I Ain’t Got No Nipples? War Thunder Patton 2 Tank Gameplay – M47 Patton

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tanks Gameplay – 7 Patton 2, No Nipples?

New American Tanks Planes in Patch 1.49 Dev Server:
M2a2, 75mm M3 GMC, M18 Hellcat, M10 Wolverine, M36 Jackson, T-28 Super Heavy Tank, T-95 “Doom Turtle”, AD-2 Skyraider, P-51D-10, P-51A 20mm
New Russian Tanks Planes in Patch 1.49 Dev Server:
4M GAZ-AAA, Su-57, Su-122-54, Т-34-85E, Т-34E STZ, -2 Avenger, SU-76М of 5th Guards Cossack Cavalry Corps, Yak-9M, 1943, Yak-9T Yak-9K (new models), IL-2 (new Cockpit), IL-2M AM-38 1943
New British Planes:
FireFly F.Mk.I, FireFly F.Mk.V, Seafire Mk.XVII, Seafire .47, Sea Fury FB.11, Attacker FB.1, Canberra (cockpit), Sea Gladiator Mk1, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ic, Plagis’s Spitfire LF. Mk.IX, Prendergast’s Spitfire FR.MK.XIVe
New German Plans Tanks:
Ar.234 C3, Hs.129 (cockpit), Bf-109B, StuH 42G
New Planes: J2M2, Ki-21

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  1. First

  2. Profound Gaming

    Second 😀 Hi baron!

  3. Wait…I don’t have any nipples? Why @slickbee WHY! M47 Patton is da tits.

  4. Tbloblo

  5. Yay, a cactus is under the 10 comment’s club!

  6. Fly the Po 2 because the Po 2 is 2 oP

  7. M60 patton

  8. Baron can you drive the jagdtiger next?

  9. You cant sing baron you sing so bad

  10. Za panzer 2c for germany and common lets get to de chopper

  11. Geoffrey Tappenden


  12. Preston Brazell

    M103 plz

  13. Great vid baron :)

  14. You need to lead A Sherman Jumbo Convoy into battle!
    It’ll be TITS!

  15. Adeebullah Esmati


  16. Take out the Pz.Kpfw VI Tiger for the Vaterland!

  17. Adeebullah Esmati

    T-44 ples

  18. Panzer 1

  19. why do you use an ap round? it has got no fracmentation

    • Better chance of penetration. Fragmentation is great, but not if you can’t
      penetrate the armor. The. It is like a water balloon. I personally go AP
      round and shoot the crew out. Just easier than trying to blow up the ammo
      or engine.

  20. I would like to see the m103

  21. WHY IS SLICK BEE ALWAYS DEADED you guys are awesome

  22. cantstopmyskills

    Laaaaaaaax brooooooo!

  23. going through the IS4 mantlet..balanced!

  24. kv-85

  25. Sieng Sophearin


  26. cant you do one by yourself. so we dont have to here both of yous high
    pitched girl voices.

  27. i want the hotroad

  28. T-95 doom turtle


    kv-2 please

  30. baron do that hot sauce challenge


    M60 Patton plz

  32. Custom Battle:
    1 Maus vs a army of M16’s

  33. darkassasin164 wins

    do the jagtiger for DA WIN

  34. Christopher Dempster

    Hey baron can you play a Brirish used American tank with British skin on it
    please. Would love that. Keep it up dude. Would love to play war thunder
    with you sometime 

  35. Baron, you crack me up, man. Random as fuuuu. Makes for a good video. And
    Slickbee is a stoner. Gotta be…

  36. Holy shit I got crossmapped by a legend O-o

  37. Why would you not take the heat rounds. They are the most viable rounds.

  38. Roll out in the walker bulldog

  39. Colin Fergerson

    Come on mothafuckas come on lets do the JagdTiger

  40. Il2 flying tank

  41. i want to see you play M103 with FACECAM

  42. Baron, pick any JagdPanzer, there’s been a while since the Jagdtiger
    Ze gloriez PaK 44 is waitin…

  43. T-44 plz

  44. Are you guys drunk?

  45. slickbee is annoying as fuck and sucks at every game i see him play

  46. T-54 Baron?

  47. Georgios Fotakis


  48. M103 or Leavenworth

  49. @slickbee what position in lax I’m a middy in Arizona so it’s not very

  50. M6A1 or McDonalds is the only thing you can eat for the rest of your life

  51. T-44 pwease

  52. JagdTiger, you scrub lord.

  53. The M103 heavy tank! American power fuck yeah!

  54. Is-3 please

  55. Panther F

  56. Will Hendrickson

    I swear he never takes good ammo

  57. Мэтью Машков

    +BaronVonGamez JAGDPANTHER

  58. Play the M6A1!!

  59. Baron it was the mantlet 🙁 It just look like it went through the barrel
    because of the camera angle but in the first second of the killcam you can
    see it went to the left of the mantlet. Still an amazing shot tho. I’ve
    never penned the mantlet of a IS4 before.

