I Bullied Object 279E, lol | World of Tanks IS-4 Gameplay

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World of Tanks IS-4 (ИС-4). World of Tanks Buffed IS-4 Gameplay, Tier 10 Soviet Russian Heavy Tank aka Poor Man's Object 279E, IS-4 and Equipment Setup.

00:00 Intro
01:20 Plan and Setup
02:00 Announcement
04:10 Announcement Details and
10:46 Results
11:11 Second Setup
11:55 Second Battle
15:38 Third Battle
20:00 Conclusion

The IS-4, one of the oldest heavy tanks in World of Tanks, which started off as a tier 9 actually, but now we can find it from the top of the tech as a tier 10. At first it wasn't the heavy tank, quite weak actually, but after some buffs roughly 1 year ago, it turned into quite a powerhouse!

What do you think?


  1. So which Russian heavy tank is your favorite in the game, let me know? 😉
    Good luck in yet another giveaway and have an absolutely fantastic weekend, Beasts.. Much love!
    Here are video chapters for your viewing pleasure:
    00:00 Intro
    01:20 Plan and Setup
    02:00 Announcement
    04:10 Announcement Details and First Battle
    10:46 Results
    11:11 Second Setup
    11:55 Second Battle
    15:38 Third Battle
    20:00 Conclusion

  2. first was IS-3 ,one of the best tanks,but now Obj. 277.
    EU Djukaaa10

  3. obj 277

  4. Fr3akyF3ak , EU , i love the kv2 tbh 🙂 the durp gun is amazing

  5. IS-4 is my favorite!

  6. KV-4 kresl

  7. is-3 the beast

  8. Obj. 430U
    EU server

  9. It’s close between the IS-7 and IS-4, but I prefer the IS-7 (I still really like and play with both).
    Noctant, EU server

  10. My only heavy is a King Tiger (C) won last week. I don’t really play heavies, prefer tds

  11. is-4 is good
    Name: ccorpse
    Server: eu

  12. I like obj.277 because he is very easy thank to play for someone who just start.

  13. So basically I really enjoyed playing lower tier heavies, and IS and IS3 are really good. Nick: ors98 eu server

  14. Is 6 looks nice and is a classic.
    EU bikki1307

  15. IS3 Dzsoto EU

  16. KV-2 was fun and is sometimes even now.
    KrumSIm EU

  17. Considering I didn’t grind the Russian tech tree all that much, just the KV-2, Obj 277 and T-44, and also bought the IS-6B for bonds, I’d have to go with KV-2 as my favourite simply because of the memes

    Username: GregoryDudeBro
    Server: EU

  18. I love 279(e), a beautiful meme tank.
    I play on EU server and my username is m0a0yWOT

  19. KV2 is my favourite russian tank period. User: L0n3Gr3yW0lf Server: EU

  20. Is 7 :))
    Eu – s4zorker

  21. It has to be the KV1 with the U11 122mm gun with HE, The rework to HE changed it a little but it is still such a glorious setup, Kv2 has it moments but not as great as the KV1.
    Asia server.

  22. Poor guy in his rigged 279e ;-p


  23. KV-5 of course! RAM RAM RAM

  24. I like obj 277 . ZeroCcool EU server

  25. I prefer my lovely Obj. 277 for its mobility.

  26. Is4 for ever.

    Maschinenkanone, EU.

  27. The IS-4 is my first Tier X Tank literally my first , and im slaying with it, now some light has been shone to the Lovely IS-4, glad you see its brilliance.

    SEA/APAC Server

  28. IS-4 drbayo EU Server

  29. Obj 279 i like The tank
    Username: bubu_390
    Server: Eu

  30. I had nearly 70% WR in the IS-M. This tank really surprised me. Its a side scraping god.
    Username: MACLE0D
    Server: EU

  31. Soviet armour is so efficient in this game. Unfortunately, they did not incorporated the disadvantage of such designs: small space for the crew and thereby less efficiency of each crewman.

  32. u can shot IS-4 in upper plate with gold ammo and pen him every time and when he is side scraping u can shoot him in the side plate

  33. Overall current? The ST-I. It’s basically tier 10. Love the turret, Red_Antler, NA

  34. is-4
    nikkei123 EU

  35. Old dependable IS-4. Got it just days before it was moved to tier 10.
    Waff, EU

  36. My favorite Is definitely Obj. 140 :))
    EU radimekk18

  37. My favourite is IS-3-II 😀 Good mobility, decent armor and you can always finish enemy with double shot 🙂 awesome tank.
    MarYanOooo; EU

  38. IGN: Zeex10v
    Server : EU
    Russian Heavy 705 / 705a tho i am now grinding the 277 line having played with that in team clash

  39. For tier 10 it depends on the map for which tank I prefer. Overall though the tier 9 705 is my favorite Russian heavy
    NA – Greenemamba

  40. I really would like to have the is-7 I am still grinding up the tree

  41. Newer player so don’t have a lot of experience, but so far I’m really enjoying the IS heading for the IS-7.


  42. My prefered heavium is T-10.
    DarthMuffin NA

  43. My Fav. is actually the Is4, sidescraping with this beast is just too much fun 😀

  44. My favorite (and only) heavy tiers 10 russian Heavy is Obj 277

  45. My Favorite russian heavy tank is the T10. Great mobility, the IS4 Gun and perfekt to play hull down. In the current meta it is a very great Tank !
    username: artir991
    EU Server

  46. i used to like is-7 but now you’ve shown us what an is-4 is capable of…..now im changing my mind hehehe….
    your avid fan here in the philippines….
    dmar-sea server….

  47. 705a great armor, and really nice alpha damage. I also like is4 really good armor nice gun. But 705a the best. Nick: coffyy

  48. 277 is my favourite tank high mobility nice gun


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