HUGE HE CHANGES – World of Tanks Sandbox

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is testing huge changes to the way HE shells work on the test server – here’s my take!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. personally, I think all these ammo changes are stupid because it just buffs heavily armoured tanks and doesn’t affect weakly armoured tanks.

  2. Well I am not completly your opinion, but you get a thumbs up, because your analyse is very good as always

  3. Everything is fine except that u cant shoot tanks straight into the turret and do 300dmg (kv2,…)

  4. In my opinion…the HE changes are crap (and unnecessary) and definitiv a step back from the game fun… BUT i also think that the changes will come (maybe a little bit less dramatic) because the main reason for changes are: HOW CAN WG GET MORE MONEY FROM THEIR PLAYER

  5. We need more Arties,… This game needs an Arty buff !!!

  6. So if you have a tank that cannot pen a standard or APCR round into the front of a higher tier heavy your option used to be HE. With this proposed rework your option now is to never ever play that tank.
    So this rework effectively removes tanks from the game.

  7. I completely agree with your points off view. We DONT need any changes to HE shells. This will only make the players shoot goldrounds all the time. WG should lower the cost off goldrounds to the price off regular rounds and reduce the damage. Then you really need to think what shell is the best to shoot.

  8. 21:10 QB yesterday I played with my type 4 heavy, I was top tier (finally), but the enemy had a lot of tier 8 and 9 td’s. Most of them couldn’t penetrate my tank, so they just fired HE at me for 200-300 damage with every shot. I was dead within 2 minutes of pure HE spam, and all shells hit the thickest part of my armor. I think these HE changes are very good, since arty won’t be able to deal 500 damage by hitting your UFP of the maus of type 5 and shitbarns and deathstars aren’t purely shooting their HE all over random spots on your tank dealing 700-900 damage. This is one of the buffs super heavy tanks actually need, since they are really underpowered in the current meta of gold spam. Super heavy players like me really need those changes.

  9. shouldnt this he change also affect he rounds of artys?
    because that is something reasonable wg should do right

  10. gg fv 4005 and hetzer

  11. Feels like Wargaming is changing exactly what players dont mind and ignore the things that break the game….

  12. After being more and more a pure arcade game that goes further and further away from reality, now it changes even the physics of real HE shells.
    Let’slook to it : HE shells in tanks are almost the same form and construction than artillery shells. They are made to blast vast amounts of damage to hard targets (bunkers, fortifications, infantry). The blast radius of the shell is important because that’s the main cause of its efficiency. In the french tank doctrine, it is explained that against light armored vehicles or infantry, it is based to have the shelle detonating a little away from the target rather than exploding while touching it. The blast will do the job even more efficiently.
    And now Wargaming decides that World of Tanks will use HE shells from… in fact, from what universe ?
    And for the problem of the fire ignited by a cupola hit, it happened IRL during Desert Storm.
    Sad sad try from Wargaming… Especially when wargaming ads are about “historical vehicles” and “reality”…

  13. “it takes the skill out of using them [he shells]”

    yeah, it takes ALOT of skill to throw HE shells anywhere at the enemy tank to do consistently damage and ignore any gameplay whatsoever.

  14. so basicaly wg wants you to spend more credits on premium rounds at the cost of quality of a game, wow that kind a new i am just glad i dont play that garbage anymore

  15. This is just as bad as those ammo changes last year… don’t touch ammo. It’s impossible to fix unless you nerf premium rounds. But oh wait… they’ll never do that.

  16. PajamaSam Thebeefcakemambajamba

    How will arty splash work?

  17. 21:40 thats your theme since ~2-3 years, right? no objectiveness anymore but instead catering to those anti-WG audience.
    The amounts of HE shells you fired in the last ranked season on your f2p account were less than the amounts of premium shells. So stop talking bullshit.

  18. Did HE shells need change in the first place. Yes actually, but obviously this is not it, not by a long shot.

    What needs to change is for armor not to be taken into account when you fire HE. You could do something simple and elegant like. HE shell hits. Roll for penetration. If it penetrates it does full damage, if it doesn’t it does a certain percentage of damage, let’s say for the sake of using a number 66%. This makes HE damage consistent and regardless of whether it is a big derp gun or a small calliber gun, HE is always useful as it is a way to counter armor, especially for tanks that get into practically invunerable hulldown positions.

    What this change also does is to allow for artillery to be changed based on this. Make the shells have 0 penetration so that it doesn’t matter what tank they hit it will never penetrate and because it does 66% of the damage it will reliable do an amount of damage. Now just lower the base amount of damage that artillery does and you have controlled effectively how artillery works. You can the remove the stun mechanics in artillery that no one likes, you can increase shell velocity back again and can adjust how much damage vs how fast it fires based on these new mechanics.

    But of course, WG doesn’t listens and they don’t listen because they put the wrong people in the development which means that people inside wargamming developing department which actually have the right idea of how to develop the game don’t get a say on anything and on top of that, not only do the lead developers don’t have a clue as how to balance the game, they also let the marketing section heavly dictate the balance of the game. When your game is handled like that, it’s no wonder it only gets worse as time goes along.

  19. “Depending on how well they’re received by the community, may or may not be implemented”… Ummm, yeah, because suddenly wargaming gives a crap what we think of the changes or how well they’ve implemented something now. We believe that’s what their process actually is, don’t we guys? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, you know what I mean?

