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  1. The main problem for me it’s only RNG. The rest I can live with..

  2. As an player the normal number of players on weekday at prime time is around 2-3K players and outside of those times you will get player of around 200-300 so i highly doubt this would come to EU or RU because the server population will not be that low.

  3. Isn’t it too late already? I already left the game for 2 years… LOL
    *still watching Circon tho*

  4. I’m at Taiwan and definitely will log in for a go!!! Haven’t play a single game in half year!!!!

  5. Being an Asian player getting this exclusively, I dunno whether to be proud or concerned……

  6. Really liking the new setup with the new MM. Getting mainly tier 8 & 9 games, with the odd all tier 8 game. Only played a few tier 4& 5 games as an experiment. Average bot numbers were between 5 & 7. Those games are over very quickly. Looking good so far.

  7. +1/-1 is boring. Yawn.

  8. I play on NA sever and what get to me is not the 3-5-7, but the pack team we see more and more. Game that finish in less than 5 minutes, i’m only an average player and i want to have fun but when my team get fu&&&? again and again getting boring…..Because of this i’m losing interest in the game………So for me they have to work on equal team..

  9. Finally about time. Anyone agree?

  10. I am an occasional player 9k games with 50.xx% wrinrate, I was exited last night when I saw the news, jumped on ANZ server played 9 games with tier 3, 6,7, 9, all bottom tier and all lost in a row, I mean ALL. Then I switched to HK server and started to win… Don’t know what’s happened last night, but after that I feel awful.

  11. It’s our Summer in Australia for Christmas, a Mild 40 deg C

  12. im on the asia server and the mm is amazing out of 20 matches in a t8 only had 2 t10 matches and even platooning its awesome

  13. I strictly play on the asia server and you don’t understand how much of a god send this is. I haven’t been able to tier up any tanks under tier 3 on the Australian Server specifically, the numbers are just not there to play tier 1-2 or 3 during the times i am able to play. Just as well I have tanks above tier 6 in which I can get games for WoT, I could not imagine new players trying to get into the Australia server because they just would not be able to get to tier 5 without some form of bots in the lower tiers because the players are just not there.

  14. I would definitely go back to playing more than a few times a year if they went to +1-1 MM again….

  15. The down side of Bots is that it will make stats irrelevant going forward as you can pad them hard at lower tiers.

  16. I am from New Zealand and play on the ANZ server – I have played 62 games in my tier 8’s since the micro-patch and have had 6 games at Tier X.


  18. ANZ is Australia New Zealand server based in Sydney. Maximum players of an evening is 1300, it was impossible to get a low tier game unless you moved to SEA or HK server. The ping then was really bad. I played low tier last night with bots, it wasn’t bad, at least you could get games so you could grind new lines. I think I was in 2 games tier 10 as a tier 8, pretty much unheard of for awhile. Hi Circon, I’ve missed your uploads. 🙂

  19. Why Asia-Server Only? Wtf. Is there a chance we get a priority switch from 3/5/7 to 5/10, too? Would be so good.

    Edit. kk the +/- 1 template would be 6/9 and 7/8, but the question is….. will we get this too? This would be one step into the right direction, in addition to reducing dispersion to compensate for the distribution-“nerf”, prem-ammo, and tankbalance.

  20. Aleksandria_Samusenko_1stGTArmy

    I might actually come back to this game if they release this to all servers!

  21. Hey Circon, From the Asis sever, Its looking Great!

  22. Greetings from the Asia (ANZ) server. The MM changes are mighty; If you are like me and think Tier VIII is the engine room class of this game, you’ll be mighty pleased. Tier VII-VIII games are no longer a massive frustration of being bottom tier the whole time and having no chance. The big Tier VIII TDs designed for fighting tier IX and X – like the S1 and Skorpion G – are OP now, because they have Tier X guns. But on the whole, after a few hours of playing, I remember why I fell in love with this game. Thank Christ. Wargames for some bizarre (probably greed actually) reason have practically ruined this game by breaking the MM and casually wrecking game balance if it meant the could rake in some more cash. These MM changes are a bit of sanity at last.

  23. ya they have the bots on the Test Server as if you play a game and there is not enough normal players for a battle they throw in bots. So oh boy I am telling them bots are better then 60% of the players that play WoT and that’s a sad thing to say. But I threw up a tier 5 tank on the test server and there was about 8 or 10 bots in the battle I forget but it was a lot and they were pretty good for bots and that’s crazy having bots better then players…lol I guess that should be telling a lot of these players on the liver server something…..hhhmmmm GET GUUUUUDDDDDDD……tomatoes. But WG needs to do something with the premium time for people that buy 1 month or 3 months and end up wasting 45 days or so and just end up throwing your money away.

