I Didn’t Expect MORE Buffs/Nerfs! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks is making huge to tonnes of tanks! Here's all the details!



  1. No buff for the pershing yet ?

  2. The average human has a horsepower/ton ratio of 1.6 hp/t.

  3. As long as WG does throw tomatos and unicums into one battle they do not try to balance their game in the least. It is just faking to do something about it.

  4. I have to disagree on the penetration buff for the M4A3E8.
    First of all: 128mm is pretty much fine meeting most of T6 and T7 tanks. Obviously you will struggle against T8 tanks but those are 2 tiers higher. Against T4 and T3 tanks its definetly fine.
    The tank is quick, has good soft stats (for a T6 tank) and great gun depression. Those positives give you the opportunity to make shots many other T6 cant do and that way you can chew through enemy HP if you get their sides.

    If you buff its penetration to an amount where you can easily penetrate most tanks you meet frontally you are taking away a nice and interesting limitation of the tank. Those limitations can breed into interesting and challenging playstiles that i myself seek. I dont want to play hulldown simulator in every game and thats why i need those tanks to loosen up my gameplay.


  6. Wargameing: “Ok, lets see E 25? Thats fine. LeafBlower? Working as intended. Type 64? Good to go. Wait…. Whats this? People are playing Boogie and T67? But those are free tanks! We must nurf them immediately!”

  7. i’ve stopped playing for almost 6 months now (after 10years… nothing personal or against the game, but i believe i simply got saturated), but i’m still watching your videos.

  8. Kagton Blackmoon

    I agree, good changes all around. Easy 8 could use about 10 more pen on standard and 20-30 on premium rounds.

  9. Another patch, another lack of buffs for the 30B, 113, and the T62-A, but who cares about THEM right?

  10. Republic of Texas

    Until they do the blatantly overpowered reward tanks I will be pissed. Tier 10 is so broken and they are worried about tweaking tier 5 and 6 tanks?! Inexcusable!

  11. I love how out of all the Tier 8 TDs, the American T28 (my dear sweet T28) is the best performing non-premium TD on the list with a win rate of 49.59%. With a win rate like that it is, by all intents and purposes, perfectly balanced.

  12. Just got the t25, the best part about that paper tabk that does 100 damage a shot was its reload. So very very glad it got nerfed wow

  13. The Fury and Thunderbolt VII could use the same buffs. And just as QB said, penetration buff for the E8 (and Fury and Thunderbolt) which would also help the Jumbo.

  14. tvp vtu needs a new autoloader gun

  15. can’t wait to see how they fail to nerf t-34-1. Using the small gun

  16. Evildarke Evildark

    I mean this is a joke.. okey they nerfing some tank.. but the premium ones just eat them alive -,- imagine going up on the tree from 0 and you meet for example the french M10 RBFM and now they nerf the t67 its a joke aredy.. now they cant even do anything lol some balance are just out of hand atm.. even if its fine its not..

  17. These nerfs will just produce a larger divide between over powered premium/reward tanks and tech tree tanks.,

  18. I like that WG are finally starting to address the balancing issues the game obviously has. Keep going!
    Its a good thing to make seal clubbing less attractive.
    Although I love my T29, I support anything that will improve the gaming experience.

  19. French TD buffs and nerfs to tanks not in the tech tree… Wonder if we could actually possibly see buffs to Foch 155 finally?
    It doesn’t need much, a change to 4sec intra clip (would increase dpm a tiny bit too) with slightly faster aim time is all to take it from absolute shit to useable i think.
    Either that or a

  20. Quicky Baby had his first senior moment. Without further review….er…to do. Nope on both. It’s, without further ado.

  21. They made the problems and just fiddle around at the edges to make it look like they are doing something.
    A casual player is “NEVER” going to compete with a “seal clubber”! Why? Gold, field mods, directives, $MONEY! None of my tanks have “ANY” field mods, or any of the op mods, and after being away for some years, coming back things have got starkly worse for us casuals.
    My advice to anyone starting out with this “imbalanced mess” would be. Forget the tech tree, just go buy a couple of the “OP PREMIUMS”.
    The easy8 was a good tank, it’s just power creep that’s f**cked it over, as with most tech tree tanks, if WG were serious they would rip the whole lot up and start from scratch!

