I can finally retire from War Thunder | TUNNEL RUN MULTI-KILL

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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. Day 342: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  2. time to become a WOT youtuber phly

  3. Great video Phly!

  4. maximino morgado

    love 4 u phly

  5. Way to go Phly!

  6. He has ascended!

  7. Mr. Dahly, is there any possibility you could take the tiger 2 105 out? That would be epic

  8. SpaceCowboyMugen

    War Tinder was the only game I felt that game chat was more beneficial than it was toxic or negative. Sure ppl say dumb stuff, but compared to games like LoL, Rocket League, etc chat gets really really toxic over the smallest of things

  9. PE-8 tunnel bomb toss almost impossible. Future challenge I hope

  10. Patrick Doolittle


  11. Arby's And teh chief

    you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. *guitar solo*

  12. highest pen conventional shell is on object 279

  13. you cheered me up I my worst time

  14. take care

  15. Do the roar

  16. As the Jagdtiger was the pinnacle of dedicated tank destroyers, this was a worthy video.
    I don’t hope you’re retiring but if so, have a happy life.
    (and curse you, I started this game because of you! xD)

  17. Chat came back around 15 May 2022. However, if you double write within 20-50 seconds, you get chat spam? Almost as lame, but progress.

  18. Congrats Phly! Awesome tunnel run. Concur with Hydro, Phly is the War Thunder Legend!

  19. phly you should play the BMP-2M it got a full APDFS belt and was only put at 9.3

  20. Didn’t he drop bombs on his own teammates as well?

  21. Retire? I give it a week


    Miss you brother

  23. I have been lucky enough to see this monster at the Bovington Tank Museum

  24. 14:24 that’s what a new prisoner think of what would happen inside the jail

  25. I unstall warthunder when phly retire

  26. You sir are legend’ph

  27. EEE Point Defender

    Ah man… Phly… we are gonna miss you! Good luck! WE LOVE YOU MAN!

  28. Carter Campbell

    9:45, be honest Phlydaddy, were you keeping it down for Banks?

  29. dragon slayer95

    Are you actually retiring though fr??

  30. Mission passed + respect XD Nice one Phly!!!

  31. Almost have this tank unlocked

  32. Toxic-F14_JollyRoger

    Gonna miss you fly!

  33. i’ve been wondering if i should get the crew train for the zsd63 or purchase the phong khong t34 but i also have to purchase the crew. i only have 169k sl so im not sure

  34. Well. Now I have to 1 up you and do a tunnel run with a b-17 lol

  35. The highest pen conventinal round goes to the OBJ 279 with 363mm of pen with aphe (WTAF_

  36. Good luck on retirement you are the reason I will keep playing warthunder to just be like you

  37. my most used tank destroyer

  38. thank you phly for your serve at war thunder, now you will be getting medal of honor.

  39. RichPandaGaming

    you really gonna retire?

  40. Maarten Fransen

    How the hell is your Jagdtiger 6.7? Mine is 7.3 lol

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