I Can’t Believed This Actually Worked So Well | IS-2 Shenanigans (War Thunder)

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I Can’t Believed This Actually Worked So Well | -2 Shenanigans (War Thunder)


  1. Its been long without playing the russian vodka launcher kv2 attempt#55


    ever since the bomb nerf bombs do nothing, like absolutely nothing, especially the German bombs, which in the first place typically did less damage than the american equivalents.

  3. Next level play

  4. Well phly I tried it and yes it works???
    And I do t have the 6 bushes as you!

  5. U want to tell me that u didt know u can pen panther front plate with is2?

  6. What name of the memes weeeeeeee that??

  7. Lmao I used to go backwards using the reserve Japanese tank cuz the most armor on them is the damn engine sadly its slow

  8. Hans : Is that British Archer with bushes?
    Bush : …
    *Hans Shoot
    *IS-2 X-ray appeared

  9. Put the bushes on the tiny tank from the Italians see if you can make a moving bush with a gun

  10. *Russian archer*

  11. i just finished watching his older IS-2 vid earlier today and now this comes out.

  12. Dude Phly, you can shoot the hull of a Panther with any gun that has over 200mm of pen. You’re going to give me an aneurism

  13. That’s just like an Archer with extra steps

  14. *Plays WoT IS-M in Warthunder ;p

  15. The IS-2 can penetrate the upper-front plate of a Panther from a fair distance away. It was kind of painful watching you aim for the turret and miss out on the easy one-shot. The only Panther you might have trouble with while using a 122 is the Panther II.

  16. That thicc stalinuim ass!

  17. Sneaky breaky russian strategy


  19. Reeevenge is on display. Triggered ramming commences. Salt accumulates, snow melts

  20. Challenge: Load max ammo on the M56 Scorpion and use the tank itself as a HESH round
    (drive up next to enemy tank and when you die, you explode the tank you’re next to)

  21. I laughed so much that a fart came out from my ass

  22. Imperial Shocktrooper

    Now presenting: the IS-2SH.

  23. fixes bush on rear
    bush catches fire due to engine heat
    enemy sees flaming tank coming towards him
    “fuck this im out”

  24. I still dont know that rushing ?️ song

  25. phly did you manscape to get extra bushes on your tank?

  26. toninjo_pikinjo sti

    Good video and a good tactic now i will use it

  27. See a bush tank charge I am German yah!!!!!

  28. There is an IS proposal to have a back mounted turret like this (engine at the front). Its called is-2sh

  29. Now do it using the Panther. (all Panthers allowed except Panther II)
    Edit: Or the Ru 251

  30. Phly, you just made the IS-M using an IS-2

    Sometimes you really amaze me

  31. 5:47 copyrights claimed by soviet russia, no monetization available

  32. 5:43 the song phly singing isnt the “7e compagnie” a old humorous french film about the ww2 ? ?

  33. *I think an IS-2 wannabe like this tank though, the Object 705.*

  34. 4:17 My man Phly’s laughing like the Joker lmao

  35. Talk about back bush

  36. I can relate with the panther at the beginning.

  37. I just really’ve come to think that bombs were silently nerfed. I personally find that it’s really hard to get kills now and that scene at 7:32 works as a great example.

  38. I use bushes no matter what. I have them why not? I catch a lot of crap and veh ramming from friendlies but I works a lot of the time. sometimes that split second they are saying,”wtf” is all I needed to finish my reload.

  39. Daddy, chill out

  40. A meme is born

  41. Shoot upper plate phly, panther front is weak from 122mm

  42. Ah yes, the Russian Archer

  43. Reverse IS-2 = Merkava tank
    Both have the engine in the front and the crew e.t.c. protected in the back.

  44. y does he always shoot for the panther’s turret and get a crit…he can pen its front plate !!!

  45. When the M4A3E2 (76) is at 6.0 but the IS-2 which is better in every way is at 5.7…………

  46. Ibara No Kaminari Rex

    Lel i play allways like this with is

  47. Looks like fcking pubes mate

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