  22. All my favourite tanks, thx WG

  23. next time paste a link to patchnote site in description or i will ban you, whats wrong with you?????

  24. T40?….. Noooooo! Ok…..Nerf the howitzer…. And don’t forget the howitzer on the Hetzer

  25. With them nerfing “collectors tanks” that are no longer in the tech tree it would be nice to see FV215b buffed too.
    It has by far the lowest winrate of all the tier 10 heavies, 43.3% wins with the 2nd worst being T-62a at 46%.
    The way i would buff it is to make it faster, let the Super Conq be the armored one and make 215b go like 40-45kmh and be more agile.

  26. Hi QB, your description of the buffs and nerfs is once again very good and I hope WG take notice of your advice, oh can I ask a question? Season eight of the battle pass gives you 21 tokens, if you want the Cobra you need 24 , where do you get the other 3 ?????

  27. John Michael Boy

    Actually, i’m glad that the SU-76G FT will be nerfed as much as it pains me that it is my most favorite tank at low tier. That thing is a menace in tier 4. Yeah sure, the T67 is still the worse thing that you’ll encounter at low tiers, but the SU-76G FT is a sneaky assassin that makes good economy and has a tier 6 gun at tier 4. It even outperforms the SU-85B in some aspects. I got 12 kills on Malinovka using that thing, while the enemy team doesn’t even know where am I.

  28. Wargaming is definitly doing the right thing! next i would love to see them having a look on [VII] Tiger (P), [VIII] VK 45.02 A and [X] Pz.Kpfw. VII… they would definitly need some love

  29. Congratulations WG. Nerfing all the fun out of the game once again.

  30. 18:40 Someone at WG must be a firefly fan xD
    That would explain it.

  31. Simón Varela Pintor

    As a T-34-85M enjoyer I don’t know how to feel about the Skoda. I like that one of my most dangerous matchups was nerfed, but I also loved overplaying them and having somewhat of a ‘nemesis’. It’s about merit and feeling special, I guess

  32. Why is wg nerfing tanks like the bdr and t67 when they are reselling the pz2j amx 13 57 and other broken premium tanks…

  33. TVP VTU still need to change the shot into AutoLoading shot. Like every other Tier 8 change to special tanks. NO MORE SINGLE SHOT IN TVP VTU. IT IS FRUSTRATING ENOUGH ALREADY.

  34. Great! now if only they will also nerf the op reward tanks?

  35. Aww man, my favorite tier 6 is getting nerfed.

  36. Even though it saddens me, they really did need to nerf the T67, I say this while sobbing.

  37. henk geenreetaan

    Nice to see that now the entire top 3 of every tier is dominated by premium tanks, witch they don’t nerf so there not fixen the balance there making it worse.

  38. T-150 and KV-3 need a buff imo

  39. crossing my fingers for british medium buffs. my cent x has felt so irrelevant

  40. QB: dude, stop moving the picture with changes, just zoom out so it would be visible and leave it:) very annoying to not seeing it fully and just flickering in and out, left and right, up and down:)

  41. QB pronounce the word ‘substantially’ correctly challenge (impossible).

  42. Skoda t25 nerfs seems so unnecessary.

  43. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late as usual WG, already skipped past the TVP VTURD with blueprints.

  44. LOL, they are making changes after 2 years of the tank initial release! WG is just sooooo bad, soooo bad!!!

  45. The Modelling News

    Premium tanks are the problem, not tech tree tanks WG you dummies! Ths just hardens the Panzer V/IV even more at tier V.

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