps)

  36. As someone who went up american heavy tree line back when the T30 was the capstone, it wasn’t a matter of the 105 being too much of a seal clubber as much as how utterly brutal and unforgiving the stock t32 was. Because while the t29 has pretty good armor if you had favorable/ok matchmaking it was utterly abysmal with the T8 MM which is essentially a clone of the T29. The mantlet buffs are something to actually less about buffing the t5 and t6 as much as giving it a chance to be instructual on how to play the rest of the line while having some niche’s specific to it. Because that mantlet already looked like swiss cheese regularly in postgame, especially on the m6 who relied almost entirely on the 90mm gun to bail it out of being utterly useless in the already far too frequent T8 matches.

  37. For the T1 and M6, I think the turret armor buff was needed, but what is suggested it perhaps too much as the turrets were effectively butter and did not fit the style of the rest of the tech tree (high turret armor heavies). The guns were fine as they were. Looking over all the buffs/nerfs (including the previous video), it seems like they are “normalizing” dispersion to around 0.16 – 0.18 for hull traverse

  38. I just got T110E5 this spring, suffering thorough M6 back in beta and T32 with its 198pen at the time, finishing M103 when 80% shots were at the damn cupola
    and now a buff, what a great time to be alive

  39. Maybe it would be even better if they got it right the first time before they release these tanks.

  40. CDC overhaul, WG, please it is literally unplayable right now.

  41. The nerfs will only help veteran and pay-to-win players as they have access to field mods and premium consumables to mitigate the negatives and hinder the casual, free-to-play ones.

  42. Kagton Blackmoon

    Good changes overall, T-29 might be a little more than needed from the nerf bat. T-34 premium could use a little love, 5-10% engine power and faster reload would make it competitive, I’m not saying that it needs it’s tier 9 stats back but they hit it a little too hard when it went from 9 to 8 especially with the new premium tanks they have added.

  43. there a reason the shift character for 4 is $ – M$$ is my money maker

  44. so E5 not buffered then still in trash?

  45. I would hate to see AMX 13 F3 to be popular and nerfed, after the tank every other SPG doesnt get the calibre increase and uts just stagnating

  46. אליה יצחק כהן

    yeah its kinda funny that arty at tier 5-6 deal pretty much the same amount as tier 10 artys but reload like 50%+ faster

  47. They should nerf all the Soviet Heavies so they explode with the slightest contact from arty. Because, hey, Ukraine BABY!

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