HUGE SPG CHANGES on World of Tanks Sandbox!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is testing SPG changes on the sandbox test server including removal of stun and adding AP rounds!


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  1. By this point they should just say they are removing arty all together

  2. I’m in favor of making the sandbox gold HE cost the same, it would please both the stun lovers and the stun haters

  3. Wow, AP coming back? I can smell oneshotted IS-7’s flying turrets again…

  4. it is still not real, Arty has always been the most deadly to Armor in all wars…it need to kept real. aswell all three games should be combined, off shore battery, air cover, arty and armor now that would be a game to play.

  5. I feel the “alternative ammo” should do about 20% more damage than they have shown but make that the “special ammo” price and have the same price for both HE ammo, if they really want to do something with HE on regular tanks leave the penetration alone and reduce the damage by 15% or 20%

  6. arty are fine , if you cry about that , your just a poor baby cring for every things

  7. Arty has been constantly nerfed since I started playing this game in 2011. Every shot has to be really thought. WG has been improving fast firing and fast tanks, so no that much brain is needed, being the absurd wheeled vehicles with more accuracy at 70 kmh than a stopped TD… LOL…. Same goes for walletanks. Basically, WG is not trying to improve the mental skill needed. No wonder most of rages in inbattle chat come from fast firing/driving tanks!!!!!, R O F L.

  8. #Karl600mmSPGWhen

  9. As a sudo-artylery player, these changes are… not nice. The theory behind it, to give arty more ammo types to diversify the play is not bad in my opinion, but the execution is done poorly. If we go by shell type, there is normal shell with nerfed damage, pretty straightforward, premium shell with no stun and slightly increased splash and therefore just straight up bad when compared to either current normal shells and pre-rework HE, and finally the alternative shell being either ap or heat with good pen, which seems to be the worst of the three. Just compare them with pre-rework ammo of the same type: same pen, significantly lower damage and what is worst imho, characteristics of new arty gun, which decreased accuracy by a margin. This just feels like disguised nerf, because the premium ammo seems to be worth only when shooting on paper thin armour, and those have tendency to disappear rather fast when spotted and AP/HEAT that you can bounce or miss and even if you pen with it, the reward damage is just comparable to regular tanks. Not to say anything about normal shells just doing 20% less damage when arty is dependent on rng to deal any.

  10. Arty player here. Arty in endgame is uncompetitive because of RIDICULOUSLY LOW VIEW RANGE. It was silently nerfed multiple times and it is useless even with binos. Having to have binos on punishes repositioning very hard. I used to move up with rest of my units in endgame and help extend view range, now I cant do that.

    I wanna add that losing stun means losing all the stun assistances, therefore trading stun for +15% dmg seems fair to me.

    IMO the changes are good, except AP rounds. Those have too low dmg. Tier 10 arty having 470 AP? It should be about 650 – 750 to be competitive, but not too OP.

  11. I hate arty, but these changes might make it a little better.

  12. Yyyeaaahhhh…. Okay.
    So they’re going to let you do damage, *OR* stun (and gut stun yet again), but not both.

    It’s time for them to just admit defeat and get the fuck rid of the entire class, giving back everyone 2x the credits and XP spent on the vehicles and their crews.

  13. I think the tactical usage of ammo should be the same for all classes in WoT. Today there are people spamming gold left, right and center. And that is pretty brainless. I think they should change the game so that it will benefit the player that can choose the correct ammo for the correct situation. Regardless of what class you are playing.

  14. Mantas Aleksansdravicius

    I feel like arty is doing way too much damage when I have a great position, so I will take the stuns instead of more damage

  15. Arty was the best back in time when u could do something with spg…. When spg had damage…now its just a bullshit 0 dmg 0 everything in real life spg are way dangerous and in wot its just funny bullshit. This is only my opinion about spg nothing else.

