HYDRAULIC SUSPENSION – TYPE 74 Japanese Tank (War Thunder Devblog)

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HYDRAULIC SUSPENSION – Japanese Tank (War Thunder Devblog)

War Thunder News Info –
Bomber Cockpits – https://warthunder.com/en/news/4375-development-major-updates-for-aircraft-en/
Chi-ha 12cm – https://store.gaijin.net/story.php?title=Pre-order_Chi-ha-12cm-Advanced-Pack


  1. So basically Gaijin saw Wargaming introduce the Swedish tanks with
    adjustable suspension and thought we need that but better.

  2. Shouldn’t you have sad you were patch-onate go ahead and give me crap about
    the bad pun but I don’t care btw phly don’t think I spelled that right but
    can you fly the b-29 and p-51D thanks

  3. *Talking about Bomber cockpits*
    “I don’t like to make videos just to make videos…”
    *Looks at Baron’s newest video*
    Uhm. Well


  5. CHALLENGE TIME!!!!!!!!!!
    try to get a kill using any plane you want in first person (attempt #6)

  6. so right now they are just copying wots recent hydraulic suspension update?

  7. All I have to say is that, this Type-74 tank is gonna be op as shit, but
    still won’t be able to surpass the mighty M60A1 (best tank in the game by
    far and maybe one of the best tanks ever made), however they should add
    reactive armor into the M60 as well as its sabot round (witch I believe
    wasn’t added into the game because it would rip everything to shreds)…
    I’m just saying that the japs are getting their tanks (and god they’re
    gonna be op), the shoud ad the cool stuff that were added to the top tier
    Americans in the 70’s

  8. All. my. friends. In tha low rida

  9. Hahaha! retro Need For WarThunder

  10. phly if the hydraulic suspension worked the tanks should be BOUNCIN not
    just going from 1 side to another, WW2 wasn’t won by deaths but the hops u
    got xd

  11. Yooo. I used to play Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and some boss battles
    were of the MBT-70. It was a version with spaced armor and rockets and the
    other had a 20mm coax gun. It was fantastic

  12. What is the best tank?

  13. And if I hit the switch, I can make the aaaaass drop

  14. Not too shabby!

  15. Antonius Wahyunugroho

    almost like stb-1

  16. Sarodore The Dragon

    There any version of the Leo with this suspension?

  17. lol, easy to kill..

    look at the drivers port :D

  18. Should light vehicles be able to lay mines?

  19. In my opinion the t-74, will be superior to the leopard and will kind of
    dominate high tier battles! Let’s see how maneuverable it is though!

  20. Time fly by so fast , guess what else flew by so fast at Pearl Harbor ,
    Japanese plane.

  21. GTA:SA

  22. Hey phly, what is the best bomb load for the He 111 h?

  23. Nakadashi tank

  24. inb4 Swedish S tank

  25. MBT-70 was way too expensive, so that’s how the M1 Abram’s was born.

  26. Meh, i was like “the turret looks alot like a STB-1 from WoT”, just to
    realise that the Type 74 actually is the STB-1. Gorgeous looking tank. Also
    fills the same role, ridge warrior. Except in WT it’s done right, whereas
    WoT didn’t.

  27. attempt#3 Tiger1 and BF109

  28. 20 GB r u kidding me ,Y all in 1 ,they should put first ships & then after
    that Japanese tanks & other stuff !
    In short ,Means 1 by 1.

  29. lowkey its actually the stb-1 off world of tanks

  30. Seriously Gaijin. Stop trying to one up ur competition by trying to copy
    them, be original. ATGMs from Armoured Warfare and now this active
    suspension because of the Swedes TD in WoT? Grow up Gaijin

  31. if this tank was made by a rap artist, this would be called “Tracks by dre”

  32. war thunder, just add K2 Black Panter for Korean teck tree for hydraulics,
    auto loader, better gun stabilizers and possibly the active protection
    armour. (along with other many countries)

  33. Basically German Tanks update..

  34. But what when it’s USA&Japan vs Russia at that tier? Hell cats and Tigers
    oh my.

  35. 50 Dollar Anime Whore

    The Japanese Tiger is basically the Tiger H1, its armor is the sane and has
    no MG

  36. still twiddling my thumbs waiting for that French Armor. I want my AMX-13

  37. Wolrd of tanks adds it ….. war thunder follows. coincidence? I think not.

  38. Attempt 1: Yak1 and T-50 Russian Bias was born Combo pack

  39. During the intro I just waited for the voiceover… “When good tanks go

  40. Complete Randomness

    Swedish tanks next warthunder! I want the STRV 103 and Saabs!

  41. that drivers port – just like the caernarvon. easy peasy

  42. It would be amazung if you did a video compilation of a bunch of air to
    ground kills. Primarily with the use of guns and rockets.

  43. if only the russian tanks had them then they could have good depression for

  44. This new intro is 999999999999999% better, good job

  45. Tanks can twerk now?

  46. I think the Maus should be a BR of 7.0 in ARCADE Ground Forces, and that BR
    should go as follows for arcade as well, 1.0-2.0, 2.3-3.0, 3.3-4.0,
    4.3-4.0, 4.3-5.0, 5.3-6.0, 6.3-7.0, and 7.3-8.3 (or 7.3-8.0 and 8.3-9.0
    should ground forces get this high) WITH THE BR being based on the HIGHEST
    BR TANK you are bringing out. If you have a 4.0, 3.7, and 4.3, you get up
    tirered because the 4.3 hurts the balance of the match when some only have
    3.3s in thier Br lineup.Arcade is too “competitive” in the sense that a
    tank such as the Firefly or one of the two Sherman mounting the 76 which
    have to flank to have a chance against a Tiger or Panther, which cant
    really happen in arcade because wtf is flanking when you can see everyone
    on the map, plus half the tanks are essentially useless unless they are
    fighting tanks within a special niche like the matilda which can only
    effectively fight 2.3-3.0 tanks, not fuckin 3.7 KVs which it cant pen or
    T34s which basically have better armor than it despite it being a heavy
    tank. Basically, I believe that in Arcade, there has to be a top of each
    “tier” so that heavy tanks can always be heavy tanks and so that light
    tanks can have a fuckin chance within their respective BR. Take for example
    a match which has Tiger 1s and Tiger 2s, the Tiger 1 basically becomes a
    shitty medium tank as all the other 6.3 and up tanks are far better than
    the Tiger 1, and the list of vehicles that become pointless outside their
    Br goes on. Again I say this solely for Arcade, not sim nor realistic as I
    know nothing regarding those game modes.

  47. just add the Chinese for f*** sake oh and T-64 early model (125mm 2a46
    would wreck any nato tank all the way to the present day so rather go for
    the 115mm)

  48. Nathaniel Clements

    Please for the love of god phly “Type” not “T”… Please these are bush
    league mistakes.

  49. Brian Lock (神通)

    I can see GuP spam

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