  60. THE_GUY100 AKA Noah

    JagdTiger :3

  61. Use the m16

  62. Holy tits.

  63. Sebastian Brandt

    Jagdtiger please

  64. Jagdtiger, please Baron!

  65. well Baron wants to see the M60 let him see the M60

  66. play kv 85 for russia!

  67. M60 Patton

  68. The Stewart Teir I

  69. Luigik99'sChannel

    play a tank next episode !!!

  70. PzKmpfw IV F1 pls

  71. Slick plays lacrosse, respect…

  72. M26E1

  73. M36 le jackson

  74. Wargame Exizider

    Patton 1 ofc

  75. The Man patton

  76. Sorry M60 Patton

  77. T90 S next time, please n.n

  78. Matthew Blenkey


  79. M60 patton Kappa

  80. Connor Bozynski

    M16 aa half track

  81. Matthew Blenkey

    At 9:30 it overpen’d lol

  82. play the jagdpanther plz

  83. Jadpanther 

  84. theroflcopternoob

    Baaaaaaaron the you should really only run the heat rounds and the m82
    nuclear holocaust rounds cuz heat is far better than apcr and ap against
    flat and sloped armor at all ranges and is almost a guaranteed ammo
    rack/fire(90%+ from gaijiggle documents) if you hit fuel/ammo. HVAP is
    useless against sloped armor. M82 is good for flanking shots even if it has
    slightly less pen the default solid ap it has a huge he filler.

  85. Albanian Monster


  86. Jagdpanther is love, Jagdpanther is life.. plz

  87. Hector Firecrash

    T-50 would be funny

  88. The Suprime Gamer

    M10 wolverine

  89. IS 3

  90. Nicholas Saunders


  91. Baron have you ever gotten 1st place in a realistoc match while grounded in
    a pby (first model) while you were getting bombed?

  92. Kurtis Lautenbach


  93. Lax bro for life

  94. Jagdtiger, all the way.

  95. Panther (Panzerkampfwagen V) Ausf. G.

  96. M16a3 or fury

  97. Do the tier 3 German premium tank from the bundle please! I can’t remember
    what the name of it was

  98. Wow. Not only did he NOT take the HEAT round or the M82 (? The explosive
    filler one) and only AP and APCR (The HEAT round is like one of the saving
    graces of the M47!) but he took full ammo load as well?

    Every time I watch baron play I die a little on the inside. The only good
    thing is other people watching and thinking that he has great gameplay
    habbits, so they copy him and… probably just end up on my team anyways…

  99. Peter Timowreef

    I just unlocked this tank and GOD is tier 5 unfair. This tank needs like
    200k RP module grind before it’s competitive while a T-54 is just about the
    best tank in the game right out of the box.. The struggle is real.

  100. Can you use Montana next time on sea

  101. Baron turn your video brightness up!

  102. Damn that “tits” thing is getting old:S

  103. Tayten Rountree

    M60 Patton PLZ!!

  104. 2 words, JagdTiger

  105. Tiger Porsche or to the camps with you!

  106. A my thing really cool and big

  107. M5A1 stuart please

  108. JagdTiger!!! PLZ :3

  109. The jagdtiger plz. 

  110. Baron can you play the walker bulldog 

  111. Go corsair-c simulation battle

  112. I remember the M47 in The Battle of the Bulge movie


    Ahem, now that I’ve said that, the Patton lives and breathes HEAT rounds.
    It’s what the Pattons were made to fire. Pen all the tanks!

  114. Jagdpanther 

  115. kv1 ziz 5

  116. glen-ross mullen

    Play the tiger 2 h or p

  117. Kugelblitz 

  118. Hey man, kick up them Drake references. Yeezy is good, but lets hear about
    Drizzy Drake!

  119. glen-ross mullen

    Always play arcade

  120. K v2 

  121. Jumbo 75, next “Full Frontal Democracy!”

  122. pff arcade

  123. Juany Harguindeguy

    JADTIGER ! or maus

  124. Hadden Campbell

    MAUS again

  125. MrCliniclyinsane

    Good thing i cant see a single damn thing in this video.

