Hulldown Beast – Object 703 Version 2

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Source: Circonflexes

Only 5 degrees of gun deppresion, but when you can use it this well, oh boy..



  1. You seal clubber!

  2. This thing is clearly the most balanced tank in game right now, this doesnt seem absolutely broken every single replay you see of it at all right?

    • Any tank looks strong when idiots feed it’s strengths and give it easy shots, no one challenged him there, it was mainly a load of paper tanks feeding him free damage. Pretty much his previous replay of this tank, people driving out in the open and giving their sides to him.

      It’s a strong brawler if you can hide the lower plate, but outside of that is a poor tank, if has to do medium range stuff, move about etc. it’s awful but if people just sit side on in front of it and let you farm it looks good.

      Most heavies in that situation would have farmed there easily, something like the Caern with it’s DPM would have likely done more to be honest.

    • Even a bad tank can do great things when your opponents feed into your vehicles strengths.

    • It’s not op the way I play it ?

    • They are waaay more broken tanks, is3a, Pz2J,e25, Luchs…

    • @tajj7 I agree 100% but when I’m in my tier 6 tank and I see a tier 8 that can one shot me or lose 80% of my hp with one shot, the game no longer becomes fun and turns into a survival game

  3. Literally sealclubbing at tier 8 🙂

  4. As someone who only watches from Youtube, and this being the 5th video Circon made on this tank only shows how OP this tank is. Especially when played by a skilled player.

    Edit: Now that I think about it the last sentence is kind of misleading. The point supposed to be more on how Circon is able to make a lot of good gameplay videos on just this tank.

    • Well, if a bad player is playing with this tank, it’s really easy to outplay them, managed to kill one from full HP in a city part of a map alone, and there was an enemy Udes 14 there as well, and didn’t take any damage in return in my Renegade, it was a fun battle

    • Decent choice tanks driven by skilled players are kinda OP. OP tanks driven by same players are godlike.

    • Poopbox pusher

  5. Good job CF, and in such a underpowered tank as well. Who knew……….:)

  6. pff this tank aint shit,if there was a jgpz e100 with heat and a t30 shooting at you ,you would have died EASILY, i just dont get you people crying about this tank

  7. this is just grand!

  8. It’s weird that for some reason they didn’t give it weakpoints like the defender has, bit of a missed opportunity in my opinion, to make this very WEAK tank a bit weaker

  9. Circon always makes every tank look so easy without breaking a sweat

  10. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    It needs frontal armor buff. Such a disgrace to Russian tanks, underpowered premium tonk!

  11. Keep kickin ass Circon.

  12. Do they know it’s Christmastime… at all?

  13. Whenever this tank is hull down like this I just load HE and whittle it down. Shooting the turret roof does decent damage with 105 – 130mm guns.

  14. Just an is4 at tier 8 with 2 guns… nothing to see here folks, move along, not OP, move along….

  15. Patrick Mundhenk - Koch

    On the streets they call it murder…
    Got penned between the guns by standard Skorpion-AP yesterday.
    The luck of the Streamer…

  16. Thanks Circon, now I’m even more salty I didn’t get a 703 out of 80 boxes… 🙂

  17. Very fitting that the last shot did 666 damage. Truly a beast.

  18. Circon will be back today plebs so the memes will be at hi steaks tbh

  19. AKA: Buy Poopboxes

  20. tbh the enemy team was pretty retarded

  21. I like how you say you owned that flank but your LT had 4 kills. Still a great game. Just watch your team mates to. LT helped you out as well

    • The LT was there picking off low hp dudes while circ did most the damage on that flank. He very much did own that flank

    • @Brandon Custodio look at how much damage he did. He wasnt picking off just low HP he got second highest as a scout

    • @Keller Jordan okay but that doesn’t prove that circ didn’t own the flank. He helped yeah, did damage yeah but that lt didn’t impact as much like circ pound for pound

    • @Brandon Custodio right because the bigger the gun the more outcome. All I was saying is he had a very good team mate helping him on that Ridge. I guarantee you if that scout missed half of those shots it wouldve been a different outcome. Both had excellent games. Love his vids enough said.

  22. 666 the number of the beast.

  23. The armour/ pen mod he uses….how is it legal….and how do i get it?

  24. Good game! And that LT-432 second on damage? OP machines

  25. The battle of the ages: hull down Emil Vs hull down Russian heavy xD

  26. 6:13 … OK Im out!

  27. I like how wargaming is fucking up this game more and more

  28. How does Circon have 50% bonus credits from the holiday ops?

  29. Load the Skill rounds

    Wtf was that game lol! Untouchable CF!

  30. As much i love you, as much i hate this op tank, with many tanks i can’t pen it. Feel good to play tier 9 and kill it.

  31. 666 for the last kill. You’re the Antichrist, sir.

  32. 666 ??

  33. Alexandru-Horia Hodișan

    I just feel disgusted that WG is locking away new mechanics content like this behind not only huge pay walls, but GAMBLING walls. A part of the community gets to enjoy the new mechanic, while the other one is left watching only replays of it. And keep in mind that some of them are also paying customers, they just didn’t spend enough on lootboxes this year so f*ck them I guess. To be honest, such a company doesn’t deserve a single coin out of our pockets, but there will always be people that will keep spending money on this game no matter how they get treated in return. And WG knows this too well, so I expect things to take a turn for the worse.

  34. Les galères d'un noob

    So anyways I started blasting

  35. What are battle payments?

  36. Sit the fuck down senhor!

  37. A simply disgusting tank in the hands of a master like you are one.

  38. Circon really seems like he’s in love with this tank.

    • And why not…its unique, it’s a meme machine, it’s….RUSSIA

    • @EgadtheEgan Yeees comrade Egan it iiis. It is excellent choice from mother Russia that for once doesn’t seem completely broken. (Although I do think the armour is a bit ridiculous again but that’s just my opinion)

  39. DAAMN! Now ill go play it! gg!

  40. I am not angry to WG about Skorpion or Progetto or Lorraine, not even for is3a (maybe a little bit). I am however for Defender (mostly impenetrable, and not even really useful for the owners, kills the gameplay) and I am angry about this 703. Just OP in a very ugly way. Amazing armour great alpha and the rest of the stats are quite good. It completely distorts the gameplay in tier 8.

  41. 6:15 666 = Stalin approved Circon’s sacrifice of dissidents to the gulag.

  42. Barry Wojciechowski

    WTF Wargaming…….making the game more and more unfair to all tanks except the “elite” buy tanks………….I can’t believe you like this Circon!!!! It’s terrible for the game as a whole!

  43. I’m just waiting for a Game, where Circon using ONLY HE just waiting. I stocked up on corn for popcorn when it happens!

  44. And he just kept on blasting …

  45. Fair and balanced !

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