I did 9200 Damage in 5 Minutes – With Reaction – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. lemming has certainly beaten the NA difficulty of WOT

  2. Well if you have such a hard time on EU youre obviously just a bad player and a puppy


    I have some rough days myself especially during events when the ba players are getting out of their graves but mostly i still do my over 3k wn8

  3. Gtfo

    Sure it is a good result but

    I am fairly surprised no one ever saw my 7.7k dmg in less than 4 minutes:/

    Sry about salt/toxicity but i am a bit triggered

    “Like my wn8 is so low compared to many players but no one gave a fuck about my game”

  4. No ace tanker because you probably were not spotting the tanks you were shooting, other people were pushing and spotting, whole you were leeching damage.

  5. Jorden Benjamins

    Squeaking chair ! 😀

  6. Rupert Soravilla


  7. I LOVE YOU! UPLOAD MORE PLEASE! I’ve been getting so much better at WOT because I learn so much from your videos!!

  8. IT’S OVER 9000 !!!!

  9. Another op tank… crazy dpm.

  10. Rastislav Chynoransky

    I believe very first game with every tank you get the easiest game (almost always top tier and n00bs on the other side). Not that I ever used it to my benefit LIKE THAT !

  11. Dude your just insane your Videos helped me alot to get better and better 😀

  12. What a way to be welcomed back to NA.

  13. Great game man. Stars lined up perfectly. Dunno what the enemy batchat was doing in your base at the beginning, probably got too excited when he saw you

  14. Mark Mendoza Hernandez

    Those edgy chuckles though.

  15. Nice!!

  16. That was the easiest 9k damage game I’ve ever seen lol

  17. What a game…insane alpha dmg tho !!! This tank is sick !
    Hugs from Hellfest dude 🙂

  18. TheTiredBobcat6222

    My bid is going to be on the M60 for my part. I like the mobility and gun stats for the tank imo 🙂

  19. not taking anything away from you as it was a great game but the standard of player in that game was awful, it was like you were invisible to every tank on the other team. anyway well played great game.

  20. Domagoj Lovosevic

    6:04 ahahhahahahhahahHa Lemming getting happy GG mate😂😂

  21. I couldn’t hear his reaction because of that squeaky ass chair…..lol!

  22. When im in a (Tier 9) batchat on this map i usually don’t go to the 1 line because the weak armor and autoloader (+pretty poor gun depression) makes it difficult to fight the ridge. Like i would expect to meet the patton, amx 50 100, centurion and maybe conqueror or t26e5. And as you say you can’t just run away if you lose that side. I usually go to D7 or G6 to spot in the beginning, especially in games like this with no light tank, and then try to flank in through the middle or the inner side of the 8-line.

    Is this a mistake on my part or decent strategy? I found it’s what works best for me but maybe im just shit at playing the 1-line. I’m a blueberry player in my recent 3000 games with 56-57% winrate and 2200-2400 wn8.

    Thanks for the great content!

  23. Id love to see this 8 000 WN8 on the tank, dont play abymorr with it and keep the stats ♡

  24. Bartolomew Chevalier

    This shit has sick gun handling, almost Patton like

  25. tbh.. who is still playing this rigged Money grab BS ? hopefully in reallive you make the same ” score ” in Job , Family or studies 🙂

  26. Is the DPM trade for gun stats + APCR as standard worth it? Cause seems like it

  27. So like the t-22 médium, don’t play it anymore

  28. This tank is absurdly difficult to ace at the moment. Have fun trying to 3-mark it.

  29. Wow, what a game! Come back to NA! I had given up on getting the 121, but this game makes me want to reconsider using my free XP on it.

  30. Your clan name makes me laugh so hard, xD, MAHOU is a spanish beer.
    I don’t know if they sell it in other countries, maybe thats from where you got the name ?

  31. Quentin Retourné

    Squeaky chair!! ❤

  32. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    Jesus fuck, how are you hitting all these shots? I’m rarely ever play my 121B because it’s the derpiest TX thing in my garage. Soo jealous. 😀

  33. Hasel Nutcracker

    damn wp

  34. Top 10 Anime Fights and Betrayals

  35. Gj…well he had a fun game lol

  36. Warren Pinkerton

    Looks like a full review of the 121b might be in order.

  37. So I dont understand,was that a live commentary or not?

  38. Wow that’s a lot…

  39. WoW!!!! One sweet game LR. That may be your next T-62a? Great day what a game!!

  40. Great replay. the reaction was priceless.

  41. wow, great job!

  42. “WHAT THE FUCK!?” – LemmingRush Best Commentary 2018

  43. is this tank just a better, actually armored leo???? jesus wg i know you like your powercreep but come on….

  44. That was impressive.

  45. EU prepared you for this

  46. InconnuGlitterBoy

    It is amazing how one can make science out of a ROFLstomp, especially with this matchmaking.

  47. James The Archaic One

    So, now you retire 121B with 9K average damage, legit

  48. mfw even after almost 50k games, i’ve never even had a 7k game… 🙁

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