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Source: DOLLARplays

This time I'm playing only with the Hungarian tanks in War Thunder . Turna II ( battle firestorm) and Toldi IIA ( battle pass strength athletics .) gameplay. Enjoy !…



Intro: Apricus – Vis Major

Background: Pursuing Tikiness – The Fly Guy Five
Night the Yakuza – Sight of Wonders
Leviathan 3 – Johannes Bornlöf
Hysteria – Luke Melville
Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. @B Septian Surya Saputra_044 Same here. Belarus, all relatives have “cough” too.

  2. Well kinda too late now…

  3. As Italian I approve the new Italian tech tree tanks :))

  4. 0:09 the helmet jumped off

  5. When dollar see bombs: just crack the window

  6. Damn please more of this. I was loving laughing through the whole vid. XD

  7. As you can see we won’ t have Hungarian tech tree (or branch) because 2 important tanks are special vehicles only avaible in Battle Pass :/

  8. I just want to see a gameplay of you playing with the air force

    love from Poland

  10. What is that Hungarian Warrior sound 8:00?

  11. I like the way Hans Has big Hands

  12. but why is it in italian tech tree? fix this bug, ty

  13. As a Hungarian i approve.

  14. 2:11 what is that song cause i whant to vibe to it

  15. Fun fact: Did you know that Hide the Pain Herold is actually hungarian?

  16. Robert Emanuel Borș

    As a Romanian i disapprove this

  17. Personally I was disappointed when I downloaded war thunder only to find out that there isn’t a hungarian tech tree. Oh well maybe one day greetings from hungary!

  18. With what app you edit your videos?

  19. whats the music name? 8:00 to 8:20 (its not on description)

  20. Get someone send a link to this music from the movie pls


  22. Imagine 44m tas

  23. GG from Hungari xd.

  24. Your English is very simple! I like it!

  25. @B Septian Surya Saputra_044 Come visit us in the Urals in Russia. We have -30 outside. No covid can survive in such conditions, only humans!

  26. haha nice edit bro. Erikaaa

  27. Im Hungarian and this is approved

  28. so….. any collab with phly?

  29. DOLLAR did you know that Turan 2 is actually from Czechoslovakia but they had to builds them in Hungary, but as Slovakian i agree its really good.

  30. I love your sense of humor in this video

  31. the techno Canoneer remix always gets me XD Instant laugh

  32. Hold the pain Herold is Hungarian 2 🙂

  33. I love the subtitles xD

  34. OU yes Turan 😀 this made in czechoslovakia 🙂
    Please send message to Gaijin, maybe adds czechoslovakian tech
    more players more chance to add 😀 THX all

  35. Very Good tanks

  36. Lmao hans go

  37. play lorrein 37 more than 100mm pen I era

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