I Despise This Tank

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Source: Spookston

It’s a running gag that I’m not a fan of British tanks in War Thunder, though I’ve played a few heavy tanks recently that were quite good. The Conqueror is pretty much the exact opposite. It was supposed to counter Soviet vehicles like the IS-3, but in WT it has abysmal damage paired with a long reload rate. Once again sabot / APDS lets me down.

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Various Command and Conquer: Generals tracks

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I Despise This Tank


  1. Edited by killerofal
    and no I don’t put milk in my tea, I drink it in the traditional american way (microwaved or cold)

  2. @DariuszBabiszkiewicz

    Hi Spookston you should play the sovier t-28

  3. Spookston playing my current pain simulator tank? oh now I need to see him oiled up

  4. Day 1 of asking if you can play the amx 30

  5. Day 1 asking to try the Hungarian subtree

  6. Ratel 20 plssss

  7. i do bet he pours the milk first

  8. Come for the suffering, stay for the edits. 4:31 had me laughing out loud.

  9. Day 1 of asking spookston to play the Panzerbefhlswagen VI P or basically porche Tiger in rank 4

  10. you should totally play the ebr

  11. Wish spookston would give the AVRE a proper video. Maybe even try using the pointless trenching mechanic

  12. Could you play the SK105? I overlooked this tank for a long time but it’s very quickly become one of my favorites, it’s pretty fast and has a 4s reload with sabot and gen 2/3 thermals, it doesn’t have a stabilizer but the armor is cheeky and can bounce large caliber shells sometimes

  13. The Long reload to do unreliable damage just kills this tank for me.

    That and being overpressured through the Commander cupola by anything explosive

  14. Id like to see you suffer with the t30 (btw love ur vids keep up the work)

  15. day 2 of asking spookston to play the BTR-80A

  16. he’s finally hit the “I’ve played for so long i dont how to play anymore “

  17. @marlenacooper3165

    Day 86 of asking Spookston to play the t-35

  18. Seeing the first shot in the video go straight through and simply hurt the driver was painful.

  19. @ObligedOrca9161

    tbh I have no idea how sabot performs so badly for you, I one-shot nearly always with this, I’ve gotten way more nukes in the Conq than anything else

  20. For fuck sakes gaijin needs to fix apds bruh

  21. use besh

  22. Play the firefly, stop torturing me please

  23. @oculusangelicus8978

    Oh yeah, the upper plate of a Leopard 1 and totally shatter a APDS round on impact….yeah physics can go to hell, right? It can totally happen, the same as a T-34 withstand a HESH round to the Turret too! what a bunch of crap, physics does not change and unless the round being fired out of your barrel was immersed in liquid nitrogen just before firing, there’s no way a WW2 tank is going to withstand an APDS round! This game is on the same level as World of Tanks regarding the BS game physics. All Russian tanks have an automatic advantage simply because they are Russian, but in reality, the engineering behind them is deeply flawed and there is virtually zero survivability in them, because Russians do not care about their conscript army. and the things they report about their tanks are mostly from laboratory conditions, not real-world battlefield conditions, plus reliability of Russian tanks is so low they are lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon wheel rut. Beside the Chobham armor of the Abrams and Challenger tanks is not vulnerable to Russian weapons unless they can get a downward shot in the upper hull, which means anti-tank missiles regular rounds have an extremely hard time penetrating Chobham armor. Russia has no answer for Chobham. even the extra long APFSDS rounds they made to deal with the Turret armor on the Leopard tanks Chobham brushes it off like so much dust.

  24. @pedrosanciny6345

    So many years of development and updates and this game still sucks so much. But yeah, at least we have dozer blades.

  25. @templarrhubyx1095

    I’m so happy I got to see Spookston play my favorite vehicle, but I’m so sad he got shafted with so many of his shots. I love the Conqueror so much, thanks Spookston for giving it a go and not just waving it off because it uses APDS and because it’s British.

  26. Play the Russian T-28

  27. I just finished grinding this thing a few weeks ago and I totally agree. It should either have a shorter reload, like for this amount of damage even 10 would be fine or do a massive damage when hitting something

    • Sabot is a very good round, he is just shooting in the wrong spots. A 10 second realod would be insane for a 120mm in ww2

  28. No APDS is not good, it seems like it depends on the gun but APDS is sht right now

  29. Just wondering, but why don’t you bring mixed shell types? Like say 12 APDS and 8 HESH, instead of only 20 APDS or HESH.

  30. @bananabatsy3708

    Centurion Mk.10 is a better tank in the same BR. Can brawl, quick enough reload and same 60deg penetration as the conqueror.

  31. if only sabot will ever be made viable again. it doesn’t make sense why it is so bad.

  32. just researching this using conway mk3, also just sabot, but this one works quite well, yes ofc sometimes its retarded just because its sabot, but on 7.0 with the same pen and 3s less reload its surprisingly very good. Idk how I enjoy it tho, i usually hate tanks like this, but this wasnt the case

  33. (I bet he pours the milk first) Yeah well he’s a gay furry so probably.

  34. @bismarkeugen6881

    HESH is Besh.

  35. @vyacheslavko8204

    Everyone are so polite in their comments. The game is blatantly anti-British. Perhaps should be expected from Russian propaganda product. And that is the simple explanation.

  36. @corsairsofnarshaddaa

    I straight up abandoned Brits above 5.3. Why get pissed off watching shell after shell fail, when I can actually have fun in _any_ other nation’s TT?

  37. Ironic that sabot got a buff with more spall, at least to my knowledge playing the leopard 1 and M48.

  38. @sashingopaul3111

    4:53 there is a 120mm with full AP – the M103 and it shreds everything at 7.7

  39. @ThatRandomEstonian

    “lets see if we can take out the M901”

    (it was an m109)

  40. I think the shatter was because you partially shot through the gun barrel of the wreck next to you.

  41. Based tea drinker

  42. @dave.g.nowitzki4897

    nice vid
    gotta love the command an conquer generals zero hour soundtrack !

  43. Please do the Jagtiger

  44. I have an idea.. How about using HESH ? They’re not as bad as people say. It’s good when your APDS doesn’t work. If you manage to reload before getting killed.

  45. Day 113 of asking spookston to play the t-35

  46. Spookston is a fellow Kentucky ballistics viewer??????

  47. @TheRealBloonarius

    ouR TABle

  48. Please play the FV4005

  49. @matthewbaldwin4156

    the shell shattered on the leopard 1 because as you shot the APDS round hit the dead tanks barrel in front of you

  50. skill issue

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