I fired 34 Shots.. Guess how many penned

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. EleventyBillion


    Edit: I was fairly close…

  2. Christiano filice


  3. Lol Great video as always!

  4. James The Archaic One

    But, but, gold rounds make armor irrelevant and negate skill right? 😉

  5. Great vid, I started to clap like an idiot when you took that last shot..

  6. My takeaway from this is, play the 140 like a TD? can-do…

  7. You hit more than I would in Luchs or pz 1 c or tanks like that

  8. WarGamingRefugee

    Before watching the video: ~25%

  9. Lemming you’re still collecting xp in your 140, you haven’t checked accelerated crew training 🙂

  10. skipped to the end for the answer. here are some boobs—> (.Y.)

  11. Thx man for your videos today I 3 marked the bc12t, is my first tier 8 with 3MoE
    I wouldn’t have been able to do it with out you, seriously tank you

  12. Lol, fire support=spending teamates HP for getting damage. I love euphimisms…..very educational…..thanks man. Seriously, you think on another level my man…great vids.

    • Chris Bergonzi

      Here’s another euphimism, winning = someone losing, skill requires you lessen the chance of the loser being you, and if you don’t understand that shitty teammates are 1 of the biggest problems of wot, then I honestly don’t know if you play wot, I’m a tomato but I know that unicums are more valuable then me most of the time.

    • Why not? Typical WoT teams rush out and give their HP away for free anyway so you might as well use them as meat shields….

      Random is not a “team game”.

  13. this goes along great today for me. Played for 2 hours and won 1 game. im going to go get a rope and a stool now 🙂

  14. Should definitely try 40 HE loadout, they always do damage 😉 Kapparino

  15. The MM had decided you were supposed to lose, but who had the last laugh huh?

  16. well if we’re talking about my luck, they were all at light tanks and 5 penned

  17. Great play LemmingRush. I just like to know, would you like to do reviews of tier 5 vehicles such as the VK 16.02 Leopard in the future?

  18. the game would be even more broken if you could reliably pen super heavy tanks from range.  it would make super heavies even more useless than they are now…

  19. i was close!

  20. “I want to support the wz” *shoots at the ground*

  21. You know what is worse than playing full tier 10 match on a medium? Playing full tier 10 match on a fucking light tank, you cant literally pen shit even with gold at point blank range cuz your pen is shit, your gun handling is shit, and if you try to trade shots you are simply fucked.

  22. R. Giada Melchiorre

    You have more patience then I do.i would have screamed my head off lol. I love how your vids show us the thought process thanks LR.

  23. very well played. thats the difference between average like me and good players.: change a bad situation to…good. But RNG sukks hard. THX WG

  24. this WOT is not worth the time to involve

  25. I swear the RNG is worse than ever. I’m looking at your aiming circle it’s just so huge ! Tier 10 medium accuracy :p Your sequence where you couldn’t pen the type triggered me cause I literally had that all night long. Side shots not penning switching to gold still not penning…just a lot of anger right now lol

  26. fuck this rng

  27. No offense, and with all due respect (you’re a far better player than I am) as well as I think you played the end game, I think the early game was terrible, in my opinion. Red line sniping, waiting for your team to die in front of you. I suspect some of the pen issues was shooting into tracks or side armor. Hard to tell since you’re shooting at silhouettes. The end game you were able to clean up a bunch of crippled, mostly one-shot, tanks that your team left for you. Yeah, you played well in the end and saved a win. But, I’d love to hear an objective analysis of this game from one of your clanmates (or, someone of that calibre) to get their perspective.

    Again, all due respect. Not trying to trash talk, or anything, just stating my opinion.

    • AZWings Please explain in detail what he could have done early game, and what you think would have happened. To me, it looks like the play he made was the only one with a positive outcome.

  28. And that was a perfect example of why WG added Type 5 Heavy – to make people fire heat which will bounce anyway so they later are forced to grind credits with their tier 8 money makers which will of course get bad matchmaking and end up in tier 10 battle like tier 8 tanks do and they’ll end up having to fight tier 10 tanks so they’ll fire premium ammo and not make much credits and… WG wins lol

  29. This is a pay to play game… Didn’t you know?

  30. Everyone should be seeing the writing on the wall WOT is dying. At peak there was 18k on one server for US Canada and South America. That was with new upgrade and it has dropped off drastically since. There is no longer any chance for non pay to play. It isn’t just buying apr its gold to get the best crews on the newest op tanks. If you want a tier ten op grind tank it takes 266k exp the only people getting their are players who convert free exp with gold from all their premium tanks. Then the unicums bitch to schmuck 46%ers about losing or shit. Without the 46%ers they will be playing with themselves soon…its coming to an end dont spend money

    • Agree. Their global active player base is around 1.2 million and 900k of them are on the RU server. The Bullshit about them having 160 million players is just that… pure bullshit. They will never fix the problem because there is no problem to them. It is working as intended in their eyes.

  31. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    I sold my 62A exactly because the ruski 100mm just has a mind of its own. Sometimes it hits and pens everything you want and some miracle shots you weren’t even aiming properly, other times it misses absolutely everything. The last straw was on Ensk when I chased down a 1k 140 and in a 150m pretty much stationary duel he 100 > 0 me while missing once while I only penned him once. I wanted to go on an IRL killing spree after that game.

  32. Learn to aim LUL

  33. I never realized the problem i had in my high tier mediums until you said it. But i see what you mean about how matches tend to unfold. Ill have to keep that in mind when i play

  34. You are a bad player lemming no offence hiding at the back of the map is very lame in a medium tank.

  35. Imma guess you penned -12 shot

    Wait what

  36. Thanks for this vid! It’s great to see games where you contemplate the situation on the flow and explain your decisions. These are the vids that have helped me the most to improve my game, so keep them coming!

  37. Vairis Niedolis

    same as me ..cuz 1 time with my bc 25 t i ding all my 5 shots…so wg make math ?

  38. Ninja Plays Games

    They nerfed RNG hits. I’ve been going through this for the last two days.

  39. Leopard 1 would do a lot better with its sniper, laser accurate gun.

  40. dat 2018 free XP tho

  41. Martin Silhanek

    I really like this one LemmingRush. You played it right. But I’m just wondering there was nobody insulting you in the battle. Because everytime I play in a medium tank like you did in this battle, I quickly have to turn the chat off and put all my team mates into the black list. I’m gonna reapeat it again – you played it right. Object 140 has no armor to be useful early in the game, especially in a game like this. WG is doing it wrong. They force the players to play in super-heavies and spend millions of credits by firing premium ammunition.

  42. High tiers in WoT is cancer.

  43. learn tu aim at weakspoots biach. bit of a pickle hahhahaha geting old i see.

  44. Stay in College and look in doing other types of games as many of the other tubers are doing. You know this game is only going to get worse as the play base goes away to be filled by bots as well as the other schemes (such as increase repair cost and/or changes to the soft stats).

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