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  1. ___v̶v̶øl̶f̶w̶e̶r̶b̶l̶o̶ød̶s̶ ___ XXXII

    The dough deliveres truck..

  2. Thank you daddy

  3. @phly match replay shows your name just so you know

  4. Phly, please do a revisit on the PhlyDaily sound pack, if possible. Its been 3 years since your last video on it I believe.

  5. Day 359: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  6. WT logic:No armor=best armor

  7. Very strange how this vehicle just added gets its full crew but the early Flakpaners still only have 2 crew which is less than half of what they should have. Despite them being in the game for years. This Dev is total sh!t. Fix your game!

  8. I want my Ural mounted ZSU-23

  9. I love this guys humour

  10. Hilux gang gang


  12. Bro, can you do a revisit of the Vautour?

  13. Emerson Baur-Swofford

    Loved the instant replay! Would love to see that more often!

  14. Gemeiner Guensel

    Hey Phly could you tell us what ur setup is and which graphics ur using on the current patch?
    After the last update it still looks bad when I use max settings and the surroundings are kind of blurry.

  15. ItalianStallionGaming

    I make fun of Italians too.

  16. Deep_Fried_Goldfish

    The first time I saw this thing on reddit I was like : I cannot until phly gets this thing in his hands!

  17. Fritenator gaming NZ

    “you can’t get all volumemetricky”. Phlydaily 2022

  18. well glad to see this won’t replace the Swedish death horn

  19. So the French have a new tank destroyer at 8.3. The Mephisto. Looks like it would be some fun for you. Fast, peek over hills, HOT atgm with 700mm of pen, and a HOT-2 with 900.

  20. I placed Jerry cans on the gun itself, making it look like it has large radiators or a muge magazine

  21. Is the video accelerated? Phly’s stat card says this thing reloads in 13s but if you count it while he plays it’s actually 10 lol

  22. This is the best rule of war thunder ( NO ARMOR BESSSSSTTT ARMOR! )

  23. ogółem to jesteś mułem

    You was lucky that this sturmpanzer was using heat rounds

  24. Would it be possible to get a kill with this using indirect fire, it’s a howitzer after al.

  25. that hesh feels anhemic… in real life there’s photos of t34 turret squished by 100/17 EP

  26. The new Italian flakbus is as good as i thought it would be

  27. He jokes at the beginning but it would be pretty cool if WT released a MUTT with a TOW launcher….

  28. As a subscriber I feel obliged to tell you intel-gents are actually two words.

  29. matthew bougaard

    g6 when?

  30. 3Ro was a nice civil truck too, one of my favourite Italian Trucks. It’s sad that lancia doesn’t exist anymore

  31. Matthius Köenig

    The flying artillery batteries are here

  32. Sir, I want to ask, how do I change the direction of view without changing the muzzle of the tank?
    What should i click
    Like u do on minutes 7:22
    I am new player

  33. Glad to see i am not the only one getting visual glitches with the new patch.

  34. Many people have issue with our speed in our height and airplanes how to fix that is to always say coll

  35. You dont say “Oh my gosh” you say… “MAMMA MIA”

  36. Not a Zombie... Not at all!

    The gun doesn’t fire to the front anyways, so why did they cutted the cabin like that, only god knows.

  37. Yeah there is no way it takes 13 seconds to reload that

  38. 14.36 mud runner

  39. Cool to see that there are still war thunder games where people can drive out of spawn area intact. Amazing to remember games like that!

  40. Got this vehicle yesterday spaded in 2 matches it’s hilarious…no messin just used HE tank vaporisation

  41. First game, I bet those guys wished they had thermal.

  42. Hey phlydaily pls play sprocket again now you can have MULTIPOL CANNONS!!!

  43. the fact that has 72 rounds is disgusting

  44. Robert Vecchiolli

    for sure they need to add the Toyota HiLux technicals… they also need to add the US M-151A variants w/ the M2 .50 cal, and the TOW variants… those were the coolest things I ever saw in the Marines

  45. I want this as a plastic model.

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