  16. I prefer less damage, even if it means stun.

  17. When was the last time you thought: “this game is missing some arty…”?

  18. I find the on-going “changes” aka nerfs… made by WG to arty mostly moot. However, as a player of arty, I do think that there need to be some fairly radical changes to the play-abilty of the class in general. Some of the suggestions made by the commentators here are very good and relevant. Changing ammo variety means NOTHING if it takes 20-30 seconds to load, it doesn’t improve the class. (Unless you play arty enough to develop the loader skill that allows it instantaneously however… 😉 ) If you are going to take 2-3 times as long to load a shell than an equivalent caliber shell fired by a heavy tank then you want to do something extra to compensate for that loss of DPM. Possible EASY buffs could be to improve accuracy and loading time when used in a direct fire mode. Add additional crew skills for arty crew that add of effect the base-line effects of the ammo (i.e. add stun and/or splash radius). However, the biggest bugbear for me is that the size of the maps are simply too small and that H.E. shells in particular should be able to eventually degrade all types structures within the game (even the buildings on the Paris map ;)).

  19. When they going to fix non-symetrical unbalanced maps?

  20. Just delete arty…

  21. What about the tier V prem arty

  22. IMHO: Artillery was fine when the top tier of artillery was 8. Feel free to try to change my mind.

  23. Are we coming back where we started? 😀

  24. plz do a pol where people can vote if they liked the old 1100 dmg arty better or the new stunning ones

  25. Trọng Hưng Nguyễn

    ill rather take 700hp to the face than 200 and stun me for 20s
    any fking day

  26. As a non arty player, I’d rather take the stun than lose an extra 15% of my HP pool…temporary vs permanent effects

  27. well for me id be hit by a premium that doesnt cause stun bcoz u dont loss yuor acuracy u dont loss ur effectiveness, while ur hit by standard that caueses stun ur doomed when you were on a face to face combat of the enemy tanks u cant reload fast u loss ur aim time u loss ur commanders view range ughh tskk id rather be hit by those 2 ex[ensive rounds

  28. Tankers that whine about arty, typically demand arty do this or that in a game…how us one to assess the whinings of anyone not liking some aspect, that, at the same time, is demanding expectations from that same whiny group that is complaining of arty being in the game??!?!!?!!!. Trying to do arty missions is already tough because of snowflake whiners who also NEED the very same arty for their own purposes…stunning cones to mind just as a first topic…its psychotic really….tankers whining because arty hit them yet relying on their own arty to stun someone so they reap benefits themselves. And the arty gets no reward. That’s the real crux of it yeah…if arty helps you you have to share the benefit (not desired and not fair if so), but without arty you can’t necessarily get your damage…o the live hate relationship with arty. But that’s what is key. The bulk of us are not snowflake whiners pushing for a world of tanks that has arty helping them only, and arty not getting benefit. And the very same few hate being hit by arty. Go figure. This is an immature view, but merely my own opinion I guess. To nerf arty any more is to make arty missions all but un attainable. Either nerf those missions or get rid of arty ENTIRELY or stop listening to the half per cent whiny minority. Just my opinion.

  29. old days arty: killing HT

    Todays arty: Killing WoT

  30. Tier v lefh games when I’m last guy standing are not boring IMO….no, they are exciting and fun when people underestimate how potent it is hand to hand.

  31. I wish theyd jack up the prices of gold rounds more. Majectge people really pay to win.

  32. They should remove the stuk completely and bring back the old arty cuz this is just so stupid

  33. I feel like they should swap the effects. Let the normal HE do more without stun and give the premium stun. Otherwise increase the High pen dmg just a bit. But honestly Arty will at least be more relevant.

    And to answer your question i would prefer getting hit by the NON-Stun round.

  34. With the change of artillery shells, why not consider giving artillery vehicles equivalent armor with regular tanks? 😀

  35. 12:50 provoked a response from me, Quickybaby!! Its all about timing and observation!! Me, a 43 per cent player, CHERISHES his fifty one per cent and climbing win rate!!! I move around a lot in my lefh it is NECESSARY in order to tlget that right shot. That’s skill and it trumps and kills whiners that get got by arty. Smart players are tough to impossible for me to hit…why warp the game for a minority whining group? The rest of us accept arty, but are affected by whining. Everyone loves a smart arty, whether he eats a hot dog in the background or not. Or drinks a beer. I do whaty team wants, and my win rate goes up. If they can’t be helped anymore, then and only then should arty be removed from the game entirely. Period. And we are close to that because the one per cent of minority whiners (most of whom actually over demand expectations from their OWN arty), the rest of us have to ponder Arty’s worth in the game overall. This aspect is what crawls up my underwear and itches my butt. It ruins everything for the rest of us, and is it necessary to pay attention to in the first place, a few babies butt hurt because arty hits their noobie butts, while at the same time expecting their own arty to stun so they and they alone can reap damage points? This minority is drunk on damage points yet they are listened to the most. Like drunk Nancy Pelosi in politics. Everyone wants damage and hates to die. Why a minority is dictating such change to the masses is intriguing. Not to mention selfish. A good team mate can share the pizza, but this minority wants everyone to pay for the pizza , have everyone deliver it, and only THEY get to eat the pizza. Anyone trying to cut in on their action and is hated upon. This is JUVENILE!!! IT bothers me. This action is the equivalent of paying the pizza delivery person less because the customer whined. There will be less delivery drivers then… Just my opinion, based on my most successful yank and the in game feedback, the lefh.. . . . . . .