  24. If they do actually do the match making thing then I would 100% come back to WoT and spend money on the game again as of now I wish I never would of spent that much on WoT but rite now WoWs is a way better game to spend my $ on rite now because there company treats there player base way better then WoT does.

  25. You know, I usually only ever play Armored Warfare around Christmas, just to tool around for a bit in the PvE mode. It would be really quite hilarious if WoT decided to drop this patch right before Christmas for that one little “fuck you”

  26. They will prolly test it on Na next since its not super high load either I can only hope that happens and i will play more WOT if they do test it on Na.

  27. Please patch this on the other servers, WG. It sounds awesome. Most tanks can deal with a one tier higher enemy without too much trouble if the player driving them has a clue.

  28. FINALLY!!!

  29. I played today and didn’t even read patch notes i had a heap of fun games this makes sense now.

  30. I’m on the Asia server and i played a few games in my tier 8s. I think I only saw tier 10s in 2/10 games. Which is beautiful

  31. Halla freaking Luyah!!! Finally the red-headed step child has received some love.

    I am on the Australian New Zealand server and have not been able to play italian and Polish lines due to the inability to get games. Trust me, going on the Hong Kong server with 200+ ping is not an option…. This is fantastic news!

    I agree that the use of Bots across all servers at tier 1-2 is a great concept. We need to get our baby players into the game without getting seal clubbed too badly. as for being able to play pref MM tanks with some level of competitiveness… wow. WG have just pumped a massive injection of positivity into the game. Now all we need to do is get them to bring back tank company battles haha!

    Thanks for your efforts in championing the changes to WG and for being a positive voice for the broader community.

  32. Yes, yes, yes! I played it last night on the ANZ server (Australia and New Zealand) and out of 10 games, only one was 3-5-7. I will try the lower tiers tonight. Queue times in tiers VI to IX were less than 2 minutes (worst) and mostly in the 1 minute range. Compared to previously, when the queue times could timeout (greater than 5 minutes) if there were less than 1000 players logged in to the ANZ server, this was a significant micro patch in my view. I was also surveyed by wargamming last night as soon as the patch was loaded. I gave them a 5 out of 10 rating for a question based on my recommendations to friends for WOT. After this patch trial is finished, I am now expecting to get another survey where already I think the improvements are noteworthy.

    Thanks for your continued lobbying about the match maker.

    The queue times is probably unique to ANZ since they relocated the main Asia server to Hong Kong from Singapore. When it was in Singapore, we did not have these long queue times, so the move has made a significant decrease in gaming satisfaction for queue times and timeouts.

  33. They do need bots on ANZ server, with player count at 1k and less most days, its desperately needed

  34. Holy. Fuck. YESSSSSS.

  35. This and the proposed gold round changes would get me playing this game again without a doubt.


  37. Keep voting with your wallet, these people need to be bent over the barrel and stay bent over the barrel. This concession is only a token one. _How long has the 357 mobile game mm been forced on you, with no Frontline?_

  38. From deployment point of view it should be easy even for EU. If the new MM would cause problems a rollback is easy. I don’t know why they are so slow with patches. They use versioning so they always have last stable backup of app in previous version. @Circon may be you can ask developers why to not just put it to EU. if it cause server fails just rollback to previous version

  39. For SEA server in particular (and by proxy Au which runs on 1200 players) this will even battles up a bit. And that should make 4 min games less frequent, which if you are already short of players this should be desirable. Less game rotations, less que time, better quality games, whats not to like?

  40. I would start playing again if they roll this out.

  41. Well maybe I uninstalled too soon ?

  42. 1000 likes thoug and 7 dislikes 😀

  43. ANZ is Australia/New Zealand, not the Asia server. But still interesting patch, lets see how it works out.

  44. I’m on the Asian server played 12 battles only one was 3-5-7 .The fun factor increased hugely much better and many more balanced battles. haven’t had any battle like 15-0 -2 win or loss

  45. Didn’t notice the 100k subs goal, congrats Circ!

  46. Great news thx about fukin time you’ll be able to use all the tanks in your garage I have a garage load of tanks I cannot use in current meta

  47. “We are hard at work…” the nerves on these WG idiots

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