HWK 12 – The SP 1C’s Brother!

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  1. McNoScope The 1st

    Circon you are best youtuber!

  2. Play the Amx 30b

  3. Can you do a video on the American Tier 7 new light tank!

  4. still same shit shell velocity

  5. wait so what are they changing about the elc amx bis? cas i love that tank 🙁

  6. BTW Circon do you want 2 replays of 13 90 and ltwt Aces? (the new ones from test server)

  7. Frank Screaming Eagle Selleslagh

    So this one comes before the RU251 in the German Lights? If you’ve unlocked the RU 251 you’ll get this HWK 12?

  8. SP1C: ‘Who are you?’
    HWK: ‘I’m you but *_faster_*’

  9. Kurosaki990Ichigo

    Who the fuck goes to the test server to play IS7?

  10. TheOneWhoShallNotBeNamed

    It’s so weird it almost looks like the SP1C but doesn’t sound like the SP1C. I was waiting for the lawn mower sound. That VK100 brawl was a real butt clencher

  11. Shell velocity is pure s**t, 630 m/s compare to Bulldog 1219 m/s, almost double… “New” Bulldog with new gun (175 pen, 170 dmg) is a beast!

  12. so low shell velocity

  13. I don’t think shell velocity translates well into German…

  14. It's not what you think

    So does that mean you can run controlled impact on the HWK since it goes fast?

  15. Degetel Simteanu

    When Jaws laughs at the beginning of Circon’s video, you instantly know Memes are coming.

  16. Since when does circon have a gf? ?

  17. well.. it made circons sixth sense go off 🙂 https://youtu.be/ES8zaBs5J-o?t=323

  18. i was thinking on this for a while: the leopard’s 5cm gun gets buff on pen. The same gun can be used on D.W 2 and pz.38na. Does it mean those tanks are going to be playable now?

  19. Anton Liljekvist

    Rip SP I C y memes 🙁 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. looks fatty

  21. All that laughing in the background 😀

  22. that shell velocity , are you kidding me ?

  23. when is this patch gonna hit the live Server?

  24. Circon, you make every tank seem like a good tank lol!

  25. Loltraktor on steroids

  26. BinBackWieRuecken

    where is the big gun in the thumbnail? its missing ^^/

  27. This tank looks decent. Not great, but decent. From what I can tell, the tier 5-7 lights are going to be utterly irredeemable trash tanks that no one is going to want to play, the tier 8 light tanks are going to be good but struggle with ridiculously bad pen against Defenders and Patriots, and then the tier 9/10 light tanks are going to be overpowered monsters for the next year until WG gets around to nerfing them. It’s all about incentivizing people to free XP past the shitty low tier tanks and get into the fancy new overpowered ones at the top tiers.

  28. Will it have an autoloader like Sp1C has now, but is losing it in the patch?

  29. Baby VK B

  30. How does this compare to the M41 90 GF?

  31. Test server ace’s are still what? I HAVE TO KNOW!!!!!

  32. So this is where all the good players are hanging around.

  33. i hate the changes to the sp1c, they removed THE ********** AUTOLOADER!!!. THATS THE ONL GOOD THING ABOUT IT WITH THE CAMO WOT!!!!

  34. SP I C without autoloader is so sad 🙁

  35. WG pls buff the SP1C!

  36. Hi there, I just messaged you (privately) on YouTube, and look forward to hearing back soon!

  37. lol so Bulldog gets the OP 10 round autoloader back and this thing doesn’t get the 3 round 90mm gun? Nice balancing…

  38. satan is camping bush
    like if u know what im talking about.

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