  20. Half the damage and price of gold rounds and boom… Good update

  21. One thing I totally agree with that armored tanks take a bit too much damage from HE rounds…..the fact that those tanks get the rest of their stats nerfed just because they have armor is totally irrelevant….but I also strongly believe that it’s not just HE but also premium/gold/special rounds which posses the same problem. I know what I think doesn’t matter but the fact that a hull-down tank that occasionally gets bad hull and strong turret gets its turret penned or damaged with premium and HE rounds respectively is idiotic, plus there are SPGs with the heavenly sight that restricts tanks from using ridges and gun depression.

  22. Look like a strategy to sell and shoot gold 🙄 Really like the “old HE” it was different and give us a other option instead of the gold!

  23. I have a quick question, why do KV-2s never use their Tier VII gun? It has a 9sec reload, highest penetration, and just a bit less dpm. Why do KV-2 players not use this heaven sent gun?

    • Because we like to give other players a chance ^^….The KV-2 is a troll tank….and it is such a good feeling when you give another tank a full FU in the face after 20 shoots with 100dmg…..hmmm….it is like a little bit of Sado/Masochism^^

    • @Endurius I have KV and I use VII gun, I dont want to look like a noob with 250 HP caused per battle, I need those stats! I average about 2k with that gun

    • @Grig360 but that is not the true role for the KV-2 ^^

  24. no more blocking HE rounds with Grille’s gun

  25. I love the change for a fact that when i am hull down with my is7 and a 60tp fires he to my turret doing 350-400 damage is really not enjoyable, now the op 60 tp he will be nerfed 😀

  26. Who else loves the HE-TestServer for beeing GoldSpammed by AlcoPopKids and never ‘testing’ anything for none trainroom available.
    Give weakspots to 279, Shittain and IS-7 and don’t waste free spalliner on everything above 140mm armour.
    Goes vomiting…

  27. Where is SirFoch when You need him?!

  28. I don’t have time for doing anything on the sandbox so I disliked WG’s video about the HE changes on YouTube…

  29. ekin deniz yıldız

    yes HE shells was the problem with the game, not that i was doing thrice the damage in my t26e5 over our chieftain, not that games end in 3 minutes, not that there isnt a proper ranking system like chess or dota 2…yess mm HE shells

  30. Yes this is what needed to change WG. Not arty, or EBR’s, it was this…..

  31. RIP Durp guns

  32. mhm… akoakko gets worse in his HE spam xD it will be pleasure to meet him again on the battlefeld

  33. Wow this is such “dynamic characteristics”!

    Did I miss any wargaming speak?

  34. Might as well only play heavy tanks.

  35. If I can blow French wheels out of the game, I’m quite satisfied. Although I’m thinking that Quacky could be right: do we need this change?

  36. As a field artilleryman for 12 years (8″ and 155mm) I can tell you that an HE round from above will take out about anything. I’ve watched T62 tanks hit by 8″ rounds in direct fire (and these were hulks on the range, no ammo, fuel, etc) and those tanks exploded into multiple pieces, turrets flying. I think you are talking about direct fire HE from tanks, in all of my reading I have not come across a tank or TD firing HE at say a Tiger or Panther. Generally used solid core APCR (gold) against said targets and each vehicle carried several. (Including first hand accounts from former Soviet T34 tankers). So, we shall see.

  37. Couldn’t agree more with Quicky. This HE change tries fix something that ain’t broken. Nice suggestion on other HE option.

  38. WHY?!?
    The only reason I can see for this is to make players use premium rounds.
    Does this apply to SPG HE as well?
    I really hope this idea gets binned!

  39. So prem rounds are the problem, but WG just decides that HE is insanely OP and need nerfs…. Great.

  40. People be talking about spamming HE doesn’t require skill even when people spam HE and deal like barely any damage.

    This change will make the mechanics where a t30 firing to under a maus cheak and deal damage will look really fictitious.

    I don’t think a 50mm will be able to go unscathed when 155mm HE round exploded barely 8 cm away.

    Then again, this game has never been realistic anyways so I’m just talking points pointlessly to no one who will not care

  41. I don’t think WG is really listening, I disagree with you there QB. I think they have forced many things through while we as players said “Why is this a thing? Oh well at least it’s just on the sandbox server”

    This HE change that no one is really asking for in a major way will be forced through eventually. They certainly want it to happen, it’s clearly more of a priority for them than issues that players are actually bringing up in the NA/EU servers.

  42. I was playing KV-2 only, when this change comes I am uninstalling the game

  43. I think that now the HE shells works as a whole explosive projectile, so the more scratch they leave on the enemy vehicles causes the more damage; the less scratch the less damage to them. Also the barrier of the STRV 103 works for the HEAT shells not the HE ones.

  44. There is nothing wrong with HE shells now…no need for change

  45. I’m still happy I went to war thunder where you just play for fun. No gold round bull sheit

  46. Wargaming is back to their old shenanigans, who knows when, if ever, they will implement modern tanks? That was an April Fools joke too…

  47. NO he changes needed. period

  48. The idea is good. There are so many noobs shooting only HE rounds. Unfortunately WG’s programming sucks… So the change may actually be worse than it is now. If they wanna push this, they need to work more on the mechanics of the HE rounds, then I’ll welcome the change. But why change the whole mechanics right? If they think the HE rounds are overperforming, why not just reduce the damage from the splash radius? NVM…

  49. Hate these changes. But on sandbox server me testing fv4005 with only HE. Never ever got such a battle. Me oneshoots amx50B on turret? 😳 for 2100dmg and leopard on turret for all his life. Never ever happens before, don’t know if this round was bugged. Later battle sucks with HE and lowest dmg was 140 on e100 hull with fv4005 HE. Sooo useless

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