I FEAR This Tank The MOST | Disgusting Performance (War Thunder Suka)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/548721/en/


  1. Robotkiller505 YT

    Phly, out of all nations; which one is your favourite?

  2. Robotkiller505 YT

    Also take out the IS-6 and the TU-4 for some gulag action attempt #1

  3. Like the Panzer F2, I see one I must kill it or die trying

  4. is that music from Rigoletto?

  5. Play the BT-5! It’s the object 906 of low tier

  6. *cancer*06

  7. Mayby play the striker next time plz

  8. this tank can still play pretty good at 8.3 and I don’t think he fits the 7.3.
    this bias tank should go to 8.0 at least.

  9. Robotkiller505 YT

    It looks just like a drive by when you play that thing

  10. agsal fairrohmad

    I hate 906 HEATFS

  11. I love all Soviet tanks but I hate Object 906 it is the worst Soviet tank ever. (On its tier)

  12. Gaijoob doesn’t create the damage model for autoloader )))))))) so Stalin load the shell instead )))

  13. Đào Đức Đạt

    what is the worst nightmare of Russian tanker?That’s plane

  14. Well if you die in this this you play the price litteraly.

  15. Ya ive gotta agree 906 is cancer i always kill it every chance i get

  16. The Shaver Ranch + Wolves

    I get killed stubbing my toe in lightly armored tanks… I’ll have to play the game for a few more decades before reaching the 906, so… Ya…

  17. American reloads realy suck

  18. Russians are gracing for their nice OP br while the germans are suffering at 6.7 to highest BR
    Gaijin’s making the game unbalanced and russians are OP at every BR
    They also have lots of vehicles
    Gaijin’s an idiot in br balacing
    They made the other country bad
    Specially germany and japan

  19. obj 906 stops me from grinding T4-T6.

  20. F3D-1 after br change please?

  21. Jokes about Vodka, Stalin, communism…zzzz…zzzz…zzz..

  22. Can I get 1000 subs no videos?

    Phly we get it you hate it

  23. Now play its little brother, the PT-76B

  24. What I don’t get is that the 906 is 7.3 while the Begleitpanzer is 8.7. What were the devs thinking? Do they have a monkey to input arbitrary BR ratings?

  25. chieftainsarethebombifushoottheammo

    mhm, solid hate towards that thing

  26. chieftainsarethebombifushoottheammo

    don’t play 7.3 for a while too, just so you don’t die of hatred and frustration…

  27. The ONLY tank I really fear when playing the chieftain mk3

  28. Korobeiniki in the intro! Blyatful!

  29. Jesper Rolleman

    Hey look, it’s the suka blyat

  30. I hate the object 906 with a passion!!! ?

  31. Luc Kuyvenhoven

    like, sometimes something leaves a bad taste in your mouth, this thing just makes you feel bad all over your body

  32. disgusting

  33. Because fuck the Maus

  34. Tattooed Aussie

    That music during the intro gave me ear aids

  35. scrub not a pro

    Nein I want hetzEr with me410 a1

  36. I take time to first spawn in coalien to look for this Fkin tanks.

  37. scrub not a pro

    Phly the fatherland needs your support.
    We will supply you with a jagpanzer 38t.And a me410 a1 because of low supplies, attempt #5 good luck.

  38. cheeki breeki damke

  39. Da Beast from the East Comrade, specially made with no bias, perfectly balanced as are all vehicles in WT

  40. Stalin Approved

    tog 2 with vodka overdose

  41. That vídeo is fake you cant kill a maus

  42. Autoloader? Pssshhhh. In mother russia, tanks load itselves.

  43. Richard Palawofski

    This is what the Hellcat used to be like before they removed the gunsight zoom.

  44. Red Army Choir = <3

  45. Christian Rashotte

    What’s the repair cost on this thing? Like 12000?

  46. theScottishKoala

    The fact that the 906 is in the game with its current performance, and repair costs are sitting up at 7-9k….. Fuck this game is abusive sometimes

  47. The Horten is the perfect counter to this. Short burst of HVAP and you ammorack it 🙂

  48. This tank us ducking cheating

  49. As a German tanks player, I’m sure I will hate this thing as much like how Nazi hate Bolshevik.
    *PS – I’m no Nazi.
    How about Grammar Nazi? Ja, I am.

  50. How is the gun elevation with this Russian tank? Or did you mention it, my bad i skip to the gameplay moments and not stay during the talky talky moments 🙂

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