Huge Technology Break Through For Russia…A Reverse Gear

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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. Phly: “Nobody comes this far left”
    7 other players: “wazzup?”

  2. You have an editor? These vids seem different than previous ones.

  3. Old PhlyDaily intro song?!

    *Happiness +100*

  4. William Benedict Alava

    That m41 bulldog got some serious skill issue.

  5. How do you spot people behind houses but when I can see someone across the map I can’t spot them

  6. This gets a like for that classic intro tune

  7. phlys old intro music. insta like

  8. Attempt 38 – Please play the SAu 40 tank destroyer. It’s one of the strangest looking TDs in the game and I love watching your french-tank videos!

  9. Gëfägnïs Sïngäfëg

    revisit some HE boys you havent played since overpressure update

  10. you know its a paper tank when it has a reverse gear

  11. Attempt 11? Play the f8u, the last gunfighter you’ve never featured on the channel.

  12. Day 473: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  13. TheMightyWookie351c

    Miss just hearing the normal battlefield noise, you hear a tank; we hear music.

  14. Video 2 of asking for the Shenyang-F5 gameplay

  15. WUT?!? NO NUKE?!?

  16. The intro that i miss:>

  17. Phly, play the Ikv 72 with its aphe shell, it’s amazing!

  18. Attempt #29: get 8 kills in a single game with the italian 90/53 M41M

  19. Why reverse comrade? The enemy is in front of you

  20. 7.7??? what a…… they hate russia

  21. Next time STRV 103? Also 4s reload cheese wedge?

  22. You should play the StuG III A with the HEAT rounds and smoke rounds. Just devastating. You can pair it with the Duck for some extra fun.

  23. 13:41 Am not wearing my glasses, so i might be mistaken, but is that the IS Line up IS 2,3 and 6 in a straight light?

  24. attempt #37 use the M134 turrets on the huey and role play as a gunship

  25. running this with the pt-76-57 makes for one of the most broken lineups in game imo

  26. They should definitely have street fighter and mortal combat voice overs for certain actions, e.g. double kill or finish him.

  27. Nah phly why you gotta dis a british main like that

  28. Pankek Tank: *gets reverse gear*

    community: THAT SH*T OP BRO

  29. Thank you for playing this
    I will get this soon 🙂


    Day 37 play the panzer 4 H get an double ace while being the MVP on your team

  31. Dont put music behind pls

  32. Bro, its Poland one

  33. *Gaijin – a bug was fixes with the object 906’s reverse gear

  34. sick backround music

  35. Seeing you play daily remind me every time why I shouldn’t play this game.
    Not because it can’t be fun. I’m sure it can. Watching you makes it LOOK fun.
    But let’s be real: I’d always be in the shoes of the guy you utterly destroy :’)
    Eventually I might kill you… I might be the guy who take the 50 cal. plane to make sure I ruin your fun (and after that realize I ruined mine, because early end of video).


    i’m in danger ^^ that was acually funny and you changed the meme sounds volume great

  37. Is the editing changing ? If so i like it specially the memes, nice work man (if i may, i preferred without the ambient music, or maybe lower, sometimes i cant figure if its to give a rythme to different action phases or just for the background )

  38. is it just me that have had a problem with peaking people that looks like the gun is not pointing at me and then they suddenly kill you when the barrel is like 45 degrees of target (you)?

  39. your voice seems pretty low volume

  40. make a um2 video pls sir

  41. still asking phly to fly the MB5^^

  42. Hey phly recently upgraded my pc so i can actually see shit in WT but my sound doesnt work so i cant hear shit 🙁 oh i mean uh… T-60 when?

  43. Day 76 of asking phlydaily to phly the Kfir c7 in GRB

  44. That’s the problem of use the KV-1 gearbox in all tanks xD
    Russia technology is a joke I don’t know why someone can fear russians.

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