HWK 12 Review/Guide, Playing Smart in Tier 10 Battles

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Source: Taugrim

I review the HWK 12, a tier 8 German light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 10 Sand River and Ruinberg battles.

I picked up this tank based on recent requests and expected to find it frustrating. While the glacier shell velocity major annoyance, but the is otherwise good and the vision control is excellent.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb view range (410)
+ Superb depression (-10)
+ Excellent alpha (240)
+ Good HP (1100)
+ Small profile
– Glacial shell velocity with AP (630)
– Pathetic shell velocity with HE (338)
– Armor is worthless
– Highly susceptible to ramming damage (.5 metric tons)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Rammer

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Antoine Domenech

    Those were salty messages in the chat 😀

    • 🤣🤣🤣

      That AE Phase I completely failed to understand what I was doing, and yes, I was being very sarcastic to him. From a statistical perspective he’s above average (51% WR player with 1600 WN8), but it really shows how big the gaps are between players who are green vs blue vs purple in terms of grasping the game flow and map positioning.

      E.g., that AE Phase I could/should have repositioned instead of sitting northwest idly. In his shoes, I would have rotated counter-clockwise and pushed east in the middle ditch, because they had no one in it and he could have safely approached their base.

  2. I will be honest: This vehicle is not as hard as it may seem to be. Of course it is not the one that will get you to the top at game statistics most of the time. But weirdly it became one of my favourite tanks, because it is not easy, but rewarding when you have learned and mastered it, you have to be connected with it and I guess that is one very interesting aspects of a gameplay: pushing your limits. Unfortunately, I quit that tank (and the whole game actually) because of the mega stupidity of WG removing the Leopards from the line. I had invested so much time and that line and then: boom… regrind now…

    • I found that the squishiness of the HWK 12 forced me to be careful and not yolo, and as a result I often did well in it.

    • Agree. But mind you it was years ago and the game has changed so much

    • Love my SP1C – so much fun. I don’t mind the potato gun, as it really is a totally different tank to play than most others. The 210 pen is awesome if you chose to dab the #2 key. A little more silver and I’ll get the HWK 12. Both seem fairly lousy in light tank dualing, but sneaking up on slow tanks is awesome. Definitely an underrated light tank.

  3. Aaah, you shouldnt have skipped the sp ic. Would have been fun to see how youre handling it, now that its old gun has been removed.

  4. Combat Ineffective

    Thanks for the video. I struggle in the HWK 12 and those tips will help!

  5. I miss playing it. I removed the equipment & camo, and moved the crew elsewhere when the wheelies arrived. Also, premium light like the HWK 30 and the leKpz M 41 90 mm can do better. And they both have far better shell speed !

  6. Another great video, thanks. I’m always amazed at your micro-positioning. These videos are great reminders of the importance of being very deliberate and focused for the whole game. I might try the same sort of things, but I’m off by a few meters and get spotted or they have a better angle than I realize and I’m not covered by the hard cover like I thought. Or I get impatient when we are up 8-5 and over commit. These videos are great reminders to stay focused and stick with playing the game your tank allows you to play. As for the Manticore, would doubling the ammo count change your opinion about the tank?

    • Thanks for the feedback, and yes, being deliberate i.e. having a plan is key to consistent success.

      As Hemingway says “never confuse movement with action”.

      For the Manticore, IMO 2 changes would fix the tank:
      1. buffing the alpha, e.g. to 450
      2. increasing the ammo capacity to 30

      That would make the Manticore play like a pre-nerf ELC AMX, i.e. a sniping LT that packs punch and has below-average DPM.

    • @Taugrim As a 1200 Win8 with a 1500 recent I always have a plan — it just never survives contact with the enemy. 🙂

    • I like to watch one of his videos before I play, it gets me in the mind set to properly analyse situations and not make stupid mistakes, doesn’t work 100% of the time, I still get those ‘ MINE MINE MINE ‘ moments, but in genreral these videos get me focused and remind me to THINK before I act, rather than just react.

  7. I 3-Marked it. Underrated scout. Its OP view range is awesome. BTW. dont use HE, like pitching grapefruits.

  8. 8:00 I was expecting you to camp bush and spot the ridge line on sand river? Seems that if you fired you were going to eat a shot regardless of where you went next. I have started to move around the map more rather than sitting/pushing on one flank all game

    • Given their deployment there wasn’t good to be a safe route. In hindsight I may have tried to push the ditch, but I would have been surprised to see their Char Futur 4 there, and he would have clipped me out.

