I Came Insanely Close to Catalysing an Incredible Game

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Sure you did. I came closer

  2. Hey – it’s “”Superman RUSH “”
    ; P

  3. tips for grinding a stock cromwell? its horrible

    • Not Lemming but you can just bum rush people and circle them to victory, and try to not be the first tank in

    • Matt K wolf pack with at least one other tank. The speed makes the tank great at top tier the armor makes it shot at bottom. Bottom tier I play it like a big light.

    • free xp

    • use the speed and binoculars to spot for teammates, flank, and position well. The engines and track are research priority. the stock 2 pounder (or 6 pounder I don’t remember which one it is) is still useful if you flank your enemies, but speed is your first priority. Aside form that, 2x XP bonuses and weekend bonuses can help get through the shit tanks and stock stuff. Saving free XP for bad grinds and modules is also a good idea.

  4. I read recently that WG are going to be introducing a new Tier VIII British Premium that is going to be a light tank.

    FV1107 I believe. Looks interesting, has a rear mounted turret. Just curious if you have any thought on this.

    Personally I am looking forward to the full introduction of a British light line. Curious as to whether the Scorpion 76 and 90 will be the respective Tier IX and X in the tree.

  5. Yo LEM – you are a VERY VERY GOOD player , I like to watch you execute pubies and any other players tanks on World of Tanks.
    (any news on the job in France?)

  6. I never have good look with the comet it gets ammo racked to easy but its dpm is op

  7. A match not in a Chinese medium with a three skill crew? WGing pay you to advertise some Shitish Light Tanks?

  8. I always sucked at wot kinda… capped out with like 1.8k recents… I got tired of it and quit about 8 months ago. Is it worth returning? Is it better?

  9. E 25 is OP.

  10. Well played. But really I’m just here to see you blame your 150 ping.

    • The sad thing is, WG FUCKED UP THEIR SERVERS!! I used to have ping 30-50, now it is 100-150. They rither screwed up or koved servers further.

    • the presence of fealuthical mammals on this earth troubles me

      +Matej Velican I think it’s your internet/location man. The reason LemmingRush has such a high ping is because he’s playing on EU servers despite living in the US.

  11. Just played a game with 3 arty, Tier 6 highest tier. IT was just so stupid most tanks were mediums or TDs, Arty killed most of the players, if you weren’t huddling behind a rock you just got pummeled. Was one of the least fun games I ever played.

  12. *I Came*

  13. You look like Ben from parks and rec, great video btw 🙂

  14. That WAS Awesome, lol and in a comet.. well done. 🙂

  15. Comet is a really nice tank you can shred people with that dpm especially in late game when you can take a hit also the snapshotting on this vehicle is insane it’s almost like its always aimed in

  16. “All planned”. I laughed out loud

  17. well played Lemming. I personally hated every game I ever played in the Comet, but you did more than almost anyone else could have done in that game. The what if I took that hit question is best left unanswered, for all you know the strv could have team killed you or pushed you into fire. It’s best to not ask yourself that sort of question.

  18. You forgot to mention that this is QBs favorite tank. 🙂

  19. Hey Lemming, I was wondering, why not collab with another content creator like Circon or shishx again? Also can you critique a game from Taugrim, he’s also an extremely skilled player, but his play style is very different from yours so I’d like to know how you feel about his playstyle

    • This guy is an elitist and thinks hes far better than them….Hes not though..I doubt his ego would allow him to do that..

  20. y u no play NA tho?

  21. youve been seeing things way out of reality lately, almost win way closer than you thought, yesterday, you didnt do much and claimed to have carried even though your team was up on kills whole battle while you had no kills and sitting way out of danger, while most others taking hits, just check your ego man its could be destructive to you someday, definitely dont bring it out in the real world little guy

  22. That witless AMD178B was me, but hey we won. Salute

  23. As a comet player with 3 marks, I absolutely love this tank. It’s dpm is great, the gun depression is good, the mobility is decent it can fight tier 9 effectively the down side is the AP pen but who cares, click 2 and spam away

  24. i like this map?

  25. You barrel rolled and still survived?!? Unicum RNG right there.

  26. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Wonderfull game, this comet is really a very confortable vehicle to play with. And, you played it very well.

  27. I like your vids man but your laugh hurts my soul.

  28. Can you make a video on how to roll your tank sideways down a hill and not explode?

  29. why is it always airfield lol
    This company cannot design maps if their life depended on it. how is this possible that they get almost no maps right

    • Andrea Gasperetti

      wood1155 they are too busy creating premium tanks and doing anything that makes them get more money. Most maps are too small and too many maps are corridor maps, where 80% of the map is suicide.

  30. What maps did you block?

  31. How skilled was LR’s team? How skilled was the enemy team? Did LR actually almost make a great comeback against a good team? Or was it just his tomatoes died en masse first, then the enemy tomatoes died en masse? We’ll never know because LR is too afraid to use xvm for his replays (which would show us the individual players actual skill levels…) (Also, farming damage at end of game is not ‘insanely close’ to doing anything…)

  32. Awesome resistance to the bitter end

  33. Thanks for uploading a loss, it just shows how real you are! Great game

  34. Louis Mcpherson

    Lemming with the phat science terminology… oof

  35. Paris and that chinese shitmap…

  36. This tank literally screams “comet me bro”.

  37. “All planned”: that’s just unicum skill at play people, nothing else to see there

  38. Konstantinos Kalogeras

    Step 1
    Press like
    Step 2
    Watch the video
    Step 3
    Complain about NOT ENOUGH LIVE STREAMS

  39. WOT in 2019


    But hey Wargaming will never fix their game until they are bleeding players

  40. very nice. I’m very often bottom tier in this tank. The low alpha is not the problem instead of the low pen. The Cromwell is at tier 6 and has the same penetration. I think this tank sucks.

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