I DIDN’T EXPECT THIS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Sometimes Tanks surprises you and today I had one of my biggest shocks in K-91!



  1. Excuses Quicky are like arseholes, everyone has one. Well done anyway.

  2. Very difficult tank.

  3. Uhhh… Here’s a noob question.
    What does that mean: “Skorpion can you go TANK”

  4. coulda…woulda…shoulda…

  5. With all respect, i disagree with your final assessment. Had you engaged in a pincer manuever simultaneously with the skorpian, it wouldnt have mattered which gun he was using, he wouldnt have the ammo needed to kill you both. You staying back allowed him to isolate both of your tanks and ultimately win the game. Easy to say after the fact though, very entertaining game

  6. QB loses game, and ofc skorp is to blame 😀
    And winning this game was no rocket science, you hear him shooting once and just go, if vz kills skorp, you kill him, if he kills you, skorp kills vz, kinda simple.

  7. Sometimes it just doesnt matter how skilled you are in the game, your shot misses and bounces and the other guy snaps you, hits a 1 in a million shot and high rolls. This game is 25% RNG, you are just throwing dice and seeing who wins. I dont understand the reason for this, as other games without the RNG element bulit in, already have a lot of luck involved in them, thats just life, there is always gonna be some luck involved. I dont know why would you feel the need to build more of it in the game.

  8. Autoloader gun IS A GRIND 😂

  9. you just should help the scorpion

  10. It’s basically a guard at tier 10 with a better gun

  11. Skorp did some heavy lifting on the Emil and SU-130. Double rush the Vz and your rate of fire beats the Vz turret rotation from Skorp to you

  12. noooooooooooo 🙁

  13. QB, in recent videos I’ve found it difficult to keep up with you high speed talking and I’m English! Slow down mate please. Exciting game. Thumbs up

  14. This would have been a win if the scorpin had gone in as Quickybaby asked him to do. This way if the Vz was using the autoloader he would have been forced to fired both at the scorp and the QB could have gone in and kill him before he reloads. In this case the Vz was using the single shot so the scorp took a shot and should have gone in and kill him before he reloads.

  15. actually great game for all 3 final players. skorpion payed well, tried his best- probably also got confused by non-autoloading enemy. actually qb sacrificing for him to get the kill could be also good- generally speaking you tried to “ambush” skoda instead of overwhelming him by simultaneously attacking… did not play out good, but it was impossible to tell beforehand.
    Very high class play i would love to be able to do one day 😉
    cheers 🙂

  16. nooooo

  17. i think the most logical play would have been to just drive up to his ass and put a round in him and if he turns go behind the buildings so that scorp could just shoot him in the side.. 2v1 is the easiest thing to win when u go n at the same time

  18. Great job, QB, especially in that tank, but with so much rof, I think You should have destroyed that small building he was hiding behind to put even more pressure on him; then he had two options: hide his back from You (and the traverse of that tank on sand isn’t very good), or charge the Skorpion, which gives both of you the chance to shoot first, in Your case, fire twice. Of course, the RNG could just say no, as it has so many

  19. I think this one’s on qb…

  20. The winning play would have been for QB to “tank” and sacrifice himself for the Skorp to finish him off. Yet that never enters QB’s mind…..

  21. Dude, in blitz the k-91 is an op premium tank

  22. The winning play in any case (whether the VZ has one shot or two shots) is you go die and try to shoot, then scorpion comes and kills VZ, cause they have the alpha to kill VZ and the hitpoints to tank one shot, and VZ will only have one shot if they kill you first (if they don’t kill you then you kill them anyway). But being a greedy baby, which you always are….you botched it! 😉

  23. I both agree and disagree.

    1. Your assumptions at the end of the game were when you ALREADY knew the Vz was using the single shot gun. Sure, it would’ve worked against both guns, but at that point in time in the heat of the battle, I bet even the Skorp wasn’t expecting the Vz to be using the single shot gun. Hypotheticals are useless, QB; you should know better than randomly spout out should’ves, would’ves and could’ves AFTER the battle was over.

    2. If you were to follow through with the plan of one person going in, tanking the 2 shells (or in this case 1) and dying, while the other person followed up on the kill, YOU should have been the one tanking the round in the first place. You even said it during the battle: the skorp can oneshot the Vz, while you cannot. You should have been the one to tank the hits while the Skorp finished off the game, that would have been a much safer option regardless of whether the Vz was using the single shot/autoloader gun. You need to stop having “hero syndrome”, always trying to be the “last man standing , or “the carry” all the time. Sometimes the situation calls for a win via a method which you aren’t the hero, and you need to realise that that is fine as well.