    • @Taugrim Thanks, I find anticipating where their unspotted tanks might turn up next, quite hard. I guess before you went left the Strv was already down to 231hp, so it was possible an autoloader would go in there after him

  9. You hit every single detail as always. That high view range can really help you be effective even if the gun is mediocre at best.
    I think they should have left it alone and left an auto loader on it, back when it was the sp1c

  10. Great video! I don’t usually comment but I thought it time for a compliment. I think there is not one content creator currently active that delivers the same in depth, well spoken and clear guides as you do. I pretty much watch them all. P.s. don’t excuse yourself too much for getting frustrated with HT players with a certain sense of entitlement 😉

    • Thanks for the praise, I appreciate it.

      I was particularly sarcastic with that AE Phase I because his comments were meritless. If I were camping in a bush in the back, then yes he’d have a legit bone to pick with me. But I was flexing all over the map and doing work.

      It takes a meaningful skill level and map awareness to understand what I was doing, and that player is Unicum in 0% of his light tanks and I’m Super Unicum in 100% of mine from tiers 5-10. There are very big gaps in skill in this game, but I believe many of the things Unicums do is very teachable, which is why I take the time to publish this series.

  11. There is really not a single YTer being concerned with WoT in general who makes me click their content as fast as this one.

  12. Bob Gaming and Tech Videos

    Awesome video, please do more for more light tanks!

  13. i personally really enjoyed playing the HWK 12 and got the 3 mark but also i played it before Wheelchairs where introduced into the game

    • I’ve played 55 battles over the past week in the HWK 12, and so long as you don’t force a brawl against wheeled vehicles, I’ve still be able to win 62% of those games.

  14. i really like your videos taugrim and i am learning a lot from them thx for the great content you are the best

  15. Luís Augusto Panadés

    This vehicle is a piece of shit. Balanced my ass! Shit shell velocity; shit gun handling, shit dpm, shit mobility and shit cammo.

  16. potato launcher….its a disgrace how bad German lights are

  17. Yep, yep, internet fame finds me again. Shout out to tonster181 who is twice as famous as me.

  18. Great games. You won that Sand River for us solo. Excellent play. When we were playing Ruinberg I was wondering when that 430 would push me, but I’m not one to complain about enemy mistakes.

  19. The only bad thing this tank (and SP I C) has is its shell velocity. I can work with all its other parameters (i.e. paper tall armor, mediocre light camo and vulnerable crew), but its shell velocity really is a bummer shooting in mid-long range, and as a light tank you will do it most of the time. Add some shtty gun handling and dispersion, it really sucks.

  20. Papa-Ninja-Potato

    Honestly I love lights in general, its my best class, but I tried playing the american line recently, on the T49, and holy smokes i just cant work with that tank!!! It has bad camo, bad mobility, you get spot once, and bam dead. Even though I start moving before 6th sense lights up, I just can’t get out of trouble like with other lights…

    The german line worked surprisingly well for me, even though people flame it. The gun is not bad, and overall its a workable line. Not as beatiful as the russions of course. 🙂

    • For the T49, are you using the 152mm derp or the 90mm? I find the 90mm is much easier in terms of snapshotting reliably and high rate of fire.

    • Papa-Ninja-Potato

      @Taugrim i am using the 90mm, i only use the derp for derping when in the mood :). I like the gun on it, I just find the low camo+mobility hard to deal with

      Edit: but i would like to add, it might just take more time to get used to after the russian lights which i played a lot more recently.

    • Yea the camo on the RU lights is better but the US lights have better gun depression. You have to play them accordingly.

      The T49 is big but the agility is really good.

    • Papa-Ninja-Potato

      @Taugrim i will try to use the gun depression more, thanks.

  21. Taugrim, you’ve been such a boon to my performance since I came back to Tanks in the last couple of months. Every aspect of my gameplay has improved, and I think the most important skill I learned from you is how to hold on to weak flanks and (ideally) still survive to keep fighting somewhere else on the map. In my limited experience, that’s often the key to winning battles. Also have gotten a lot better at vision and positioning in particular. I love your videos, keep on doing what you’re doing.

  22. there is something relaxing and constructive watching and hearing your vids 🙂 Keep them rolling!

  23. Why don’t they drop Ruinberg or at least cap it at tier 6 ? And of course Mines and the rest of those old old maps. What does anyone get from playing Ruinberg for the 5000th time

  24. Hey Taugrim, quick question: recently got the vk 100.01 p for the lolz, what equipment would you recommend? I’m currently running vstab, Rammer and optics. Thanks!

