I Brought a Six Shooter to a Tank Fight (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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I Brought a Six Shooter to a Tank Fight (War Thunder)


  1. Artillery Squad Challenge:

    Create a squad with
    a ” *SPOTTER* – e.g. squeeze boy, M22, or other scout vehicles” and
    ” *ARTILLERIES* – e.g. Sturmpanzer 2, M8, Panzerwerfer or other vehicles with ‘howitzer gun’ which can do *indirect fires* ”

    Then the spotter hides and spots the point of impact, and artilleries keep firing high angle fires to kill enemies and win battles.
    It won’t that easy but you can do it with your squadmates.

    ATTEMPT #2

  2. DA_KING-_-COBRA _

    Attempt #48
    Phly the p38 g/e

  3. 04:14 enough to kill anything that moves


  5. Phly you should take out one of the most challenging tanks to play… the m56 Scorpion. I bet you’ll die more than you kill 🙂 attempt #1

  6. Phly is a Weeb 2k19

  7. Michael Smidotzkiy

    best intros ever!!!

  8. phly can u play German M48?
    I wanna see how ya can play it toxicity

  9. I like the intro. Thank you Phly, very cool!

  10. 바나나우유

    T H I C C, I meant the tank

  11. 縫いぐるみ工房

    Please play Chieftain Mk.10 with HESH!!!

  12. Arthur Veningrad

    i love the T-114 tank in WT, and this tank is the same but with 6 guns, what not to love ?

  13. charioteer charioteer charioteeer

  14. Sentinelus The Dragon King Of Harmony

    Challange time!
    Take the KV-2 and kill at least a single Leopard 2A5 with it’s HE shell.

  15. TheLinkandmarioshow

    I got second hand rage from that conq camping in front of you

  16. Same tanks feature few weeks apart. Loving the Unloved! Jagdpanzer IV, not the L70

  17. Yo Phyl Can you play M3 Bradley ans F100 pls

  18. PHLY: Bring along your friends again (preferably more than 4) but with one or two people in biplanes. After the rest carpet bomb the caps, biplanes land and take them. Win the battle from the air!

    attempt #3

  19. If any play tanktasric 2 RUN
    tanktastic is a tank game there is a lot of tank to play with there are NATO, WARSAW PACT and ASIA
    They’re all cold war tank try it
    P.s. it 480mb tanktastic

  20. What sound mod u use. or sound mods. pls tell me someone they sound beautiful

  21. Phly can you take out the AMX-13 FL-11 please. Never featured it.
    Attempt #13

  22. Charles Cockburn

    Pls play the hampden at 9.0 attempt 39

  23. More anime edits YES

  24. *America 100*

  25. The Antos came in handy for the political bs of ‘nam. When you couldn’t get air or artillery support because you were at a historical sight proclaimed untouchable by some pencil pushers in D.C…..DIRECT-FIRE support, BITCH.

  26. WeebDaily 10/10 would recommend

  27. Richard_A Jackson

    Wut that bmp shot one of his barrel and suddenly all the 6 barrel destroyed?,,, seems realistic

  28. leFRANCAISduSUD le sudiste

    So cancer vehicule this is very not cool for the germans player PLS GAIJIN CREAT A WW2 MODE !!!!!!!

  29. “You’ve yee’d your last haw”

  30. Attempt #14: Out of respect for the Notre Dame ❤️ Bring out the underrated AMX-40, the Mystere, and the Gazelle 342M in TRB ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  31. Show some respect to the Maus.

  32. The thing that would make this better is a western accent

  33. Phly could you pls use the AMX 10 RC

  34. A world where Phly watches Anime is a world set upright on its Keel.

  35. nazer75014 sami

    Use hesh

  36. nazer75014 sami

    It so better a killing tang from the flank and one shooting

  37. nazer75014 sami


  38. Attempt: 2
    Play The Small Boi M22 Locust.

  39. The_Phoenix 1034

    Me: you fucking weeb

  40. Phly sees two mauses…

    Wolfenstain music starts

    Shit is about to go down

  41. You finally learn your own power to make intro…..but you have to be taken down phly cuz thats too much

  42. C O N B O I S

  43. This tank has quick pull trigger I guess XD

  44. This vehicle is actually in North Carolina near camp lejuene

  45. That part of the video where the Ontos was fighting 2 maus tanks felt like a boss fight XD

  46. Too much anime xD

  47. The museum near me has one of these! They’re teeny!

  48. Anonymous Person

    No one:
    PhyDayly: Big iron on his tank

  49. Lieutenant Colonel Shulga

    0:14 expecting the unexpected

  50. Gaming Saba Saba


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