HULLDOWN – Black Prince – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

The perfect storm for the Black Prince, tier 7 british heavy tank!


  1. *circon uploads a video* – meeting cancelled.

  2. First

  3. why won’t WG buff the British line? Please.. just please…..

  4. I noticed shots started doing damage when they were fully aimed..

  5. Every time I played my BP people spammed APCR and HEAT at me. The gun is no match for the Russian 122mm, which can pretty much 3 shot you.

  6. Players: WG buff the Black Prince! It has less alpha damage, pen than other tier 7 heavies with no noticible advantages!
    WG: Oh! You guys want another premium/russian/premium russian tank?
    Player: No we-
    WG: Here another premium! And double barrel RUSSIAH!

  7. The only tank that was able to pen you is another BP. OP, OP clearly…

    But for real. I haven’t realized this tank has 171 mm pen… And I thought KV-3 has low pen…

  8. toaster microphone

    Just make the Churchill tanks super heavies that will fix them lol

  9. Go home and kv3 is Russian that’s why your missing lot of shots circon lol ??

  10. People said this tank (and line) is horrible but i had a decent time in it and now i’m enjoying the Caernarvon ?? Churchill I and VII are definitely far worse.

  11. 29 apcr and 21 ap spent. I know a guy make it this game with 40 ap and 0 apcr. Thank you SirFoch , you dont know but you changed my life.

  12. I got my highest XP game in the Black Prince. It was close to 2000 baseXP. Can’t remember and won’t open the client anymore. Username is kiliaapo. Was a -2 downtier in that shitty one cap city map and I somehow managed to bounce a shitload of tier IX stuff in the city. My favourite tank in the game. My second favourite is of course the Matilda BP.

  13. so I’m not the only and not crazy… WG needs to quit being greedy and buy real servers. They have been using the same shitty ones since day 1. They make enough money to justify upgrading them.

    The packet loss and lag is worse when it’s the last 3-4hrs before server maintenance/shut down every day.

  14. he’s fighting and clawing and scrapping for 6 minutes… and has less than 2k dmg 😀 hahahhaha Black Prince

  15. Just for the record, Bob Marley’s “no woman, no cry” means “no woman, don’t cry”.

  16. APCR costs 18 times as much as regular ammo…..ok

  17. When shooting at a KV-3’s turret, shoot it right through the mantlet. The sides of the turret are curved enough to bounce.

  18. Circon is the only madlad who could make a tier 8 autoloader run away from a black prince

  19. Rip black prince has 200 standard pen on console

  20. 7:27 There is no equal on this plain of existence.

  21. Circon rocks on this map in british tanks. After AT15A – this game.

  22. Nerf top speed

  23. *Dear Circon*

    The Centurion 7/1 is literally my favourite tank in the whole game, can i nicely ask you to please bring up the HESH memes before it gets nerefed by Wargaming?!?!?

  24. The BP is broken in one situation: When it’s hulldown

  25. An extra 1.7 seconds on the reload while stunned…

  26. I hate my BP. The grind BLOWS.

  27. lol that KV3 was farming bounces for daaaaaays lol

  28. Christian Krakhofer

    how many shots of premium where fired in this game?

  29. 50 shots fired, not bad sir! I never reached that far, my Black Prince ends up destroyed, or the game is too far forward for me to reach anyone

  30. I three marked my Black Prince a long time ago XD

  31. Replays of Black Prince should be on 2X in default

  32. Circon, I’m glad even very good players like you get that shit rng too.. you line up a shot fully aimed at the side of a tank.. and the round just derps the dirt. its super annoying.

  33. AT 15 = Abolute Mad Lad

    But the Damage after firing all game is kind of dissapointing, that probably comes from the abyssmal Alpha.

  34. The 4 dislikes are the 4 alt accounts of the AT-15 driver

  35. How the hell did you get a tier VIII game in the BP?? I’ve had a tier IX streak from hell in it that so far has lasted for 17 games

  36. Death by thousand cuts.

  37. Watching the south of the map and seeing the total lack of arty stuns on the enemy’s clustered heavies makes me wonder if friendly arty spent the first 5 minutes TKing your south forces… wtf is your team smoking? 😛

  38. The fuck-it loss?

  39. My favorite part about thay gun is having to use it on the caernarvon when it’s stock. Mmm good times.

  40. Great vid Circon, poor powercreeped BP.

  41. “This game bro..”
    Every wot player ever.

  42. They need to give the 17pounder at tier 7+ APCR ammo with 215 pen as standard, or something. 171 is still fine at tier 6, but after that, it’s just laughable…

  43. Yo Circon, why don’t you just play WoT console? We still have all the crazy shit that was removed like the WT auf E100 and arty is still like it once was! Plus you can’t get XVM sniped!

  44. Enemy arty sleeping???

  45. Nou zo dus wat. Behalve als ik er in zit. Dan werkt het niet

  46. What a RNG-Fiesta… no words…

  47. ah so I am not the only one who has packet loss in wot for absolutely no reason? great…

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