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Source: DOLLARplays

War Thunder LOSAT, and IJN Kurama gameplay.

LOSAT, and IJN Kurama or 2 of the 3 TOP rewards from “Tokushu Heiki” crafting event.


Intro: Made in Taiwan – Lupus Nocte

Background: Cyberman – 2050
Two Sides – Martin Klem
Destination – Oleksii Abramovych
Funky Flat – Martin Landstrom
Jam on Easter Island – Arc De Soleil
Juicy.exe – Lupus Nocte

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

#dollarplays #WarThunder #tanks

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  1. LOSAT is an interesting vehicle, but these “call of duty 360° no scope drift around corner” maps are not made for it. Top tier needs to be “big maps only”, then LOSAT would be a great vehicle. Still I think it’s a perfect event vehicle. Weird and unique, not always useful.

    Also for Naval better event reward would be HMS Furious with 2 457mm guns, or some “monitor” class ship. For some memes

  2. SteelReX ⚔️4.BRN⚔️

    So good song i love you bro, best wt ytb xd but boats aaaaaa battleships are boring … but still good 😀

  3. Tank is purely for memeing only.

  4. I cackled way too hard watching this

  5. Rec room music always slaps

  6. Sons of Ethylla

  7. 650mm pen.. hits front “non penetration”

  8. Yo if you wanna do those emojis in chat you have to have NUMLOCK keys on your keyboard and then when in chat you just have to hold ALT + (sequence of numbers) for example ALT+ (NUMLOCK) 3 is ❤

  9. can someone tell me how I can get the Did you Angle Today? decal? Thanks

  10. This build event was awful

  11. Great to see some quality naval gameplay, not enough is being made at the moment. The cinematic shots of the vehicles before you play and the battleship gun firing shots are amazing additions!

  12. easy event to skip thank god rewards are garbage

  13. I háve bouggt the tank and is shit

  14. Have you gotten uss Texas yet?

  15. Wow LoSAT really is a waste of time to grind 😂good thing I didn’t torture myself getting it 😂

  16. Tanks with rocket launchers are super aesthetic

  17. What if you play with phlydaly?

  18. Hey man, nice videos can you continue the “free to play” series? I realy liked them and i wanna see more? Maybe one day?

  19. please try make a video with the French AMX-30 DCA. It dominates low BR

  20. Its good to see that LOSAT is not as OP as I’d originally imagined after getting smoked by it.

  21. “sniping position” are in reality annoying camping positions and I’m glad they removed them. I’m also glad I don’t play war thunder anymore

  22. Oh well even if the losat is kinda sucky at least it makes for an excellent video

  23. That Batman part made had me in tears! Golden.

  24. Dollar, losat has max pen even close up. It’s not fixed yet

  25. hilarious what a dumbass pay2win arcade game Warthunder became … started so well back in the days.
    I guess we cant have good games anymore with all the idiot kids and fools who spend entire paychecks on a game.

  26. Gotta have a line up of ppl with this tank firing all at once

  27. Ah the Middle East.

    A good place for a glass house.

    I hope many are created in the future.

  28. We love Alaska appreciation in this house

  29. Hey Dollar kann you play the TAM 2ip ?

  30. if only the all gaijin shills could put in more complaints about this event as a whole, we could get some changes to the vehicles and grinding events, but that day will probably never come

  31. @7:31 bro used kabali pic🎉🎉🎉

  32. I know I’m not crazy the first test drive i saw of this the missiles fired straight

  33. To think we don’t have a version of this in the tech tree sad just how the us don’t have any spg for ground tree

  34. I too wish everything was perfect all the time.

  35. Guess this comment section has gotten too negative and hateful for me to enjoy interacting with too. Kinda sucks…

    Maybe Gaijin going out of business would make everyone’s lives better.
    Clearly they’re incapable of fulfilling everyone’s expectations and potential. Yet people will keep being somehow cynical and optimistic at the same time.

  36. Pera ai, Br também assistem ?

  37. Whats make Warthunder so magic is nost of the time you fight your same tank, and its matter of research and ability

  38. I got 2/3 in this event I felt so accomplished 😭😭😭

  39. the losat missiles shouldn’t explode tho
    there are no explosives in it
    it’s literally just a massive titanium rod with rocket fuel

  40. these krazy cuts just don’t stop!

  41. The game implementation is utter nonsense. I worked on the system. First there is no need to aim anything. The system automatically locked up the first three targets it saw. All the gunner had to do was consent to fire. If it’s in the FLIR wide field of view it’s entirely automatic. Second it is not a beam rider. Third the missile flies an offset trajectory…the target is never illuminated by the system laser as its looking at the aft end of the missile. Laser warning receiver never goes off. It’s only used to take out launch errors..physics does the rest after that. It will one shot anything – if a turret hit the turret is removed. If a hull hit the armor is caved and shoved into the fighting compartment along with the penetrator. Less than second between missiles at three targets. If the motor has not burned out at impact the the propellant going high order is equivalent to a 100lb GP bomb. I could go on but it’s obvious it’s been force fit into the game without understanding how it works. In a final iteration the system could fight unmanned.. with a datalink de-conflicting targets so no duplicated shots. A platoon could destroy a tank battalion popping in and out view in less than 60 seconds. It could fire at both helos and jets. Helos are dead meat – as long as jet is approaching or departing and not flying at Mach 2 across the line of sight they could be hit as well. In summary this is an example of a forced fit into the game without understanding how it worked, or what it was capable of.

  42. 5:22 – Also did you really stand in front of vehicle that tends to pound dirt? xD

  43. thank god i didnt waste my time grinding the losat

  44. Soo gudi 🤣

  45. warthunder really be like “we’re gonna force you to either pay big bucks for this vehicle or make you grind 16 hours a day for 2 weeks to afford to get it for free” and then give us arguably one of the worst top tier vehicles in the game. But I’m like 99% sure if it was USSR or Germany, they’d be getting the best vehicles at top tier. It’s just sucky because it’s in the american tree.

  46. Yea I knew I would not unlock anything in this event man

  47. That was one of the most boring WarThunder videos ever.

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