I FEAR NO MAN 2.0 (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo gameplay, War Thunder.

War Thunder official website https://warthunder.com/en

#warthunder #wt #dollarplays

Background music: Grooves Happen – Rasure
The Beat Gonna Set You Free – Duckmaw
Bustin’ Out – The New Fools
Leviathan 3 – Johannes Bornlöf

Intro song : The Beat Is Gonna Set You Free – Duckmaw
Outro song : Frittata – Monako
This song from https://artlist.io/Modestas-1149039


  1. Thank you for your patience 😉

    I FEAR NO MAN 1.0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHv1xTiHHzo&t=102s

  2. The fact he gave up on his other channel with almost a million subscribers just to do what he enjoys, MAD RESPECT KEEP ON BEING YOU MAN

  3. Dollar: Hippity Hoppity your gun is my property

  4. What map is this ? Looks like fun

  5. Hey dollar, why u don’t play with italian otomatic?

  6. That sums it up nicely….Amunition goes BOOM!

  7. Dollar: I Fear no man

    Brummbär: Are you Sure about that?

  8. Really nice vid 👏👏👏👏

  9. hes out here giving the enemy track and barrel torture

  10. 2:22 the memes you make 😂 you are awesome

  11. Jumbo – is imbalanced !

  12. Airplane Maniac Gaming

    ah, a jumbo? *laughs in Comet and Challenger APDS*

  13. Awesome rotoscoping 😀👍

  14. This proves america is broken

  15. LOVE IT!! Why do u have such good content?? How many copyright strikes do you have against you?? LOL, just kidding

  16. I FEAR NO MAN 3.0 is Brümmbar.

  17. hahhahahahahah
    so funny i like your video i subscribe to your vid

  18. How do I play this game without wanting to blow my head off?

  19. the intro is what i expect of the warthunder players. not some spoiled brat which gets killed by a vehicle which has the advantage over them and then cries out saying everything is OP and needs nerf.

    To the new players of warthunder, don’t let the nonsense of toxic kids get to you. In warthunder, you don’t ask for an advantage. *YOU MAKE IT*

  20. You know what I like about your videos dollar? Your not afraid to leave in the parts when you fucked up, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It helps other players who watch and you learn valuable lessons and make you look humble. Kudos to you my friend.

  21. Sai dai homi ?

  22. F for that Sweed Guy

  23. 2:22 mudic pls i love it
    XD LOL

  24. when you play tarkov its like a nightlight and kiss on forehead during a thunderstorm when i was a child

  25. Dollar: I fear no man
    Stuka: allow me to introduce myself.

  26. Barrel: Gimme a Kiss…And another one!
    Epic vid once more… I laughed hard at blind IS-2 and cried for poor swedish boy XD

  27. Nur Ein Weiterer Name

    What the last music name?

  28. I like to see more of naval battles.

  29. your voice is satisfying

  30. I love the intro scene

  31. If SEA server has a lot player like in the dollar vid, i may play this game 😢

  32. New Dollar video.
    Me: Noice, lest eat some chocolate and at the same time watching it
    My humor: :))))))))))))))

  33. How do you kill barrels so consistently? Whenever I hit one, it usually either goes yellow, or takes no damage anyway.

  34. (V)CAS Very close air support whit italian F-84-21-RE

  35. Brummbär: I’m About to End This Man’s Whole Career

  36. is it that hard to hit the capolla of a tiger h1
    like i do it all the time in my jumbo that i will focus on the capolla rather than the cannon barrel

  37. 3:03 more armor plsss

  38. That first clip was amazing

  39. Dude that intro, Amazing, “Arrivederci”.

  40. 1:23
    How the driver can see?

    Ok I get it.

  41. is it just me or i find dollarplays voice extremely and unusally attractive and magnetic no homo

  42. poor swedish boy

  43. The end was epic! XD I love you man.

  44. holy shit all those barrel shots xDDDD my sides in orbit

  45. War thunder now : Main gun damage sim

  46. Palpoutine is back at it…
    All this for a stolen donut.

  47. Yeah boe when i hear the music i start moving my head yeeeeeah boe

  48. Why did that idiot Tiger P in the tunnel fall back? He had you and just threw away his opportunity.

  49. I dont care about the I just enjoy this as a show.

  50. This voice… Ты русский что ли? 😅

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