I DIDN’T WANT THIS RECORD in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

It happened again in the second time this year I hit a new EXP but this time I really didn't want it because…



  1. As many other have pointed out, these ammo racks happen when small caliber shells cook-off. The reason we see tanks at higher BRs lose their turrets is because the big shells with a lot of propellant in the cartridge catch on fire and explode, causing a chain reaction. These early tanks have much lower caliber shells that aren’t able to create the same chain reaction most of the time, and they cook off one-by-one, leading to this crackling and popping. Similar to when MG ammo cooks off in real life.

    Also, historically the charges used in these guns weren’t nearly as powerful at the start of the war (with a few exceptions), so it makes sense that they don’t explode as violently.

  2. The Churchill III is pretty fun

  3. I like to use Churchill III when I have the “highest EXP in my team” daily mission.

  4. I was there! What a funny game!

  5. Dammit, now I have to go buy one.

  6. Git Gud lol. I haven’t YET seen anyone’s record in the Churchill III as high as mine. My in-game name is FatherFragz. I am NOT a Unicom or Super Unicom, just a regular Joe that plays for fun. My record on NA stands at 4,641 Max Exp in a Battle on my service record with Churchill II. I set 2 years ago. Now, their COULD be someone out there with a 5k exp. game in the Churchill III, I don’t know. I’m pretty sure someone somewhere has got to have one higher than mine. I have checked some of the BEST players in the game on NA and EU and none have come close. IF anyone sees someone on NA, EU etc. let me know if it’s higher than the 4,641 I have. Would be cool to see. I only have 227 battles in it and have 3 marked it which wasn’t easy since it’s so slow. But what a fun historical tank to play.

  7. Circon has a better record than this in World of Tanks for Churchill 3. Just sayin :p

  8. Well, WOT is dead… or so it would appear. sad. I miss what it was like when I started in 2012 or 13. I’ve started playing WOW…. no EBRs or op premiums…. well, not many of the latter… yet.

  9. I got 3240 base XP in my Pz II J.

  10. Nice game.

  11. Xp may be broken on the Churchill 3 but you still played a damn good game buddy and really had to earn it as well.

  12. The different ammorack sound is per caliber.

  13. My Churchill III (Also best EXP record ever) is 3,467 which is from a Long time ago. The particular battle was so intense as I was swarmed by the enemy but kept angling my tank & bouncing shot after shot & the enemy just couldn’t pen me. I managed to out play every enemy tank that came my way.
    This made me think I had really earned that record which STOOD for a LONG time.
    If you need to see it for yourself, check out my stats. (ACandieCaneKilling)

    Either way, well done, gg.

  14. The Soviet Union was sent 301 Churchill tanks (45 Mk II, 151 Mk III and 105 Mk IV) as part of the Lend-Lease programme. 43 of them (19 Mk II and 24 Mk III) were lost en route on the Arctic Convoys.

  15. Didn’t want a life either looks like lol.

  16. they should make tog can fit atleast 10crews and have very high XP multiplier

  17. “UU I did shit record” pizdy QB did record against lower tiers with EXTRA RATIONS an PREMIUM AMMO, imbelci, playing against noobs and tearing down red players on XVM and the putting up VIDEAO BRAGGING about it… like ban this player from playing less than8 tier. Wanna do good PLAY BZ 176 against tier 10, right, no pen no game, we all know, so … stfu bisch no EXTRA RATIONS NO PREM AMMO , u cry in the corner..great game also next gme play Matilda against Tier 2 and wanccc off on YT about it! Great, keep up the “good” content! P.S.: good in this context means shti

  18. I don’t get it. Why should we consider Wargaming’s treatment of special tanks in determining one’s best exp game? Seems to me, we should only consider base experience, and exclude any kickers awarded to premium tanks.

  19. im sorry qb… but the new patch could kill the game? lol. your plating a fully decked out T5 spamming gold and only getting hit by gold…… game already has no future. what dumbass would ever put themselfs in a new player situation with people only shooting gold these days. (not saying qb is bad for it. just showing the state of the game with an example)

  20. Not enough critical game commentary and explaining your decisions for my taste, felt like a old man who just blabbers on about things that are kind of related to the topic

  21. My record says 4.66k on a Pershing and I don’t know either

  22. I think Circon broke his exp record twice last month in this thing too when he was 3 marking it. Dirty stuff.

  23. Its the same as the WoTB. If you finish a tank off with extremely low HP AND its an ammorack, it causes turret pop and a nice flash.

  24. i recently started a new account on Eu and every day I try and do my x2. omfg the number of seal clubbers spamming full gold at my poor little tier 3s and 4s that have only 75% crews (used to be 50% until I got some credits) I can only afford 1 piece of equipment usually binoculars and rarely even use repair or health kits as the earning are so low using one puts me in the red. The new free2play experience is an abomination. If WG set out to make the worst new player experience possible I doubt they could do better than the current state. I now have all the tier 4s and I am constantly in +1 or +2 mm, never -2 and very rarely -1, which makes the experience even worse. I honestly think WG must have given up on trying to get new players into PC WoT and now are 100% concentrating on milking all the pay2win whales they already have to the absolute maximum. Because the current state of the game actively makes the new player experience (apart from tank academy) as horrible as you could imagine. Yes I know there are supposed to be separate queues for the first 50 battle but honestly the mm tries then after 3 minutes gives up and sticks you in with the seal clubbers.

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  26. It’s ok QB, the game is dead with next patch. Maybe you can find something to do with your PhD at last!

  27. Im going to max my commander it takes only until the next ice age

  28. Lets not show off eh?

  29. They killed the game, when they allowed you to pay for gold rounds with credit imo

  30. 4:18 I think the explosion looks like that on tanks that don’t lose their turrets when exploding.

  31. Now imagine this tank with crew 2.0 and p2w equipment lmao

  32. Needs to be pointed out, that although the Matilda fired 62 shots he only managed to land 47 on a target and even more embarrassingly, pen only 19 of them. If he saves some of those shots he would have won, easily.

  33. Hey QB, next time, when you will says that WG is ruining game, try to look at yourself, if it is okay to play tier V and ruining game for puppies.

  34. Quit WoT. I did.

  35. Still behind Circon with his 4301. Time to step it up!

  36. they should do a scrap yard game mode, so like you have all the tanks you have unlocked, but they can’t be used as one machine, you have to make your own frankenmachine out of pieces, so you can use the lower off one tank, tracks and engine off another, and the turret off whatnot.. totally mix and match based on what you have unlocked already

  37. see 4:04 is just rediculous, why is there zero recoil in the cannon or even the tank, the whole thing should be rolling and shaking with those shots, yet it feels like you just spitballing. the game has tried so hard to be realistic, yet you get zero feedback from any real action

  38. My highest XP game is in the KV-5. Surprising because it can only see +1 mm

  39. The Churchill III was my first premium and I adored it.
    It was also the first tank I got a Kolobanov’s in, years ago on dragons ridge.

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