I AM ARTILLERY (2600m Knockouts)

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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. This is what happens when a buddy of yours (Dudio) can’t get enough from the last video, and has a go at it himself. Using the BMP-3 with the low velocity HE, a big brain and a ruler for calculation distance, you get this. A truly efficient arty system in War Thunder.
    Many thanks to Dudio for getting this amazing footage, footage that I have not seen before of it being so successful, and editing the video together for all of us to enjoy!
    Song – Kryptos – Golem

  2. USS Lexington CVA-16

    I wonder if I can pull something similar with the M551 when I get it.

  3. try it with some actual artillery pieces and not just BMP

  4. i want to know is, how is he finding out the Range after he markets the Target. i wish to learn this as well and i get how to do most but the Ranging part i cant finger out.

  5. Day 2 of asking phily to play the crusader AA Mk l

  6. That’s impressive.

  7. 95% of war thunder players saying drones are pointless while phly out here 300iq. Idk how you come up with these strats dear sir.

  8. PLEASE try with the bkan 1C, the reload+155mm shell will be devastating

  9. Ricardo Carvalho

    Bro, use phonk music and this would look like Ukraine footage!

  10. Phly or Odd could set up a contest on who is the best arty team. Players would send in videos. Prizes would be like Phly’s Tigor or Odd’s Tiger Plushie or premium time or even a premium vehicle. Only those in their discord could participate(so its easier for them to organize it)

    Winners are chosen depending on Phly or Odd’s reactions. Like Odd dying of maniacal laughter.

  11. it feels so realistic to use drone for spotting and ranging a target while the crew of the tank just needs to fire for destroy the target. It will be nice to see a G6 rhino or a brummar for squads with one mate who spot by drone.

  12. Genuinely my favourite video from you in a long time. Awesome job!

  13. It gets spicy on the battlefield.

  14. Man just woke up and said “it’s artillery time”

  15. This is the next step I want to see happen

  16. ho you set the range so accurate

  17. NumberCosine35 _

    This takes work smarter not harder, to a whole new level. Awesome vid

  18. I am not a fan of a lot of stuff you do or say. but I have to give you props for this one. that was pretty cool.

  19. im worried you guys are going to start a trend in this game

  20. The Siren Sniper

    i can just taste the salt from the other team


  22. Mendoza, Aldwin L.

    this is like The sun’s ukraine war footage

  23. The real question is how do you guess the range from the ground, it’s not like you could do it from the drone

  24. One question. How do you find the range?

  25. Anthony Childers

    How do you aim level but fire at range like that?

  26. what is that sound mod pleasee

  27. Kill cam footage must have been mind blowing ….. he did what ?

  28. once the history teacher asked me who is the god of war and my answer was artillery

  29. is that ATGM?

  30. If this becomes a thing in game, Gaijin please introduce a German Pz2000 or USA Howitzer

  31. omg how that very useful using drone?

  32. This shit is phucking awesome.

  33. What fresh hell is this?

  34. Attempt #21: get 8 kills in a single game with the italian 90/53 M41M

  35. try this in arcade with 15cm sIG. . . (because i dont have high br vehicles)

    Damn its fun,killing people from 1km away but its not work if you got map with many house

  36. It is kinda the intended way of using it. Maybe just not that far

  37. John Allen Ybañez

    Using this tactic
    Someone will say that they killed by a hacker hahahaha

    Military tactics in WT hell yeah

  38. Looking like the average Ukrainian day

  39. I wonder if we could use SPH as they should and not TD

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