    3. However, I would be lying if I said this game wasn’t robbed by RNG. QB got extremely unlucky multiple times, and the Vz got luckier than fucking Jesus himself on multiple occasions. The chances of someone using the single shot gun is so astronomically low I don’t blame neither QB nor the Skorp for not even considering the fact that the Vz could have been using it.

    4. Sure, your plan to let Skorp tank both shots and die was great, and it definitely could have worked in a very ideal situation, but there are many things that could have gone wrong. Instead of trying to be the hero who saves the game, why not just rush him both at once? Regardless of what happens, both you and the skorp have a faster reload than the Vz’s full 19s clip reload. Even with the single, you still would’ve won easily because the skorp can one shot him, AND YOU CANNOT.

    Great plays here and there, but the win was stolen away by both RNG and greed. Maybe it could have been prevented, maybe not. But there were many choices made that were…greedy, to say the least.

  24. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    Both of you could’ve rushed either Vz killed you the skorp can take him down or Vz killed skorp you can take him down even with the Vz using any gun you could’ve won. Actually very bad decision 🙁 🙁 🙁

  25. As many mentioned, you could’ve destroyed the buildings. What you also could’ve done is zoom out and check the barrel with the top down view. Very entertaining battle though

  26. Thank you QuickyBaby 😂😂

  27. Great game! You did most things correct and perhaps I should go for this tank as well?!

  28. Honestly, I think that both of you should just rush him in the end.

  29. QB, you are more to blame for this than the Skorpion because you were greedy. Skorp made the right move by going in to win the game while you were just passive. The VZ had to take THREE shots (regardless of gun choice), your team had to take ONE or TWO shots to win the game. The only right move was to yolo the VZ together with the Skorp at the same time. Probably killing either of you but winning the game 100%.

  30. what? no one is saying “polish bias”? no one? i guess there is only one bias… russian…

  31. That was Claus’ dollars per minute algorithm in action there. No way the Vz 55 should bounce that many.
    Also, it’s rarely a team game although the scorpion did try. Just blew it at the end.

  32. These are the type of games that make me want to smash my computer😂

  33. I always laugh at masochists still playing WG garbage, after all these years 😀 You people are crazy or it stills brings you enough money.

  34. Selfish play at the end. “Let me work”, “if you want to win you have to tank his shot for me”. Seriously lol ?
    In this video you really acted like a “scumbag”, like you like to call ppl in a lot of your videos

  35. oh my God
    my eyes and brain hurts from this game
    it’s a shame what they’ve done to a genre that obviously asks for simulator-like game mechanics
    play War Thunder if you love your life

  36. My heart was just crushed at the outcome of that battle… 💔

  37. If … doesnt win games in wot , rng does .

  38. Seriously? It’s the Skorpion’s mistake now? Dude. As you said: He could oneshot him. You obviously couldn’t. The right play would’ve been the Skorp tanking a shot but at that point BOTH of you should’ve just gone for the VZ.
    YOU were the one making the mistake, not the Skorpion.

  39. Pretty selfish play. Should have corner pressured the VZ. The VZ then had to decide to take 2 shots from QB in the back and die or turn around and take the blow from the Skorp.
    Just saying “hey Skorp do die for me” while it was easier for the Skorp to kill the VZ.

  40. So is the K-91 the new medium scout replacing the BC-25t?

  41. What is the best acid or base to get rid of dead bodies? Asking for a friend. I don’t have a tank.

  42. He was oneshot for scorp so I would say you should be the one to pressure and give scorp side shot

  43. irrelevant of the play at the end, the 3 or 4 ridiculous bounces and the 2 PURE luck shots by the vz 55 into your turret are what lost the game.

    Pure luck lost this game

  44. you both should have tanked the second shot and left the kill to which ever of you survived. As you said at 18:20…

  45. Why not just circle around the Vz 55 outside of 50m? Could have come up behind them and gotten a shot, while his turret was facing the skorpion.

  46. Alexander Grabowski

    Look, it was a heartbreak to watch on stream, I forget that Vz has one shot gun, but still think you should have gone together.

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