HUGE DAMAGE FAST – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Sometimes in World of Tanks only thing that quite satisfies is huge damage quickly, get your dose of domination from these two rounds!



  1. Hey Quickybaby. I love to play the Strv 103B aggressively like in this video.

  2. Holy crap, that first match was satisfyingly fast and flawless!

  3. Yes the strv!

  4. I’m using full dpm + turbo on strv, it’s crasy good

  5. bro does that STRV have a cope cage?

  6. Quicky, you’re scary…

  7. Spam more gold and you will win

  8. i did 9,6k dmg with kran and 9 kills and Kolobanov best game i had(it is on WotReplay)

    • GG you can play a broken OP tank (at least it’s a tech tree one) with no turret weakspot against a team of retards coming one by one I guess… And maybe you had the luxury of using one clip of AP ammo.
      It’s ironic but I’m not surprised to see a Kran doing this, I mean it’s way less surprising than a E-100 or a T-110E5. It’s not against you but it’s about the actual meta. I’ve done 10 kills + Kolobanov with a Panther on Paris trash map so I know the feeling so GG anyway you don’t have to be a bot to do this.

    • @Shark Dark i am sory that ur bot and domt know to cointer kran, kran isnt op if i dont know tobplay it

  9. So i have oone questiin to You Qucki . What was the reason to delete su 122 54 and making 263 on IX tier? Su 122 54 was agresiw tank, fast and great dpm, so why its deleted

  10. Let’s not forget the special treatment you and those like you are given by War Gaming. If it wasn’t for that, you wouldn’t be sitting atop your ivory tower, like you guys do. I mean you guys are paid to make WG look good, even though it’s any unmitigated steaming pile of dog shit.

  11. 3:42 So THATS what a damaged fuel tank does lol.

  12. im legit 20k xp of this tank and was wondering if it was still worth it , gonna get meself it tommorow i cant wait lel

  13. Whatever genius came up with the Steppes Assault layout should be laughed out of the business…it’s a joke.

  14. You said 430U at the end!!!!

  15. i dont have the e50m yet but the e50 is the most fun i have ever had in wot! I dont need gold ammunition and its just a blast to play =)

  16. Quick question, is it the tanks in war thunder? Cuz it doesn’t looks like WoT

  17. Really enjoyed the STRV going on the hunt. I do the same with my TDs but regularly here other tds in the game refusing to hunt – “we’re TDs, we’re support” is the complaint. “So what” says I/ get off the red line and support the gun line from a sniping position. You should be able to see what the gunline tanks see, or very close to it. Add your DPM to theirs in the firefight and you’ll win. Just did this with a Tier VI JgPz IV – 5 kills on the enemy side of the lines.

  18. Despicable Obj140 game, thanks for reminding us why we should stop playing this game (and definitly stop playing the Maus forever).

  19. To think that those tanks aren’t even fully upgraded is crazy.

  20. 4:55 Average wot game be like:
    15 to 0

  21. Everything irritating about the game is in this video : unbalanced teams, useless armor due to gold, 3min games… I’ve won a 15-0 game yesterday and it wasn’t fun, no enemies on one side of Karelia map, only 1500 dmg nice X4 bonus yeah. And when I deal 6K dmg my team is uncarriable and it finish with a defeat, how strange is that ?
    Today my session was a nightmare : 30% WR on 15 games while being top exp at least 10 times, dealing 4K dmg with my IS-3 alone in the city of Live Oaks in a tier 9 games while my team does nothing apart being farmed, one 0 dmg X4 win because I was one shoot by a FV4005 in my T8 medium…
    MM is a joke, gold spam destroys the skill cap of the game and lots of players are trash ! Seriously I’ve seen an Emil I of my team camping on the corner of the map Ghost Town the whole game, the stats of the player ? 49K battles, 44% WR, 2 Ace Tankers (in tier 2 and 4), 1250 games in KV85 and never get a first class with it. The game is unbalanced as fuck and it worse patch after patch. Some games in 2012-2014 were one sided but not in today’s rate, the game was slower, more strategic, one heavy tank could hold one location (now you have to be Kranvagn or 279(e) to do it). World of Farm is maybe fun for you but it’s not for me and I’m sad to see the game being like this, glad I didn’t pay more than 3 prems to this autist company.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      MM is at the best it’s ever been.
      Gold spam makes the game more skillbased.
      Lot’s of players are trash, but what can you do?

  22. I’m gonna be honest man watching all those enemies just die to your gold spam with literally nothing they could have done to save themselves was just flat out not fun to watch. It’s so unfair, even if everybody does it to you too.

    The Maus really didn’t deserve any of that especially. Just unfortunate the game is so pay to win nowadays.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      “Nothin they could do”.
      Char Futur has great mobility, it can MOVE. Maus shouldn’t ever go into that position. There’s a city right next to it!

      If you play like a 40% bot then you will be farmed like a 40% bot.

    • @VioletStatPedder – You get what I’m trying to say. Shooting gold to just cheese people to death is lame and boring.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      @Noscopes Allowed Being able to be out in the open in your heavy tank is even more lame and boring than spamming premium at it.

