I asked AI to teach me World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

What does ChatGPT think abour World of Tanks? Is World of Tanks Pay to Win? tanks are in World of Tanks? How to in World of Tanks? Let's find out!

ChatGPT is a crazy AI, which can some many problems and answer to your questions, but what does it know about World of Tanks? Can we get something out of it what we already didn't know?

What do you think?


  1. Something completely different for you today…
    Which questions did I NOT ask? 😀

  2. GPT is limited to 2021 DEZ, he does not know anything 2022 onwards

  3. “Some players consider the game pay to win..”. A certain streamer back in the day claimed WoT wasn’t pay to win on one hand and admitted he spent hundreds of pounds of scholarship money achieving unicom status on the other hand. Granted you don’t have to pay cash to get premium ammo anymore but they sell silver in game currency for a reason.

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought to ask the ai.

  5. Ask it what tank it want to buff and nerf if it is given the control for game balance lol

  6. people forget this AI considers pc, console , and blitz as they all are listed under the banner world of tanks, also china server has tanks we cannot obtain, this ai is more accurate than let believe.

  7. Information in CHatGTP is from 2021

  8. It’s mostly outdated since it know only about events until 2021

  9. That third paragraph about the tomatoes is really wholesome by the Chat.

  10. Dez, great video
    Do you know how the ai works, can you update it somehow or correct things like “you get banned for using gold ammo” haha
    Could be a tool for new players, i bet that they get better answers from that then asking WG =)

  11. Love it that you use the OST. It is such a relaxing and nostalgic tune. I really miss it. It was better when it was in the game, even when you can listen to it on Youtube

  12. Dez: Is World of Tanks Pay-To-Win?
    ChatGPT: I’m not going to answer that, but I was able to recall several cases where people had this to say……..

  13. Finally gold spamming is illegal <3

  14. I laughed so hard when I read the part when it said that you could get banned for gold spamming xD

  15. Casanova Frankensteen

    I asked how to become unicom and maintain it. ChatGP said “Hide behind Arty and snipe”. Oh, it knows WoT forsure.

  16. “Once u feel comfortable with these tanks, u can move on to higher tier tanks”
    Meanwhile a Maus player in a battle i am in, rushing suicidal center field on Malinovka in first 20secs of the battle, pressing ‘help’ key:
    1200 battles overall, 1,2,3,4 tier played – skipped to X tier, 8x VIIItier prem tanks in garage, WN8 300, 230 dmg per battle

    01m:10s in garage, before that he types “GG”.

  17. Regarding the Op Premium tanks, it looks like its scraped info from the old GuideparkHow to Play series that WoT have on YT. Even taking their age into consideration, WoT talked them up a lot more than they deserved. Hell, their offical vid is responsible for me buying the Panther 8.8.

    • MAY 2020 is the limit for OpenGPT’s data set, that’s why the answers are out of date. It’s to limit it’s usefulness and make the full dataset easier to commercialise.
      OpenGPT doesn’t scrape as such, but rather keeps the whole dataset in a matrix.

  18. If you have a thick skin. Ask ” what do you know about world of tanks streamer?”
    “Have you heard of Dezgames?”,

  19. ChatGPT is wrong in his first sentence, WoT is not an MMO.
    Is it Multiplayer? Yes
    Is it Online? Yes
    Is it Massive? No

  20. Ok, the AI convinced me. I’ll turn off the minimap to improve my situational awareness from now on.

  21. MAY 2020 is the limit for OpenGPT’s data set, that’s why the answers are out of date. It’s to limit it’s usefulness and make the full dataset easier to commercialise.
    So, you’re reading about the game up to end of 2019.

  22. Sure the 183 is the best arty…cause you can aim like a normal tank with it 😀 Plus it’s mounting a ship gun…so^^

  23. I wish he asked who was the best wot streamer.

  24. Pissed my parts

  25. lol something different indeed lol love it lol stay you Dez 🙂

  26. This is awesome video. This is CONTENT.

  27. This is actually scary, particularly that the AI has learned to lie in your face and smile. The answers are so good that the bot even stated some complete BS but phrased it so well that you would completely believe it if you wouldn’t know better. Where did it pick up that players turn off the minimap to gain situational awareness and reduce distractions? But the way it was said makes it sound completely plausible.

    • TheUnstoppableBrigade

      That isn’t lying though. It just happens that it’s dataset was either incomplete or incorrect. Your teachers don’t call you a liar whenever you fail a test right?

  28. To be fair to the AI, the T57 Heavy is still a solid tank that can mess you up. It’s not the best one, but it’s a pretty good tank as long as you know how to use an auto-loading gun without taking 3 shots in return.

  29. Nice video, Dez, very different, though entertaining. Idea for next one: ask the AI about tactics in various maps. E.g. What is best to do on Malinovka encounter battle with a heavy tank? Or how to play on Studzianki with a medium tank?

  30. This thing is outdated and stupid. 2013 called, they want you to come back now.

  31. Turn off your mini map you can see way better!

  32. Teir 11? Lol wtf

  33. Q: How do I get better at the game?
    A: please refer to previous question on “gold spamming.”

  34. nah, pay2win for sure
    I wish gold rounds was a bannable offense lolololol

  35. It misses the fact tomato comes the red of the lowest WN8 tier.

    Re the odd tank choices, it always seems to get things weird or wrong when the subject matter gets more specific.

  36. Mike's HomeDronen FPV

    Very informative, that’s for the share!

  37. ChatGP only knows about before 2021, unfortunately it does not know about things like the Italian TD line or Chinese rocket boosters. A good teacher, but with a 2 year lag.

  38. cool video but AI answering with outdated information or blantely incorrect is a joke. idk where it pulled its information from but if those were the first things it could find no wonder there are so many “tomatoes” in the game. probably is the first information they see and go with it then get to high tiers and are playing some of the worst tanks in the game.

  39. Well in regards to tomato, that only comes from mods like xvm. So for a new player with no mods there are no red colors. AI completely missed this.

  40. I have personaly changed my opinion about gold ammo. Imagine for a second if the gold ammo was removed. How toxic would a mouse or 279e or any well armored tank become. Vk100.01p would drive around almost invincible. The other option would be to rework all the heavily armored tanks pretty much 40% of the tank models would need to be remodeled to balance the game around the lack of penetration. Sure a player spamming full gold has an advantage, but in current economy of world of tanks every player can carry a few gold ammo and intuition to change it in a few seconds. I used to think gold ammo was just pay to win and then few months ago i drove vk100.01p up 1/2 line on prokurovka in a tier 6/8 game and clearly the enemy team was playing with out gold. 2000 damage and 3000 spotting damage later i had taken no damage and had over 10k bounced just for realisation of o they just shoot normal ammo and the only tank on the team that can hurt me frontaly is on the other side. That instant i changed my opinion. The game is as crazy as it sounds balanced around gold ammo.

  41. SO many flaws in what that IA has said, also tomato is new players? I have seen players with over 100k battles and have less then 40% win rate.

  42. all data is from 2020

  43. Irrelevent video.. just the promotion

  44. I would give my hand for banning players who spam gold and use premium OR reward tanks in normal matches.

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