I Finally Got To Play The Sturmtiger!

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Gaijin was kind of enough to allow Stick and me early access to the Sturmtiger. I had some reservations and I would like to see a few things done better with it, (reload, firing animation, etc.) but overall, it is actually quite freaking fun. If you are able, I recommend unlocking it while you have the opportunity!

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  1. How do you guys think Gaijin did implementing such a unique and infamous vehicle? 6.3 a good battle rating? Interested in purchasing something from the War Thunder Store? You can use this link and get a 3% discount on your next purchase:
    https://goo.gl/mqVkc6 As well as an In-Game Bo Decal!

    • Well I need you to know, firstly I am not upset about it however I just paid $10 for your decal. I can get 10,000 GE through the Microsoft store for $49.99 CAD. But it’s 49.50 USD through the gaijin store. Do you have any ideas on an OP vehicle to spend up to 5000 GE on? This video made me buy this. If we ever run into each other in game please be gentle, LOL

    • 6.3 is crazy should be 5.7 Max

    • You can put this thing at any battle rating and it will still wreck everything it gets to pull its trigger on. 6.3 is perfect BR for it, it can be penned but doesen’t have to (ok when you hit the “critical weakspot” even an l3-33-cc could blow it up soooooo… How about 1.0? XD) it can P.E.N.(a.)(Probably Explode Nearly all) ~but does not have to~ … [Argument error, plz help]

      I hope it does not get mooved, as the only thing that really limits its upward potential is its speed, and it sits perfectly where it currently is.

    • @Frustrated Wolf Gaming nope, a truck drove to the side of it and they towed the shells up and over the roolth to its top hatch where it was lowered into the tank and then internally moved with … ?internal cranes and manpower? Holy f those must have been ultra Hanses in there.
      Oh and the reason why the Tank reloads so fast ingame is that the snail gave the tankers spinach to eat.

    • Frustrated Wolf Gaming

      @Em P lol. Them were some popeye hanses on that tank.

  2. You both look like Pingu when he is excited

  3. That M18 probably confused how he got obliterated

  4. Snubnose battleship turret on wheels.

  5. New viewer hide and seek with indirect artillery support?

  6. Why play realistic battles?

  7. The greatest warcrime in WT now is smitting a BT or a Locust with 380mm rocket launcher


  8. 1:25 would be funny to see vehicles damaged like that ingame xd

  9. 1:19 wish that PS4 had that version of the new protection analysis we only have a scaled down version that doesn’t do any of the fancy expansion like that, just a tiny bit of a dent 99% of the time with large HE or just simply a hole

  10. I never knew Bo played CoH 2, that’s awesome

  11. George Papageorgiou

    I don’t know if they’ve already done it but could you try seeing if they can shoot the bullet/rocket when it’s already shot

  12. Kill a plane with it – Win War Thunder FOREVER!

  13. 1:18 minor inconvenience.

  14. You guys give me the GITS and SHIGGLES! EVERY TIME!

  15. I was horsing around with my friend yesterday, he was in a plane n I shot at him as a Kv-2 n say I accidentally killed a Pz3 😅 so I can relate to the M18 kill Lol

  16. Omg i love coh2 can you make Some video’s on it pls 😉 Im sure other people Will like it to.

  17. The accidental M18 kill is a “task failed successfully” moment.

  18. That last shot would have created a vacuum as it passed the BTR and sucked the gunner out of the vehicle..Bo was robbed! LOL

  19. This is basically a Pe-8 on tracks.

  20. Is there a Sturmlingtiger?

  21. How do you unlock it

  22. If only you could hurt yourself with it

  23. After painfull grinding I finally unlocked the sturmtiger today

  24. Zeacross Stormblade

    It’s nice to see Demon join the carnage in this one

  25. Every time Bo fires all I hear is NOOT NOOT🤣

  26. Videos quote: I brought all the boys to the yard
    Edit: 7:37 When you squad mark just for yourself 🙁

  27. How do I get this?

  28. From the HAYAM guys about 8 seconds in, very disappointed we didn’t get to bag a Bo, but it’s probably the most energized we’ve been in a while, especially with us getting uptiered.

  29. Day 15 of asking for VRCC video

  30. I love how the sturmtiger has a small crane on its back, which appears to be for loading ordinance into the cannon


  32. tired war thunder player


  33. Bo I love watching your videos your voice is so cool even when you make a dirty joke its funny AF thank you for your videos and please continue and thank you Hambone, stick boy, Bismarck!

  34. imagine this against an ASU 57 😆😆

  35. Trucking with Gearheads

    I have always love the sturmtiger. So glad its in the game.

  36. the eyes look like pengu going noot noot

  37. follow norwaybaby3 on tik tok

    Hey bo that tank is so op and pls pin this

  38. Yooo! BO plays CoH2!🔥🔥🔥

  39. The only issue I have seen so far with it is after you shoot, the model still has the round in the breach for a few seconds, so you can get detonated that way. Otherwise, this tank is the best 🙂

  40. God this thing looks like a blast. Keep up the amazing work TBLF 07 and <3

  41. You know the blast radius can destroy the can 2 or 3 metres away where you gonna hit it

  42. This tank is basically a point & click, provided you have a shell loaded.

  43. 4:51 I think that’s called Direct Impact iirc.
    I remember someone, NerdCubed i think, playing a tank level in a game.
    He used the cannon on infantry which made an NPC on comms tell him not to Direct Impact infantry.

  44. I was in a lobby that you saw mini nukes flying and explosion everywhere… lmaoo

  45. You can put this thing at any BR and it will still absolutely wreck everyhing it gets to pull its trigger at.

  46. Lucy The Velociraptor

    12:40 nah, Bo’s Sturmtiger be looking like the peashooter from PvZ 2

  47. Sturmtiger is the older brother for the kv-2

  48. They eyes on the Sturmtigers was something I didn’t know I needed in my life till now, all hail sturmfish

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