  36. It was a great choice for me to quit and delete my WOT account a month ago. Arta gold spamming all round? No thanks!

  37. move the stun from Standard shells to Special shells , bring the Ap back – so low alpha is not a problem

    problem solved 😛

  38. So, my Bishop is of no use now? Poor Bishop… 🙁

  39. YES! Old arty was the best for both arty play and regular play. It was just more fun and so much less annoying with that BS stun crap witch if you don’t understand is shit.

  40. 13:10 mark ish…those that hate on arty most are often those who rely on their own arty as well…and want no reward to arty and all reward to themselves… my experience in my most successful tank of a hundred and fifty, the lefh.

  41. If normal and gold rounds are being changed to be equal value (ie higher dmg, lower pen / higher pen, lower dmg) why don’t WG just make the prices of the shells the same?

    Edit: lol just after I commented this QB said it.

  42. I absolutely loathed one-shots from artillery before. Between how artillery was before and what it is on the live server, I would much much much rather take the stun but still be in the game, than some random RNG shell that throws me out of the game. I still have ‘nam flashbacks with those one-shots. That was a dark time for me…
    Same goes with any HE shell that throws you out of the game like FVs, KV-2s, and while it was a lot of fun derping shots with KV-2, I’m actually starting to think that the HE changes might actually not be a bad thing. Not to mention the fact that EBRs won’t bloody pen you for 500 damage -_-.

    Here’s how I see things. If you play a tank that’s pennable by a HE shell, then that means that you already have the disadvantage of armor, especially in today’s WoT, where there is a lot of emphasis on armor. Now… that is already a handicap.. and being susceptible to even more damage to HE makes it rather frustrating in some situations. Especially when you think about the fact that a lot of tanks that have low armor are light tanks and tank destroyers.. yeah… they have low HP as well.

    I used to agree with the fact that HE changes were bad, but I’m starting to change my mind as of late, probably due to having played squishy TDs (borsig) and lights in frontline, where you meet premium EBRs that derp 500 damage into you, and LT-432s that have 300 damage per HE shot -_-.

  43. Overall, I see that a minority of players whine about being hit by arty, yet those EXACT same people demand alot from their own arty, and on top of that, get mad at sharing reward with arty. And wot is listening to this minority over the rest of us, and are too blind naive or dumb to realize their folly. Based on the experience in my most successful tank, lefh tier v. In game feedback is amazingly clear.

  44. In regards to shell cost, I think the regular and AP/HEAT shell should be the same price, and the higher damage HE shell should be more but not that much (at most 2x) e.g. HE & AP – 1080 credits, PREM HE – 1800 credits

  45. Just ditch the SGPs. Game play is so much more fun without.

  46. Remove the Arty…

  47. I see this another plain nerf to artillery. Just coated to look like something else. Normal ammo is straight nerf. Gold ammo is nerf(no stun and very expensive). Alt ammo is just no way. It is still best just shoot normal ammo since lot of points come from stun. Extra 15% damage is worth of poop pile compared what one gets from stun. And to get this work at all spg needs loaded ammo swap time reduced to seconds and at least 50% more ammo to be able to have enough ammo for every situation.
    If this goes live, unhappy arty players just keeps shooting their nerfed stun ammo and stunned targets are as pissed as they were before. Nothing won. Time wasted.I hope they really get this result in test servers.
    What i would suggest is that stun is removed. 2 arty max in team. Have 2 ammo types for artillery, HE and AP. HE having splash and less pen and damage, AP more pen and lot more damage.
    To sum this: Arty needs chances but not like this.

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