I Eviscerate The Smallest Tank In Game With The THICCEST ROUND

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I Eviscerate The Smallest Tank In Game With The THICCEST ROUND


  1. What kind of shit box is this.. Lol

  2. you should just listen to the kv1c german premiums gun sound if you havent its mmy fave

  3. I missed my PhlyDaddy

  4. In todays episode: Phly obliterating kids with a nuke launcher

  5. Did you fucking use copyrighted Minecraft music to announce your shitting on a tiny tank? Pretty sure Mojang is going to sue your ass. Whatever, still love your channel before it got jacked….

  6. day 39 – fly the he – 51 C1 with the air dropped flashbangs.

  7. Make sure to keep your Vitamin D levels up ..take plenty of Vit D and zinc and keep colds and covid away. I haven’t been sick in years doing this. Funny how the media and big pharma won’t mention any of this isn’t it?

  8. OneHandMedic Gaming

    The entire Geneva Convention would like to have a word with you…

  9. pls play the new ebr 1951!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Darf der Kevin spielen kommen? Rochow

    Its like the Death Star shot at our Pluto

  11. 15:50 “Why do I have to kill these children?”
    Phly, you yourself showed how it is still competitive at 10.0, it isn’t a child. That Wirbelwind is a target and deserves no less than HESH Derp. Strike fear into the Wirbelwind’s heart, as they strike fear into the hearts of Shermans!

    Damn, sorry to hear you and the family had covid mate, glad you’re all over it now.

    Also, brilliant choice of TV.

  12. nth day of telling Phly to play Ultimate Admiral Dreadnought so he can create his cursed ship ideas

  13. are you serious ? that was my brother nickname 😀
    i have ask him about that

  14. Feeling 100 percent and yet… picks on smallest tank. :/
    Wait, wait, was that a Wiesel. But yet didn’t Phly make a video on the Phlysically and dimensionally smaller “meatball launcher” Italian L3/33 awhile back???

  15. lol 0:25 is mc music

  16. the minecraft intro was nostalgiac af

  17. That tank is a apartment on tracks. Great kills though.

  18. José Emilio Rangel Trejo


  19. Damage model still seems to be off. Gaijin spends huge amount of time to implement “tank digging graves” mechanic (which btw is pointless and useless at the best of times) but not properly model what happens if a small vehicle gets hit by a large caliber gun. Shame really…

  20. No mercy for the peasantry REEEEEE. HESH IS BESHT

  21. What you see here is a young pilot in training.

  22. sebastian tramontana

    hi Phly, glad your back and family is well, do you know of issue’s with the new update not working

  23. With the Barn

  24. I always love Shid Barn in WT and WOT

  25. While the conway is pretty much more effective than the 4005, its just not as funny, such a fun tank to play.


  27. Gianvincenzo Blanda

    8:41 “holy sheizen”

  28. intro:

    me watching: i swear im not crying 🙁

  29. Backyard deathtraps

    Couls have been worse could have shot an L3

  30. Saddest intro in history of War Thunder. Loved it,

  31. I’m glad that You and your family are all right. I could say that everyone will be very pissOf if something happen because that sh*t to you. By the way, right now, we are embracing the 4th and the 5th wave of Covid all together, greetings from Poland !

  32. Day 274: play sherman at high br and and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  33. I feel I should be reporting this to youtube

  34. 0:14 POP goes the Wiesel

  35. These intros are genius.

  36. Do the F 22 Raptor pls

  37. “I wanted to put a little fear into his mind”

    You naughty

  38. So your kid got covid what?

  39. I was in the BKAN, thanks for saving my rear from the Weasel, Wirbel and the M56! Those Zonar rounds are really fun for impromptu AA, if you don’t get sniped first.

  40. Minecraft Vibes

  41. Oh man Sweden sure is a masterpiece

  42. Suspended Animation

    Trying to work here Phly, stop helping me procrastinate

  43. 14:17 ok is it me or the remains of the tank really took off-


  45. How do you guys fix jagged edges and screen tearing?

  46. what a wholesome intro

  47. its funny how the Conqueror at 6:06 has a perfectly modeled Bren in its storage… tiny little detail but I like it

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