I FEEL So DIRTY With This Tank | SAV 20.12.48 (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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I FEEL So DIRTY With This Tank | SAV 20.12.48 (War Thunder)


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  2. Kazuki TheCommander

    I don’t know if you know you could just Hull break the 88 at the engine….like such waste of round

  3. So much cancer (insert FilthyFrank voice here)

  4. Try any JAPANESE vehicle. (The ComBo the better)

  5. Swedish Böömsçhtïćk

  6. This things name is perfect. It’s a bloody savage !

  7. this tank is phucking bullshit. Once they get in a position you cannot get them out (without planes or lucky arty or something). They effectively do not have a reload, they can just watch a corridor and as any enemies roll around -> dead. You literally have to rush it with a team of like 4 tanks.

    Should be 4.3 IMO

  8. Not idiot prof, but god damn it on your flank

  9. I might just be a dickhead but i cant help but notice that the people that put some thought and relate to the video and their comments get the least likes. But you got Commander kittycucker down here saying off the wall/off topic stuff and gets 600 likes. ?

    (Yes i know some are youtubers)

  10. Had one of these club half my team within 30 seconds of a round starting. Good thing they are vulnerable to anything that flies or has 50 Cal’s tho

  11. I love this tank soo much!!!!

  12. I can’t believe this bullshit is real. R.I.P low tier players.

  13. First warthunder tank Quad feed?

  14. monster84 Ginger1992

    Hay Floppy been a fan for ages just started playing war thunder (Xbox on) can you do the DAIMLER AC MK 2 is my favourite tank keep up the good work

  15. George SRpluschannel

    Gaijin becomes more and more disgusting

  16. The gun on that thing sounds like a giant stapler….

    I can’t unhear it.

  17. Welp, no matter how broken it is, it still can’t carry hard enough for a team that retarded at the end.

  18. ‘Ey Phly, doubt you’ll ever read this but going through a really bad time in my life, bunch of nonsense and also going homeless for Christmas, but just wanted to say thanks for putting so much time and effort into the vids, man. They can keep a smile going when a rough time is being had. Appreciate ya Phloppy.

  19. kus setyo nugroho putro

    oh look no turet again

  20. 2 op premiums in 1 patch, nice.

  21. I can’t wait until they release the T-90 MBT at 6.7

  22. Alright got had your fun now play something hard

  23. This is a massacre

  24. Pay to win, late game life cycle cash grab

  25. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, my psu blown took out the motherboard and graphic card, my car fuel pump malfunction and neighbor grandma car slip off black ice giving my sweet grand Cherokee’s rear bumper a good scrape. It can’t be buff so I have to buy new bumper. Omg my saving deplete so fast within a month.

  26. Phly, come on! it’s almost Christmas! You gotta take out the XP-50! You’ve never made a video about it! Attempt #6

  27. If you loved playing the panzer II at 1.0 then you will love this. This is the swede panzer II equivalent at 3.3

  28. The fuck is going on with these Swedish meatball tanks

  29. This tank is a fucking crime!

  30. Looks like an assault gun not a tank

  31. 120mm gun

    1.2 sec reload

    3.3 br

    B R U H

  32. “You can do a lot of Frontal Stuff with this. . .” Phly Dec 21, 2019

  33. _The_Weird_Ending _

    The Swedish are here and now they will Deliver hell to the Germans

  34. I think I got killed by you once

  35. its called a magazine in that middle rack 😛

  36. This thing is hilarious, took out a KV-1B from the front with this thing without realising I was facing one. 10 seconds later I took out a german Churchill, also from the front. Cancer taking out other cancer.

  37. I’m tired of shooting rounds into these things and have them do literally nothing. Typical Gaijin wankeryness.

  38. this really highlights the problem with WT’s br system. This thing was a prototype in the late 1940’s. Its got the whole of WWII’s technical innovations and insights behind its design and yet its pitted against early war tanks, some of which still haven’t been fixed (*cough sherman scopes cough*) This makes about as much sense as putting a pershing against a btr…oh wait…

  39. This is too cancer even for World of Tanks.

  40. meatball machinegun

  41. This ikea need a buff

  42. One shot one kill oh my god

  43. Shugesh Super Saiyan

    Nerf incoming

  44. we can shrapnel this guy from t34:). Shrapnel is now usefull again;)

  45. 5:00 you can get a mous for me it’s “h”

  46. kükswagen

  47. For the next time, you can shoot through those barracks

  48. So it’s just like the strv 103 complete bullshit at its BR

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