    • That sounds reasonable. VStab and Rammer are musts. You could swap Optics for Vents, although for the German and US heavies that have good view range I’ll often run Optics over Vents.

    • @Taugrim ok thanks, your vids helped me out alot 😁

  25. The best light tank in all tech tree of 8 tier. The best view range, good camo.

  26. Your tips have helped me so much in my gameplay! I was wondering if you ever played the AMC AC 46 at tier 7. I have been struggling a lot with its poor aim time and gun arc, and I was wondering if you had any tips. Keep making these great videos!

  27. Taugrim, great video. I think a lot of people underestimate 240 alpha on a tier 8 light. I recently traded the T34 B for the HWK 30 (500g for a tank bought for credits) and wow that tank is powerful. I was not thinking of going down the german light line but if you think the hwk 12 isn’t that bad i guess I can grind the line. It was the only tank that looked pretty bad.

    • The SP I C and HWK 12 both suffer from glacial shell velocity. The Ru 251 is a very good tank. The Rhm Pzw is bad.

  28. Jagdpanzer E. OneHundred

    My friend saw you twice when you were playing the HWK 12, and I even saw you once 😁

  29. Another thing about premium consumables is that you don’t need to buy these. I have over 1000 of each large repair kits/extinguishers/medkits and i haven’t bought a single one. I got them from various missions and dailies that i wasn’t even actively trying to complete, just by playing the game at my own pace. You don’t get premium ammo that way.

  30. I see Taugrim video

    I click 🙂

  31. This scout was SO much better when it was the t8 SP1C with the 3-shot autoloader. Gun was still a potato launcher, but at least you could launch 3 potatoes in short order then run away.

  32. The HWKs armor is nonexistent…just like the LT432s gun breech (Jingles made a video on how it was physically impossible for the LT to have that kind of gun depression)

  33. The HWK 12 is the closest I’ve got to 3 marking a tank. Max 91.25%, but gave up for the Ru251. Definitely a potato atm. But the HWK 12 is surprisingly a fairly good light, small, turns fast, fairly good camo, good gun but bad shell velocity, and 10 degrees of gun depression. I like it much much more than bc12t and EBR 75.

  34. Indignant Beaver

    I had an odd love affair with this one. I played it until I three marked it before wheeled vehicles entered the game. I wouldn’t dare play it with EBR’s around anymore. That shell velocity became unbearable with the inclusion of speed! I will say this though, that shell speed does have a habit of making me giggle when I hit long range snipes. Its like watching a replay in slo-mo! GG Taugrim!

  35. My concern with this tank isn’t just the extremely slow shell speed is the bad view range and low camouflage values compared to most light tanks, the view range can be remedied with optics and low camo value you can use camo-net. As for the extremely slow shot speed there’s not much you can do about it other than crew skills for penetration and aiming and spotting but there’s nothing that you can do about the shell speed.

    • HWK 12 has a view range of 410 which is better than most tier 8s and 9s. The camo value for me is ~33.7 which is fine. It’s not super, but it’s still functional.

  36. Are you Planning on playing the strv103 tree/recording videos on it? I found the whole branch quite interesting so far (currently at ikv90 tho, so I can’t speak for the last 3)

  37. That Potato Gun tho.

  38. Hwk12 gun is very reliable. IMHO it’s the best tier 8 tech tree LT, although it’s competing with garbage like Bc12t and LTTB.

  39. Sounds like you have a cold buddy. Hope you’re looking after yourself

  40. i am on the same line hope you will make a review about Ru and flipwagen XD
    thank you taugrim for all content

  41. 7:33 that e50m pushing…

  42. Hey Taugrim have u thought of streaming on twitch? We are tired of “pro” Players who are famous because they spam gold like there is no tomorrow..

    • Yes, I haven’t streamed since 2013. When I used to stream, it was a non-stop conversation with my chat room, and it’s really annoying for my wife to have to listen to.

      It’s like listening to someone on the phone for 2-3 hours 🤣🤣🤣

      I don’t have any plans to stream. With YouTube I can produce tightly packed content . I have recently been platooning with 13Disciple while he streams.

  43. I don’t even have to watch the video to give it a thumbs up.

  44. Your sass… I love it.

  45. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Shell fckin velocity needs a buff, thats all I want for this tank to have.

  46. If you would like can you do a t69 guide

  47. Got my first Kolobanov in this tank! Always have a soft spot for it.

  48. I like the fact you’ve kept the old music in your vids…

  49. The hwk 12 at tier 8 I enjoyed. The sp1c at tier 7, is awesome!

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