Huge War Thunder Fail Compilation

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Source: Rulo6000

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  1. I missed this intro

  2. SEROV | سيروف

    is that app safe to use????

  3. I suppose it should be disconcerting that this is how i normally do in matches

  4. Very nice but here 16:42 you might need to cut the music because some doushbag can copywrite claim your entire vid

  5. Maneuver kills need to be added somehow.

  6. hits helicopter *target undamaged* it has crazy armor bruh

  7. That F2H at the end hit the griddy on them

  8. 4:40 hurt my soul

  9. “Best designed German tank”…. you do realize every western mbt has a hump like that to house the engine, right?

  10. ThunderBox: Gaming and Cinematics

    11:25 why are all the top tier pilots at 4.7, did they run out of SL or get crew locked for being dip shits


  12. 10:54 an f14 named “moffett” teamkills a russian. Brilliant

  13. Bring back russian bias series

  14. Sounds about War Thunder just right

  15. what is the map at 3:28?

  16. I can feel the disappointment in 15:50, you have no one to blame but yourself

  17. 7:14 bro got the telekinesis armament

  18. 11:10 most coordinated luftwaffe operation 1946 colorized.

  19. 5:40 these two were german mains for sure tho

  20. skill issue moment? or gaijin’s fault?

  21. Rulo

  22. 8:36 “Bruh”

  23. nice Me 262 skin

  24. One of the truly most war thunder moments.

  25. Bro 90% of my play time are “warthunder fail moments”

  26. The fact there’s so much goofiness in a war game is concerning

  27. The goat of war thunder returns

  28. The 3:47 dunkirk song

  29. 13:31
    holy shit u got ur whole team as ur bakup

  30. 0:42 turkey bias

  31. 2:40

    Who else seen the movie
    The Aviator with Leonardo Divaprio about Howard Hugnes and this music played when he was taking off with his XF-11 for test flight ?
    I am so excited to hear this music again

  32. BornOnTheBattleFront

    WT aircraft players all have ADHD

    They either hyperfixate cause they are on meds, so much so that they will slam into the ground just to get a slight edge to shoot



    They will lose interest immediately after firing 5 shots
    And get shot by the dude they just ignored

    1 guy I shot down in ground RB, cause he shot at me, then just turned around for no reason, got really mad, spawned in an AA, and tried to kill only me
    So my teammate then bombed him cause he was only looking in my direction like 2 miles out at 5.3

    This game breaks people man

  33. 11:12 average German team in a nutshell

  34. Takeoffs are pretty bad at top tier, but 13:31 is the most insane ive seen so far

  35. 4:28 srsly?

  36. Ah Wart Hunter, the game makes ones autism.

  37. ayo whats that first anti air sight called ?

  38. 5:10 cas getting fucked is good to see
    Also 6:25

  39. Daam rulo is reaching 100k, waiting for that silver button!!

  40. i was the starship at 9:51 🙂

  41. The man wasn’t lying when he said it’d be painful. They forced him to play naval. Look how they massacred my boy

  42. You call it a “painful to watch fail compilation” I call it an average day in War Thunder.

  43. Daaamn that ystervark be P-I-M-P-E-D

  44. Russian bias kompliation 11 when (seething and malding and not coping + no intel ratio and cringe)

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