I Bet You Didn’t Know How Spall Liner Actually Works in World of Tanks vs SPGs? | Neither Did We…

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Spall Liner Equipment Unit Testing. World of Tanks New Equipment 2.0 for Heavy Tanks, World of Tanks Heavy Tank Equipment. World of Tanks IS-7 and E-0 Heavy Tank Gameplay.

03:15 – What is Spall Liner?
04:45 – Testing ground
:10 – E-100 Setup
:42 – Battle 1 and 2
11:50 – Battle 3
15:13 – Battle 4
21:10 – Conclusion

My first in 2021 is going to be a bit different, sad to disappoint you that it is not a Solitaire game, but instead we are going to do some experimental testing. Have you ever wondered how effective the Spall Liner actually is? Well, I have an many of the beautiful DezNation family members have done the same.
Let me tell you, results are going to surprise most of you…

Enjoy the show!


  1. Happy New Year, my friends, Welcome to 2021 on this channel as well! 😉 Let’s start with a bit different episode (sorry for no Solitaire). 😛
    Spall Liner – It has many useful features, but are you using it over other options? In this video testing in vs Artillery, as this tank uses HE the most + has the biggest Splash feature. This episode features many time stamps, so going to post them here is well for you, much move!
    Chapters in this video:
    00:00 – Introduction
    01:12 – What are we testing today?
    03:15 – What is Spall Liner?
    04:45 – Testing ground
    10:10 – E-100 Setup
    10:42 – Battle 1 and 2
    11:50 – Battle 3
    15:13 – Battle 4
    21:10 – Conclusion

    • Hey dez the one playing the M53/M55 was firing gold and the one in the obj was firing reg

    • @Bagledog5000 Does it also reduces the damage for penetrating HE shells? Like those carring 105 mm of HE shell penetrations .

    • @Nihar Shedge
      I’m unsure. It’s possible that shells that pen will do regular damage. Tell you what, I’ll run a test with my brother one day this week and try to get back to you with some results. We’re in vastly different time zones so it may take a bit. It will be interesting to see the difference.

    • Thanks for this test, good to get info from repeated controlled tests. Very nice work.
      The only tanks I use a spall liner on are heavy TDs e.g. T110E3, because those tanks take a lot of direct HE from normal tanks (not arty) when the enemy can’t pen those heavy tanks. E.g. hulll down behind rubble on banana road on Himmels. If they help against arty great, but for me their main benefit is adding protection from direct fire HE.

    • Hey man can you do a video on the Russian T-44 and is it a good tank???

  2. The E 100 game where your egine was knocked out. In world of tanks the transmission counts as an engine part. As an example the engine itself is located in the back off the E100 but the transmission in the front. thats how they were able to take out your “engine” frontaly

    Besides nice video keep on going ;D

  3. 9:14 That second shot was a premium round… Which has more splash than a standard :V

    Edit: The only round the m53/55 was firing was premium… Dez didn’t even try to hide that.. 10/10 testing.

  4. testing without conclusion 🙁

  5. I’ve been using spall liner + modified configuration + VSTAB with quite a few heavy tanks for some time now. Crew and module damage is noticeably less and repairs are super fast. I absolutely love the new equipment and believe 2.0 was a success personally.

  6. mihnea adrian stoian

    I use spall liner on every single hevy i have tier 8 to 10. Belive me guys, its work. I bounce arty direct shots and manny other things. And my crew never die from HE shots ore splash.

  7. Working as Intended

  8. Just platoon up with arty and you are guaranteed to also face enemy arty, right?

  9. All SPG’s have different penetration with their HE shells and splash radius. They also have different trajectories which impact upon the shell damage depending on the impact point which should be obvious but tier X SPG’s penetration varies from 45mm up to 60mm so while I appreciate the effort put into the testing it has a glaringly obvious flaw………

  10. i use it on 279 (e) and sometymes i get hit by fv 4005 and fv 215b 183 and makes around 450 +- damange direct hit with gold hesh so , but yes , arta works when direct hit , but majority of times they aim for side splash , and that still makes damage, i think only works with direct hits

  11. HSL doesnt worth, u save like 100-200 dmg max, and splash damage dont count.

  12. works like everything else, RNG decides everything

  13. Dez please read this if you can. I think your logic is flawed a bit since your armor on the tank is not the same thicness everywhere. If you get hit and it splashes onto the upper hull, back or sides it wil do more damage. Im not a fan of arty myself its ok i geuss but from my view it just seems like you are trying to creat hate on arty

  14. I miss being able to talk to the reds.

  15. This is why I left the game the new arta is more fxcking annoying

  16. Erick the Vanquisher

    Thank you for taking the time to test out this equipment. I have used Spall Liner in my VK 100.01 and I do believe it’s not just meant for Artillary HE rounds as the description says HE shells period which would include anyone that first HE rounds at your tank. As a VK 100.01 or Maus or E100 you are very heavily armored so most times I find players load HE rounds to hit me with and that is also mitigated with the spall liner equipment. I hope this helps some from what I have seen in random battles never like you did in the beginning of your video.

