I Did It Wrong All This Time!!! ELC EVEN 90 French Premium Light Tank World of Tanks

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Source: Sir Havoc

I love the ELC Even 90, and I see all these camo fits and scout fits, The ELC is already a master of camo and scouting but it lacks in the gun department, well, I set out to fix that!!


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  1. I am giving different fits ago in 2.0 and I went on a tangent with the ELC EVEN 90 and I fell upon my new favourite offensive / scouting fit!!! awesome!!

  2. Hmmm, try this with the T49 with the 152mm gun.

  3. Good stuff, great build. My Camo ELC build was just to improve the max camo + view range ratio to the max, to be invisible all the time, while moving out in the open, because most of the tanks LTs can be hidden in the bushes + it also counters EBRs better that way! 😛 And you know, what is already supper good, gets booster even more, which is nice, but working on the gun is also fun, did test it out before as well.
    Anyway, randomly popped up in my feed, didn’t know you are back, but happy to see you making some WoT content again, it has been years, my friend! 😉

    • Good stuff Dez, glad to see you are watching other youtubers as well. You video about the camo build was hella fun, tried it and LOVED it as well.

    • Hey Dez, good to see, you , yeah the first two builds i did were the two you did, i like 2.0 i think its gonna make us think our fits out. good to see you man

  4. The Raging Tanker

    I use mine as a pure scout! I try to only fire my gun when I see low health tanks that I can one shot or if I can break through and kill enemy arty. Have gotten several patrol duty awards with it! Also I don’t use mods. Vanilla is how I play!
    Basically I play this like I played my Chaffee back when it got into tier 10 games!

    • i remember when scouts were plus 4 too, I think the pure scout fit you will be able to do with this will really suit your play RT, esecpail with designated target and the improved radio, giving 18 seconds spotting time, I think you will really own in that fit

  5. I’ve been using Vents, Stabilizer and Net since I got mine…. 2.66 Aim Time, 406m VR, ,35 Dispersion, 45.46% Camo…. BiA Crew with 6th, Snap, and Smooth for 2nd Skills with Sit Aware on the Commander and Camo on the other 2 Crew at 72% Currently, I used my 13/75 Crew for it…. Hardly Drive it anymore with Teams being what they’ve been Lately, but this is how mine’s been Set Up since I got it…

    And the End Results…

    I’ve only Played a Whopping 38 Games in it because the Teams have Slid so Far back to Novice territory it’s more Frustrating than Fun anymore, I actually Drive the 13/75 MORE than I do this… Those are the Top 2 in my Even I think, they were alotta Fun when they Happened, but I just can’t Drag it Back Out with things as they are…. Only Other Good Game I had in it was a 2800 Assisted on Mountain Pass that I don’t think I have a Video for, just the Finals…

    It IS a Fun Tank, there’s no Denying that, but it’s not an EASY Tank especially with the way the Game is Shifting lately…. I Might have to get it out one day again, but I need the Right Mindset for it and the Game just isn’t Helping lately… Glad to see you’re Back too by the Way, Hope you Stay this time…. 🙂

    • i just cahnged my fit on eu server to improved vents, improved stabilizer and optics, bloody thing is an animal, i been swotting wheeled vehicles with it, i had an EBR 75 Fl come at me took the firsty two shells then didnt hang around to take the third, I am offensive player I scout but I also like to do safe damage and the gun has prevented me from doing that, now I am finding this is a very competent damage dealer

    • Should really change out something for optics. You need to get over 445 view range on this thing

  6. Hi! Nice to see you back… I haven’t tested it, but wouldn’t it be better to switch the vertical stabilizer with the new improved aiming unit? The improved vertical stabilizer doesn’t get any bonus beeing in the right slot, or doesn’t it matter?

    • sadly thats a mobility slot, so it wouldnt benfit the vert or improved aiming
      would be really nice if it had a relevant slot

    • @Sir Havoc Oh yes! That’s right! Couldn’t remember what the sign was for… Thanks… 🙂

  7. I use my HT/MT as anti-artillery with “spall liners” that protect the crew from injuries and HE explosions. At least, I used to.

  8. I just bought the Lansen C with the same problem. I went vert., egld, and vents and the gun handling jumped up dramatically. I keep food and directives in reserve. It is giving my Progetto 46 a run for the money for my #1 tank.
    Thanks for coming to NA 5th anniversary.

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