I BROKE The Game, NUTS! | World of Tanks Halloween 2022 Event

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Source: DezGamez

The Craziest and Best Ramming Tank in World of Tanks, The KV-5. World of Tanks 2022 Event Guide, Halloween 2022 Rewards and Game Mode.

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This is what we have been waiting for, this is the best ramming action the game has ever seen!

What do you think?


  1. Works well in the FCM 50t as well. A lot more drifting around buildings and removing someone from the game.

  2. Dez you had same idea as me

  3. Miniaturka: 2137 DMG
    Hehe bo wiecie


    Yoo what no credits and exp income play this mode instead lose credits wtf wg thinking about wot pc player atleast its very very fun, oh well i think wotblizt more likely almost dead game i guess soo that is why they didnt decrese the amout of credits and xp that you can receive in fun mod that were basically the credits and exp work like normal battle but no medal and not affected your personal info,i mean yeah can reach up to 400k credits i guess because that is my highest rewarnd ever for just 9 minutes per battle

  5. So lets make this absoloutly clear. Normally you play and earn credits. But this mode you pay credits to be able to play. and there is WG’s genius move lose credits for pathetic rewards. You can earn bonds and credits in normal game modes. Sure it looks like a fun mode for a change of pace but I am not paying credits to play.

  6. yes its fun but its a gred eater played a few battles but i really dont need them and if i do i can spend my gold on them

  7. With all the timed events that are currently ongoing this particular mode is giving no credits and no exp. Honestly its a waste of time if you continue to play more than a couple of so matches.

  8. Absolutely, I saw a dude in a KV-4 with the same loadout, dude ended with like 15k-18k DMG at the end of the game. It is extremely broken lol.

  9. Not making credits, no BP points, crap rewards, yea, a strong pass from me. Some missions actually require you to buy the abilities in order to complete them, BS.

  10. No remove speed governer???

  11. This gamemode got boring for me after 4 games, incredible wg!

  12. Surprisingly both the FCM 50t and the E 75 TS also are good for this builds

  13. it would be fun to see how the VK 1001P do ramming

  14. XD picture of film for polish people

  15. How to balance this event : make only standard shells free and add battle credit rewards

  16. this event sucks

  17. i think you should drop the extra HP from “hulk” and use the “magic shield” or “recovery” you can use the shield right as you are going in for the ram and then get out of there with the shield still on. or use recover to regen 25% HP every few seconds and also it works like a large repair kit as well so if you use it it will repair tracks or anything else that is broken, can work as a second repair kit.

  18. I tried this in my first battle. Turns out people love the anti ram ability. So, doesn’t work that well

  19. o man im going to play this o yes what do you say nice game movd you did good dezgamez

  20. yo dez a bit off topic but what was your raid clan called again?
    i can’t seem to find the video where you mentioned it

  21. kv5 it’s so gooooooooood

  22. E75ts is a beast in this mode

  23. Love using the O-I with hulk, rammer, and recovery (With the derp obviously)

  24. Can i use VK 168 P

  25. So what is your pick going to be in this mode?
    Enjoying it or not your style?

  26. I’m super disappointed that the cat is not voiced by a cat

  27. anyone else havving purchase problems?

  28. Yes but note you have to use the recovery consumable to get the crew member. And getting top 7 8 times is a bit of a grind for an average player.

  29. overall view on this mode:
    -You have to pay credits to get the abilities
    -everyone is firing full gold
    +all ammo is free and unlimited
    -quests force people to use a specific kit to get progress
    +60km/h KV-5 that takes no ramming damage and can ram kill anything
    -you cant make any profits playing the mode
    -no premium tank to unlock unlike last year’s King Tiger Captured
    -All the maps are just lightly modified Normal maps that will tank your frames with the ammount of visual effects
    -Being set on fire… **constantly** By people spamming the one ability

    Oh boy time to slave away in a horrible game mode for… *checks notes*
    a set of 5 crew members and a set of 2D styles for each, overall not worth the time for the grind required. Would have much preferred a Halloween tank to earn than this garbage.

  30. Amazing how people only do 2k damage.

  31. Ive had a battler where we had 3 teir 8s per team and the last 4 were teir 7

  32. You can put them in M4 54, after buffs it is nice to ger free crew.

    PS: Shrek is OP there. Every game 10K+, EZ missions. Just take Turbo/Gun Rammer/HP. Use special things to have more HP,more DPM and HP regen. Here you go!

  33. dez nieswiadomie sprowadzajacy polakow do komentow

  34. mirny is better mode and this mode rewasrsd are trash!

  35. This is an idiot proof game mode if i say so
    Just using your tank as a bumper car or a plow

  36. the meta right now is kmp 07 rh and lt432 ram builds, they are dominating battles really hard

  37. Hate to tell you my friend, but i already did this half a day before you because NA had it earlier xD

  38. I think that is the idea use all your consumaable s so you have to buy more at full price.

  39. Notice they had to give wheelies there own mode only for them. What does that say about having them in any game mode? This mode is a blast, to bad they ruined it as a credit drain. It would have been nice to see some small rewards every round or two or something to keep it interesting.

  40. Just use LT-432 I did 21k dmg in one game by only ramming xD

  41. I make this in E75 TS, first battle with this setup and i make 11k damage.

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