HUGE Medium Tank Changes in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

1, Object 430U, and AMX 30 B are all going to be significantly changed in upcoming World of Tanks patches…


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  1. I want them to buff my t10 centurion. Love it. Feel like it needs a lil more. But fine if not.

  2. OBJ267V4 😀

  3. I love the Stb1, not anymore if they do this.. all they need to do it give it better gun handling. WHY DESTROY IT WAR GAMING WHY?????????????

  4. oh, STB-1 changes? Interest….oh… looks …different than I expected. Hydropneumatic suspension sounds promising but…
    Anyway, I would like to say one thing. Japan tech tree wasn´t very painful. Sure, thay have no armor, but somehow they are .. let’s say decent even in stock. I definitely can´t say the same about other tech trees. I personally have a sweet spot in my heart for Chi-Ri and a huge spot for tier 9 Type – 61, with its great gun handling. STB-1 is very sexy looking, with a bouncy turret but I rly wish the same gun handling like TYPE 61 has.

  5. Still missing 121 buf …

  6. So now the 430u will no longer be a match for the 907, well done. CW will be even more dominated by top clans.

  7. WG balancing means: we give with one hand and take it with another. STB-1 remains a joke.

  8. Wow. Leopard 1 should never get more damege per shot than Conqueror.

  9. still russian tanks stay super strong LOL

  10. Anybody who accuses the Jewish People of being greedy/shady/shiesty…CLEARLY hasn’t done business with the Russians !

  11. Nasib Siddique Bissoy

    i am really unhappy about the nurf of STB 1’s firepower and the change of shells and their velocity. also the mobility was good no need of that nurf on top speed!! at last but not least, the accuracy was bad enough and WG has made it even worse than ever!!! i love my STB 1 very much because it is my very first t10 tank in WOT. i will love to see my STB 1 more competitive, fun and enjoyable. by the way, the rest of the buff is very good.

  12. Qb you aren’t reading correctly, the STB penetration at 500m is 232 which is ridiculously strong at that range.
    They are not talking about the actual penetration

  13. they fucked the stb-1 when they changed the ammo and shell velocity dmg is oki to go down but dont fuck up the rest

  14. Martin Rakovický

    wtf..APCR on STB1 slower than what is the point in changing it from heat??

  15. Not gonna lie, Being a tank enthusiast. Why dont they just ditch calling it APCR….That wasnt a thing to fight any kind of sloped armor. It was either Armor Piercing Discarding sabo. APDS. Or Heat-FS. Heat fin Stabalized. the fact that they act like APCR is some godly round that pens everything or that It would even be a real choice by actual tank crews drives me nuts.

  16. Whiners, whiners, and then a few more whiners. The first 2 pages of comments are just pathetic whining. This comment section is cancer.

  17. 2:09 232 MM of pen at 500 M,not at 100

  18. Any idea how much longer they plan to keep the NA Server? Seems pretty much dead so thought I’d see if you knew anything.

  19. I don’t know about you, but I Spell W.G. ….E-A….I find it to be a more accurate spelling

  20. No patton buff? Meh

  21. still not enough balancing for me to even entertain the thought of going back to Pay2Play

  22. Nice informative vid…when can I finally start playing the Leo1 again?

  23. Wow, bs. All that stb1 needed is a bit better turret armor and slightly better gun handling. Nothing else. These guys are absolutely out of reality of their game. 48 km/h, really? How and why? With that penetration as 232 mm what are u going to penetrate with it. For Soviet tanks it is ridiculous. Ahah, they say thanks guys for ur free exp, gold and all ur time for getting those vehicles, we nerfing it. Same sh*t as for Japanese heavies.

  24. – Ban all mods.
    – Limit pings to 5 per minute.
    – Get rid of team damage.

  25. Kristian Fagerström

    I like that they ARE making changes, but they are making a lot of “rebalancing” things that seems to be in favour of the Combat cars and gold ammo… For instance, 430’s need weaker cupola rather than poorer gunhandling for every other class except light tanks to have a better chance vs it. Lep1 needs all it’s buffs, but certainly not a std shell vel drop.

  26. Buff T-34-3 pen to 208 and engine to 700 HP

  27. No more realistic

  28. Iakwbinos kwrdelierou

    Cries in CDC

  29. RIP obj 430, was fun but noobs were complaining because they cant beat it.

  30. Wargaming keeps up it’s tradition of “buffing” tanks to make them work, and very softly nerfing soviet tanks. Like that all these tanks are getting buffs to their gold rounds- very subtle. Thanks for the update QB!

  31. Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU

    Leopard needs turret armor or mantlet like as amx30b.

  32. STB AP fly faster than APCR?
    I don’t get it

  33. Just to reiterate him. STB was never a good tank and they nerf it

  34. stb was the only X medium i liked. Fuck them wargaming heretics.

  35. Can’t wait to see if the Leopard 1 buff carries on to console. I love the Leopard 1 and am so glad they didn’t change the camo.

  36. 121? 121?!?!??!

  37. Object 430 and 430U. We’re removing the Stalinium from the armor.

  38. they will buff sta2 and german premium tank but not amx cdc?
    give me back my money

  39. Nice buffs for the Leopard. I wonder if I should finally start playing it.

  40. So many people have the t55a 😮 i dont

  41. So much i want to say but it’s easier to uninstall. Anyone want to buy an account with every tier 10 and every premium on the Asia server?

  42. Nice just as i start to go up the Japanese med tank line.

  43. Maybe they should address the OP LT-432

  44. 121 is a forgotten medium line :'(

  45. That are not a changes that Leopard 1 need. Now I’m completely sure that people in WG just don’t think.

  46. stb1 cant even pen HT lower plate now and WG decided to nerf its pen

  47. That debuff on russian mediums means nothing because its russian…
    And russian tanks just do point and shoot…
    And then the enemy will explode…

  48. isn’t 70 km/h for a med a little too much ? :/
    the changes to the stb1 doesn’t sound interesting btw but the rest looks great (even though the russians will still be op in my opinion)

  49. They’ve been srewing up this game so hard for years, so they have to do some positive changes to keep the players playing this game. However the Leo gun is very good at the moment ON PAPER and i think that’s the problem. You can see leo misses all the shots, while some randon russian tanks hit everything on the move no aim….So the stats on paper should meet with the in game stats, not like at the moment

  50. That STB-1…is that a buff or a nerf?!

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