I Build Maybe The Best Worst Tank In History | Sprocket Cursed Gameplay

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Source: PhlyDaily

Today in the world Sprocket I tackle a mission called Dune. With my brain fully pumping I create something so bad it’s good.

I Build Maybe The Best Worst In History | Sprocket Cursed Gameplay


  1. 9:08 “how do we get more depression”

    Play warthunder

  2. I'm ok guys, I've told you too many times already.

    I know what you should call them, “the Level 100 boss”

  3. Man I’ve been trying to decrease depression, not get more

  4. francisco guinle de barros

    “Why is the pen so low? No- no I don’t want that, don’t tell me what to do”
    Daily, Phly, on Soviet superiors revising their project with engineers


  6. I game I do research too

    To increase depression you should make the turret taller to be able to raise the gun breach more to depress the gun, the bigger the caliber the more turret height you need to depress the gun more, due to a bigger breach.

  7. Did you just give Wallee a gun?

  8. I wheezing with phly when he put the heavy mantlet on xD🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Phlee ooga booga gib DCS kontent plz

  10. My god this is hilarious

  11. Idea for that Tank: PH-12 „Dune‘s Obelisk“

  12. Intro music pls?

  13. 9:34 Phly invents tower crane tank for the first time in history…and last hopefully

  14. What the hell is this game?

  15. Ah yes, the AMOG US tank.

  16. Put the trench sponsons on the front and back of ted, that way, no fall over.

  17. Uppgrade this to the elephant from steel batalion

  18. It looks like one of those tanks in Metal Slug but with a longer barrel

  19. Next paaarrrttt

  20. Ted The Tank ftw

  21. Make a legit tank please

  22. next time balance the gun , its the blue line you get, you just needed to make the gun longer or thicker

  23. Michael D. Uchiha90

    Looks like old Star Wars tanks 😅

  24. You built a bad Dalek 😀

  25. 14:59 *”ARTILLERY MODE! ENGAGE!!”* 😀

  26. This is hilarious! It looks like a tank from starwars that I always thought looked derpy! Thanks for the vid!

  27. Looks like the XR-85 from star wars lmao

  28. Background-linger_V

    It looks like a medieval siege towers over engigineerered with tank concepts.

  29. attack On titan But versin 0.1

  30. This is the best game I’ve seen so far

  31. 84m of penetration 🤣

  32. A tank with character, that’s for sure.

    Also looks like a duckling .

  33. his name is wall-E

  34. Watching this reminds me how much I wanted a tank when I was 13… I still kind of want one it’s just now I have no idea which one, it used to be a T34 of all tanks, for some reason.

  35. Go maek a bob semple tank mr.phly

  36. “Exxxxxxxtttterminate! EXxxxxxxxxtttterminate!” Yup, reminds of the dalecks from Dr. Who

  37. Frank the Tank

  38. Pov: German engineering during the end of WW2

  39. TheHellPenguin LordsOfThePenguins

    Is it normal for it to be “Stowage” ? Or is it the UwU factor of the game ?

  40. T(e)D
    Tank (elevated) Destroyer

  41. Exterminate!! Exterminate!!!!

  42. Please can u gift me bundle please am playing war thunder for 4 months and I only have j22B

  43. todays build looks like the kv2s retarded cousin

  44. Prasad Chatur desale

    We all admit warthunder is frustrating but it will always be loved

  45. Damn. The same moment I thought about Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Marvin!) Phly mentioned it. Bruh.

  46. Why does this looks like something out of star wars?

  47. Phly built a literal Metal Slug tank
    You know the Nop-03 Sarubia

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