HUGE Changes, New Game Balance = WoT 2.0? | World of Tanks Big Balance Updates

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Big Update, New Balance, New Ammo, Artillery Rebalance, Tech Tree Rebalance, Rewards Tanks, Collector Tanks, New Statistics, Personal Mission changes and more! World of Tanks Update 2.0 Patch Sandbox Test Server.

► [Sandbox] New Balance Test Article:

2020 seems to not like sleeping very much… We just had Team Clash event ended today, Black Market with new offer every day and now this – NEW BALANCE in World of Tanks.

This is probably the biggest change World of Tanks is ever seen in a single patch, even compared to the World of Tanks 1.0… This actually may be a time for a World of Tanks 2.0.

In this episode, let’s take a look at it and let’s see what it has to offer. I am going to make episodes about most of the important topics, going to cover them more deeply!

Stay Tuned!
►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. This is just an introduction episode to give you an overview about all of the big changes and big testing which they are doing on the Sandbox server.
    Stay tuned to see in-depth look into many of those big topics!

  2. now i will get all low tier tanks that will be removed

  3. I was trying to get t62a but now they will remove it 🙁

  4. 9 Minutes old Articles? HOW DARE YOU to make a Video about such historic Announcements!
    I demand Videos 2 weeks AHEAD of such Announcements!
    Until now I liked you but… sorry: unsubscribed! *Kappa*

  5. THX WG for taking the last that was of fun in the game DESTROYING T49 derp One shot 4005 and both japan TYPE tanks. Ive just grinded the 4005 ONLY for the fun of THE HESH shells. GIVE ME MY TIME MONEY CREDITS AND EXP BACK……….

  6. So, in order not to confuse player the tanks will be put in 2 differents location (tech trees AND shop collector’s tab) with no connection inbetween.
    Who’s stupid idea was this ? How really hard was it to follow a line from A to B ? Why didn’t you just do your job or officialise a mod and just revamp the tech tree ? That’s borderline moronic.

  7. they forgot the pz IV h in their list of HE tanks that shouldnt be affected. its derp is what makes that tank! its my stress relief fun tank, sadly looks like they just taking its derp gun away.

  8. What. They are removing my boy t71 DA? Nooooooooooo

    *laughs in special vehicle*

  9. Wtf ? 9 days of test ?

  10. At least you guys are getting this. Console players are just subjected to reskins and bugs without communication.

  11. I agree, the biggest issue with wot is “unclear tech tree” TNX WG this will fix evrything ???


  13. Why change the ammo? Why not cap the special ammo on each tank to 5% or 10% of the max capacity to stop the gold spam? Oh, that would be nerfing premium tanks. Let premium tanks keep their special ammo capacity as unlimited, that way they would be even more special. And if WG nefts the HE pen values, doesn’t that nerf premium tanks too. Good bye Pz IVH, M4 Sherman, SU-152, T49. Of course KV-2 is not affected because there is no russian bias in the game. And what happens to japanese heavy tanks, are they useless now? I have no idea why HE spam would be a problem. If they want to make HE to do damage more consistantly, tweak the formula how HE damage is calculated, not the pen of the shell.

    How are the tech trees too confusing? And to who? Does WG mean those 45% WR players who can’t left click? Tech trees have lines showing which tanks you need to research to get the desired ones. Also, removing tanks at lower tiers means everyone gets into high tier faster, and we already have enough of morons who have no idea what to do at high tiers. After this change you can be at tier 10 after 500 battles, but with no idea what’s going on in the game. I guess the current situation of having 3-7 45% retards in each team is not good enough.

    And what about arty? Either the AP is useless because you can’t hit a thing, which means HE is also quite frustrating. Or it’s easier to hit the enemies and arty will be OP with AP. It will be a hell to balance this…

    And the economy review? Making more credits for less effort? As I said, there already is a huge problem with 45% WR things that have AFKed into tier 10 and who keep AFKing, now they get there faster with less low tier tanks to research but get more credits.

    Seems like WG wants to dumb down the game, but I have no idea why. More HP so you don’t need to care about mistakes and learn anything, more credits for doing nothing… Soon we are going to hope our team has majority of 46% WR players, because the other option is to have 41% WR players at tier 10 with less than 1k battles…

  14. WG: Removing low-tier tanks and nerfing HE into the ground will balance the game
    Chieftain & 279e drivers: *whistle while you work* tralala…

  15. Thanks Dez – Got it “Special Shells” – not to be confused with “Special Needs”, “Special Olympics” and “Special Education” 🙂

  16. R. I. P. WOT

  17. After seeing the comments, I’m scared to even watch the video.

  18. “Simply WG are monetising the game further as player numbers are dropping off faster than new accounts are being made. Expect more cuts to tech tree, free to play to be harder without prem account, more pay to win tanks, more pay to win crew skills, more pay to win special equipment and more pay to win special ammunition.

  19. 0 mm pen on HE, will it still overmatch on 3x caliber?

  20. It is I who Nuts to That

    Tbh with the british HESH gods, i would rather keep the pen instead of having increased damage

  21. You can not balance a game that’s nearly 10 years old. Any balancing attempt is nothing but RIGGING. I know if I had a job for 10 years and it was this hard to figure out what is wrong I wouldn’t have that job much longer. 42 tanks released in 2019 and 2 maps. That’s the problem. Make more maps and not just me but different than the corridor funneling current maps you have out now. Problem solved.

