I BOUGHT a WIRBELWIND from Wish.com…This is what came. (War Thunder)

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I BOUGHT a WIRBELWIND from Wish.com…This is what came. ( Thunder)


    SUB to OPERATOR YEETSKI!! – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ihxmkocezGSm9JcKg1rfw

  2. What’s that he should use the 5 key ? I agree.. then move to the D point

  3. Yolokid Scale Models

    Why does feel like its the chassis of a bmp and the turret of a OSTWIND II

  4. cover the asu in bushes when you play it and be a sneeki breki

  5. *T E N K D A I L Y*

  6. Brighton Barney fun Brighton

    Tik tok is killing me and people it is dump!

  7. Type “subscribe to phly” in an ingame chat every battle!!

  8. Disgusting Milky Water.

    For a moment there, I thought Yt was being dumb again, but then I noticed it was an edit.

  9. WTF is a Whybellwind.

    Seriously, the hell is up with that pronounciation.

  10. 12:43 I just unlocked the ASU, and I already love it 😀

  11. ASU57 video. You said it!

  12. Phly, sometimes you sound like you’re on crack. Keep on keeping on dude

  13. Can someone tell me if this reload rate realistic?

  14. Everybody make another account and resub

  15. Only way Phly gets new subs is the production of human beings… well time to start cloning people.

  16. Whats a P47 Dauntless? Lmao

  17. Where did we just cough up 2k subs? It just was 939K yesterday!

  18. Phly i would sub you 2 times but
    Unfortunately you cant do that on youtube 🙁

  19. Phly: spotes typhoon
    Me: i ain’t see shit!

  20. Jeez phly ty for the visual. Phly daily naked..ohhhh my eyes, ohhhh the humanity

  21. Make this guy get 1 million!

  22. Just want to know what a lizzard fish is……

  23. 3:15

    rare footage of 3 shermans reunited after being kidnapped and sold off to other armies

  24. Get the Russian war thunder community to subscribe!

  25. Only Phans playing WT while naked when???

  26. The Dank WoTB Player

    8:00 I didn’t know you were playing a horror game 🤣

  27. The video starts at 5:00.

  28. his brother is demo ranch…a plug from him is pretty big

  29. Phly never gonna give up, never gonna let us down

  30. He’s gaining subs, because you keep sending us over there. Duh. LOL

  31. 18:05 T14 coming straight back for the revenge kill lol

  32. Don’t give up – maybe try other type of videos – lets say just simply good gameplay (might even be same vehicles for few videos) with explanation why are you taking one or other strategical decisions. Or annoying hight tier players with low tier vehicles etc. Or funny videos – lets say how many players you can convince to drown themselves.

  33. Phly, thanks for recommending Oddbawz!

  34. Phly: this is a no go Also phly: aaaaahhhhhhh

  35. NolanDaily

  36. You should buy a M15GMC from wish i wonder what they will send 😀

  37. He says sub to me even don’t watch my video just sub to me operator drewyusky I am subbed to him for years still don’t know how to pernounce his name

  38. The German vehicle is based on a panzer, and the Chinese one is based on an APC…. Not to mention even the gun is kinda different as well. I think someone else also commented before the Chinese version is an stand-alone APC not really designed to be anti-air in the very first place… It’s Gaijin who added the AA guns onto that thing and make it looks like a copy…

  39. how test all tank ?

  40. Anyone else love how he does little edits at the start of his video?

  41. Epic video

  42. Wiwerblind

  43. Why PG87 load so slow is because the turret doesn’t connect to the hull,it means loaders must pick up the ammunition boxes through the main door then pass them to the people who are in the turret

  44. You’re a great guy

  45. Play the marder. Get them long range yeets

  46. get this legend to 1 mil, and do it fast =)

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