    • @VioletStatPedder – You know what I mean. I’m not doing this.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      @Noscopes Allowed No, I don’t know what you mean. That Maus could (and should) have gone into the city to use it’s armor and hitpoints. Instead it went out to the field and got farmed. Just like the game should be.

  23. Do unstoppable tanks I’d love to see you use a tanks armor to it limits of reliability, love the video keep it up cheers!!

  24. hate to say but your videos lately is just you telling the rest of us how good you are lol..its like look at me me me m e

  25. who forgot the e50 with the longer gun. the long gun gets 2,920 DPM which is insane

  26. I kept the e50 and I play both. Great guns and I love ramming lol

  27. Btw obj 140 arabic number write 1349

  28. Kraven Fox Bodies

    Same, I never got it to work out for me like say WZ 121 as that gun hits at 440 and makes you feel noticed and that little extra hp to finish off a weak tank.

  29. What? No “it’s over 9000!!!” memes?

  30. Leo in the 2nd gun

  31. Is the object 140 better then the other soviet medium option?

  32. 103b has my damage record for a reason xd 9k combined

  33. People in the comments acting like it’s impossible to counter this ridgeline play when in reality bouncing premium rounds isn’t that hard if you do it right, and if you have bad armor why would you be at the frontline anyway? Positioning is the most important thing and has always been. The Maus and Char Futur are great examples, Maus is good in town where buildings hide the front of the turret and lower front plate. The Char is good at sniping

  34. Very very bad. Premium ammo really ruins this game

  35. Putin should have sent this tank in UKR. 🙂

  36. VioletStatPedder -

    You want to only see games with 50% crews spamming HE? Then go watch Steven.

  37. I thought you were smarter than you keep showing us these videos of a completly broken game. You saw off the branch on the tree you are sitting on.

    Here is the next video in which you show us how completely broken this pay-to-win game has become: You played broken op-tanks with a completly trained crew and using Bounty-/Bond-Eqipment spamming gold-ammo vs casual free-to-play average skill players with no Bounty-/Bond-Eqipment.

    How much fun do you think the opponents or your own team members had in the 15:0 and 14:1 rounds?

  38. I so love the swed TDs! Wish I had that 3D skin to cover up the copula a little more.

  39. Fast and hard tanks? Console player here, I usually play the BT-7 Artillery. If it doesn’t get its head blown off with the first shell it takes(thats happened more times than i care to count,), or it gets into a bad match up, this thing is just stupid with damage. I can two-shot just about any vehicle i come across, and with penetrations, three shot higher tier vehicles.

  40. The STRV103B also has a ‘cope’ cage just in case there is somebody in the enemy team firing Javelins 😉

  41. Want to see fv4201/t95

  42. So far one of my favorite tanks for fast dmg is the Type 88A in consoles Cold War gamemode. When fully upgraded it’ll have 6000 dpm.

  43. Seeing those games just shows how bad WoTs is to play.

  44. QB’s team – all unicums
    The Enemy team – all bots
    Life is beautiful

  45. I suggest a player should play 103B with improved hardening with addition to track hardening field mod. for agressive play. Quick firing meds will not able to permanently off your tracks.

  46. AMX 30.

  47. Totally agree, with the comments below, I only watch QB now to see how the current meta is in the game and yet again it just shows the game is a shit show and the meta has not changed. Sorry QB but you keep showing this type of game just keeps the meta going as people will copy what you are doing by firing gold and rushing to placed in OP tanks.
    So QB please answer this question, in your first game how much fun do you think it was for the following T8 tanks against a T10 the GW Tiger P dead in less thank 45 secs into the game no fault of their own and the VK 1001 P or the SM Somua? with the arty not even able to move before being killed! Do you think that the T9 tanks had more fun? the Obj 704, AE Phase 1 or the Char Futur 4? I bet the T10 had the most fun being shot with all gold like the Maus. So apart from you who else do you think really had fun in that game out of the other 29 players? Maybe the E3 who had 4 kills but I bet no one else did on either team? is the fun in that for the other 28 people in that game?

    I like your videos but you keep showing the best games and that is what everyone watching goes and does, which just makes the game worse. So many 15/0 or 1 game so much gold and too many op tanks.
    I loved this game and put a lot of money into it but I can’t see myself going back to a game I’ve not played for 4 months and can honestly say I don’t miss the game it’s clear it’s not fun with games over in less than 5 mins. No wonder the player base is getting smaller and smaller, I’ve had 6 friends stop playing in the last 6 months due to the BS the game has become.
    So like them I voted with my wallet and stop putting money into this game as it does not deserve it too many loot boxes and T8/9 premium tanks and no real content or game modes, no stopping OP tanks in the MM, it should put 279e against 279e and Clan wars tanks against other Clan wars tanks that will never happen.
    Until QB stops promoting this type of gameplay nothing will change and he won’t do that as this is his job and he has to give the people what he thinks they want and that is high damage or kill games, he’s admitted that as that is what the people want and he has to make money like us all.

  48. i played the entire ranked with strv and now waiting for my annual reward!

  49. MacedoniaGamingNetwork - MGN

    I just unlocked the Strv 103B, its my first Tier X tank

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