  126. “Tits tits tits tits tits, and tits.”

  127. Pz III L! I absolutely love mine!

  128. Any high tier German TD would be cool :)

  129. BR6.7 PANTHER II !!!

  130. Can you do m26 pershing 

  131. Why are bad things tits? Tits are great things. Why do you gotta be
    disparaging the tits, Baron? Why, Baron? WHY? BARON? WHY BARON? BARON, WHY?

    As for next tank… I don’t suppose they have the Stürmtiger in yet? No?
    Well then, JagdTiger. Because you need to Tiger your Jagds.

  132. Am I the only one that totally digs Slick’s improvised song?

    88 KwK,
    Shooting an IS4
    And I ain’t gonna penetrate!

  133. T-34-85e or Gulag.

  134. M-16


  135. m15 cgmc

  136. M16 plz

  137. Iyiola Kofoabayomi

    sherman jumbo

  138. Play on the ps4 please 

  139. JP Holmes (ExtremeRocket)

    May you please drive out the mighty M26 Pershing!

  140. Jagdtiger 

  141. IS-1????

  142. British Matilda!!! Does that exist in war thunder?

  143. Baron y u no bring M431 shell ? you could kill other tank easily.

  144. Quintin Baumeister

    I want to see you play the P.1000 Ratte

  145. What about the one you were thinking about that he was thinking about that
    your were thinking about that he was thinking about?

  146. Oxy… Is amazing 😀

    I had some for one of my wisdom teeth where the gums started swelling and
    it was horribly painful.

    Took an extra pill over the recommended dose (I’m a tall, broad guy. To
    give perspective, my “Ideal weight” is around 100kg, so most meds I have to
    take a little extra), had the best day I’ve ever had, despite the fact that
    my mouth hurt. It’s like rainbows in pill form that expand directly from
    your stomach into your brain.

    I can def see why it’s so damn addictive!

  147. IS-3


  148. 殺手, 阿Ching

    America! Fuck yeah!Fuck Yeah!Yeah!FUCK YEAH!

  149. King Tiger 10.5, FÜR DIE VATERLAND!

  150. churchhill, oh wait

  151. Jagdpanther because I want to be on the intro!
    Greetings peasants and hello mummy!


  153. Next IS-4M or Gulag pls!

  154. Grow up…

  155. The Black Shadow

    Baron, WTF did you give Slick? In fact, what did you give yourself? Nuke

  156. Am I the only one who thinks he should do these type of tank vids solo
    cause I notice when he is by himself he talks about the tank and all that
    stuff that we want. But when he plays with another person the video is just
    a bunch of silly stuff.

  157. Dakota Tucker (CarbonFrozen423)

    Jumbo with the 76

  158. I want to play war thunder ground forces, but I can’t. I keep thinking
    about a Sherman tank commander crawling out of his tank with his leg blown
    off after his tank was knocked out by a panther. So then a pershing rolled
    up and knocked out the panther with one shot so out comes the crew, the
    commander hops out along with the loader, and driver. So as the gunner is
    leaving the pershing takes another shot which blows the gunner in two. So
    the radio op jumps out as the pershing shoots for the third time turning
    the tank into a blazing inferno. After watching that I’ve stopped playing
    war thunder. What do you think?

  159. LOL everyone 12 and under is like .. i cant wait to try some Oxycontin..
    Slick said it was soooo goood. #rolemodels

  160. Preston Schedel

    Combination Gun Motor Carriage M15!

    Looks like such an oddity!

  161. Matthew Articulo

    The m60 patton

  162. Only thing bad about your bids is you play arcade mode

  163. M-103

  164. Walker bulldog on realistic battles next tank

  165. Drugs are bad! Alcohol is fine, this is America after all. Oh, hand me my

  166. Hunter Erickson

    lets do the attacker FB1 plzzz!

  167. Have noticed that when you play with Slickbee that Slick sounds like he’s
    drunk and then you try to match his drunkeness, even though I don’t think
    you’re actually drunk. Also, please drive the T-44.

  168. u killed the is4m penning the gun manlet and exploding his ammo in the back
    of the turret, not penning through the gun barrel

  169. Arcade… Baron you can play at least realistic…

  170. Your shell choice is terrible 

  171. Play the cobra king

  172. We want t-34-57 !!!!!!!!!

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