  22. Hm, streamlining tech trees and removing non fitting vehicles is one thing. But dumbing down and oversimplyfying low tier tech trees will only result in more 5-15 battle as new players will be rushing through tiers even faster. Imho, they should keep the different branches from tier 2 onwards (except lights) so that people can make up their mind about different playstyles early on.

  23. Love how you spend so much time on talking about the changes and how they will affect new players, when your well aware of the fact, that new players dont come to WoT.
    They are just removing tanks for no reason what so ever.

  24. “You will earn the same with the same battle performance”…. Damage done is higher now… Yessss. Finally, better economy

  25. tech tree too complicated? yeah fpr 4 year olds maybe.

  26. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Someone is telling me the tier 6 to 10 tanks being removed from the tech tree will become premiums as in they get both a bonus to credits and crew XP. He’s playing on the sandbox now and says that is what it says in his garage for the Jumbo at least. Now I find this hard to believe, especially for the tier 9 and 10’s but even if only the lower tier tanks actually become premiums I’ll be buying most of them, many of them I really liked playing(T71DA, KV-13, VK, Jumbo(not in top config though) and Firefly). Losing the AMX’s, 113 and T-62 from the tech tree actually are a good thing for me since it will free up my crews for them.

  27. Press F for AMX 30b, First a leo 1/cent AX clone thing then a dpm monster that could almost never get to use it cos of low pen/no armour. The tank never really found its niche and now it’s getting removed.

  28. This will be killing blow to this game

  29. So, is the small gun on the E100 going to be better now?

  30. nice gold spammer user hahahaha now i can grind heavy now

  31. fuck arty off out this game we do not need arty

  32. If before the only way to damage the 279 was to use he, now you can’t do it anymore, good wg

  33. 3:46 it’s finally like World of tanks Blitz

  34. I like that HP change graph.
    1st change = increase of HP for low tier
    2nd change = equal increase for all tiers
    3rd change (not shown) = secret stalinium upgrade for the tonks of the motherland

  35. not a single russian tank on that list rofl

  36. They better buff all tiers alpha or gg

  37. So in other words the game will still be a giant pile of stinking shit. Until they fix MM this game will suck bigfoot dick. When so many matches end, win or lose, 15-2, 15-3, 15-4, 15-5 that should tell WG that fucking MM is broken. When it is no problem to run off 5 or more consecutive losses, but it is rare to even get two consecutive wins that should tell WG that fucking MM is broken. WG’s response to our complaints is “that is the fun of random battles.” Well that “fun” is why they are losing so many players. Last year they said that they would improve MM, and they didn’t. Maybe they don’t have the brainpower to do it. WG can go fuck their cretin selves.

  38. Will they give back the exp spent on the “collector” vehicles ?? 113 for example was a lot of exp….

  39. Why are they buffing HP and Damage? They negate eachother. Also. They should the HP of 9 and 10 alone. Because the despairity between tier 8 and 9 is huge. Buff the tier 8 but the 9s will still have the advantage

  40. Cezar Stefan 'SEGH' Jucan

    Better get all the Swedish tanks as well, at least the UDES 16, because they will replace it with the UDES 15 Alt. 2, which is worse across the board.

  41. 15 brit tanks nerded

  42. The changes WG want to implement, are ridiculous! Why buff the HP of all tanks, and rebalance everything, when all they neded to do is reduce the dmg of all Premium ammo, It’s idiotic! What this means, is that if the changes go through, HE is useless, and tanks that already have good armor, like the 268 v4, 279e and T95/FV4201, will become EVEN MORE OP!!
    In addition, everyone will have to re-learn the HP and dmg of every tank!
    The changes are so stupid that only WG is stupid enough to come up with them in the first place!
    None of these changes are wanted by the players! All that the players have asked for, is to lower the effectiveness of premium ammo!

  43. This is by far the worst and most illogical update ever. If this update goes live, the game is honestly ruined. Balance thrown out the window. Heavily armoured tanks will be by far the best and OP tanks, 297e , Maus etc. Oh, and good job on ruining HE shells which was never a problem in the game, like wtf? Nobody complained about HE shells, yet you decided to destroy a perfectly fine mechanic? You only needed to buff low tier HP, i.e tier 1-5, and NERF premium ammo by 15% of its damage. Do you not understand that nerfing premium ammo across ALL TANKS is NOT nerfing the premium tanks?! This update is pretty much trash on all levels. But at this point you gotta consider if WG is doing a “test” or whether they have already decided that the update is going through no matter what because of all the money they spent on it. How could you mess up this badly.

  44. Hum I don’t see the bs op rus tanks on that list what do the rus tanks have magic ammo

  45. not removed moved

  46. they should change the name 2 new bullshit from wargayming

  47. I feel sad and fear for WoTPc as it might slowly becomes like WoTBlitz. I’m glad to know that players will still be able to purchase back the tanks using credits instead of gold 🙂

  48. In blitz this tanks allready are removed

  49. Žygimantas Petryla

    Noooooooooo. I hate already 2.0. Too many changes

  50. If someone is so stupid they cant understand the tech tree they shouldnt be online and certainly not own a computer to begin with.

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