  17. So not sure if there was a definitive answer. But looks like it helps.

  18. Fun fact:Bozidar vukovic is a croatian name

  19. What j got from. This is they need to rework the spalliner. Now it says to armor keyword but that’s pointless.

  20. spall liner is the most useless pile of shit equipment even after the buff

  21. The thing works great against FV 4005’s hesh. Was using it in my Maus and it took 0 damage from a point-blank shot. 😀

  22. speletajskuk sick oh

    The giveaway ended yay

  23. does it work if you receive a shot with HE from big guns like FV4005 or KV2 ?
    it would be interesting to see

  24. Can you make video how to add some mods like zoom out?

  25. Man I am confused. Does this mean I should drop the small liner on my type5? I thought it helped on splash.

  26. Nevermind the Artillery, how does this work against HE from equal and lower-tier tanks who use it to deal damage when they can’t pen you?

  27. I am more interested if Spall liner has a decent effect from like KV2 or TP60 using HE

  28. Sigurdur Bjarnason

    So in short, spall liner is bogus

  29. 8 years ago aiming meant something now its total BS this game * on ANY tank

  30. Why not use the BattleHits Mod in order to see where shells hit or landed (for any splash damage)?

  31. But Dez, some of the HEAVY tanks are cursed by WG with MEDIUM spall liner as the ONLY option.

  32. I wish i can put 3 spalliners because when I start to play HT my dmg list full of HE HE HE HE

  33. So arty should aim next to heavies and completely ignore your 750k silver item? Fantastic design.

  34. It was useful when Type 4 and Type 5 Heavies were roaming around, as it helped with their HE. Nowadays the tanks are quite rare and arty most often splashes you only.

  35. Spall liner works best when u are on low HP.

  36. DoubleTapThatDotty

    You still play the e100 with the big gun?? Why??

  37. HE is not too hard a mechanic to understand.
    We can easily predict, on the fly, the damage (and range of damage) by taking:

    Half the alpha of the HE minus whatever lowest armor value there is in the splash radius, if there is spall liner, increase armor value by whatever percentage spall liner gives.

    90% of the time, this calculation will yield proper results.
    This is super-simplified from the actual formula. There is a damage falloff based on range, but that is too complicated to take into account on the fly, during an actual battle.

  38. in my own view about spall liner is 60% reduced to damage if it is in effect but the damage done i think its random..

    • damage of HE shell also depends on radius..the closer you at the explosion the higher chance of damage done and its also random..

  39. Are we surprised by that? You can’t be surprised by that if you understand the HE mechanics…

  40. I always used spall liner with jgpz e100, it saved me a ton of times especially from BC arties, and FV 4005 (because it absorbs direct shots pretty well). Nice video and a happy new year to you too!

  41. Apparently it will work for direct shots but no splash protection from both your tests and clips

  42. Im using it on my 279e. It works great for me because I get arty focus anyway and also many heavy tanks shoot HE at me if they cant pen me.

  43. i run a spall liner in my slow heavies, i try to stay in the open for arty so they unwillingly hit me directly. after a couple of hits they usually leave me alone when they see i do not take much damage.
    if you hide from them you are more apt to recieve splash, if this happens then the arty will keep hitting you as you took good damage.
    always read the directions, lol

  44. i tested it and use use it on pz7 and one tank dest. IT DONT work on bad armor vehicle with weakspots for arty

  45. i have it ofc for long time on some tanks even on patton and take less dmg for sure friend in platoon was taking more dmg than me from arty

  46. محمد السعدي

    This equipment not working on E75

  47. I saw the missiles go through the tanks , with zeroo damage!! No ricochet no nothing! This game is not fun anymore! Ilove this game but i will uninstall. Too toxic!

  48. Spall liner is the biggest ripoff in the game. IT DOESN’T WORK. Mount it on your T95 and go try it. It’s pure BS.

  49. fixed matches are the problem lol sometimes you hit full battle almost without aiming and on some you shoot full aim and it miss for a mile aiming low left it shoot up right etc…….after battle half of your team have 0-400 dmg 5 shoots 1 hit………wg fix maches yep and if someone use xvm pay atention its not metter wn8 sometimes im in first place with wn8 others dont have even 1k but problem is they put in my team people that have max 4-9k battles and in enemy team are 10 people with 20+k battles at least 2 with 40+k battles so doesnt metter equipment to much when is fixed by mm and rng to lose

  50. Hi Dez … please make a 2nd try – but not against ARTA. Use i.e. HE-E4 as an enemy and shoot the same parts of 2 IS-7 … i think you will get better results.

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