I FOUGHT THE IMMORTAL in World of Tanks!!!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Mirny: Hope World of Halloween 2021 is here bringing biggest fight yet… against the IMMORTAL – here’s the first time I faced them!


World of is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Finallly

  2. Hopefully you kicked some ass

  3. Great event love it

    • soviet ?? gamer všech dob

      how did you get passed medium ?? i cant get passed the boss and heat it

    • @soviet ?? gamer všech dob Tell ur team to get the dude into a crossfire and someone should try to focus the minions when they spawn, if you let them accumulate it’s gonna be very, VERY hard and have the rest focus the inmortal, works better if you’re in a platoon.

  4. I clicked so fast that the Tiger’s transmission hadn’t broken yet

  5. Will give it A go now..most game modes are shite

  6. When will your live on twich start?

  7. I’ve seen that you can push it off…

  8. I saw a quickybaby video pop up i clicked so fast i didnt even know what video im gonna be watching

  9. Good thing that you said in your title “in Wot”. I almost thought you fought it in real life

  10. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    the double is da best

  11. Solanine after dark

    high from the na sever qb i’m on reel 7 rn but i fine it’s 2 difficult to kill the immortal in the high difficulty

  12. For me the best tank to fight immortal is amx 13v105 and is 3 ii

  13. Wg servers were really fuckin up today and i got banned for 1 day from the event because of the stupid servers , thanks wg

  14. Even the most powerful tank couldn’t stand up to the absolute proficiency and chadness of the QB’s beard

  15. I already got The KT(C), It’s very easy ngl you have to farm keys in easy mode after you finish hard mode.


  17. Its a fun game mode. Took me a few games to get into the feel of things. I like that the Immortal is not over powered.


  19. I’m so unlucky
    I went to medium mode and fought the immortal and he only has 26 hp to die and my team died too
    Spam F to pay respect

  20. Ah yes, Finally!
    *The Mortal.*

  21. Iam banned

  22. U get keys after each phase, If you are first every phase u will receive 12 and you can earn plus one with the daily quest

  23. A4 steam enthusiast

    I have played this and really enjoyed it, nice to see wargaming still can do good things for the game.

  24. The immortal is a pain but its rewarding

  25. Manipulative pay to win game!

  26. 13:28 QB is a flat earther confirmed.

  27. the game cheats so hard, we had 30 seconds left on the fight and it ended, the fat man spawned on the closest energy point each time and just railed us XD, its so silly. ive killed it three times but despite the poopy mechanics

  28. Darkness Nighthingale

    And here I am stuck on the lowest difficulty because I’ve yet to get any teammate that can do 5k damage before we lose. While I get the top for everything.

  29. This is how they should introduce the proposed mega german tanks, as bosses like this

  30. I really love that post apocalyptic shadow world.

  31. Working as a team feels good man. Happy Halloween 🎃 everyone

  32. The medium level is very good but high level is too hard becuse the immortal has smaller weakpoints and the minions have more hp and deal more dmg. You need a really good team if you wanna win hard level.

  33. Something my cousins and I discovered last night. Try to have at least 1 team member with the shield consumable for dealing with the hedgehogs. Just activate the shield and ram all the little pests. You won’t take any damage and your team will be safe.

  34. This event is kinda crappy.

  35. you do not have to decrypt the reels in order, first 10 keys you get take reel 2 and get the rental for the Legion
    Medium duty, everyone take the legion ferrata, ram kill every spawn you have turbo available and take born ready, emergency kit and emergency repair.
    Never end the phase without getting as much myriam as possible.
    Last night our team got 5 reels decrypted, or 80 keys in a few hours

  36. this event is fkin shit, bugs n nub teammates rip

  37. You got 12 keys either because of what you mentioned or because of you completing missions which gave you more keys

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