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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. man i loved this thing, unlike the foch… this little guy is fast as foch, i loved rushing enemies and head-butting and shooting lmao

  2. Ha, the two radiators look like some sort of equipment you’d find in a winery lmao

    Only in France

  3. Wicked flank on the hill top! o7

  4. Does anyone else been getting kills and not being rewarded for them? I’ve gotten three kills today that made the destruction module come up and it’s in the feed but the didn’t officially give me the kill.


    play TA-154 A-1

  6. Tf??? That thing has wheels and tracks combined.

  7. Holy moly Phly, that second game was ridiculous! you animal!

  8. I-16 type 10 please Phly. Fun, agile and deadly little fighter. Requesting since Sept 2018. Thank you

  9. Amazing gameplay Phly! i love it

  10. that do335 fight was beautiful

  11. Imagine killing 10 tanks and lose a game, lol

  12. The fight with the plane at 8 min 9 sec was dope as fuc%

  13. senith munasinghe

    i like the 109k better just one burst n the enemy plane is shredded

  14. 16:48 phly destroying the entire enemy team but nobody even remotely considers capping the point.

    Truly a war thunder moment right there.

  15. Challege Suggestion – Panzer III N with Stock APHE at 3.0 (Day 3)

  16. Lol who else heard the train whistle notification sound? Do I win a prize? 11:50

  17. Day 338: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  18. Finnaly the ca Lorraine!!

  19. ay aiaiaaia

  20. stronk Steve 💪

    this thing looks like a tank I made in sprocket

  21. So theoretically taking a full load of solid shot is basically spaced armor?


  23. Bruh.. solid rounds can also explode in the ammo rack. Its no about the warhead, every single round has loads of propellent bro lol

  24. I’m gonna need some sources on those “steam powered” rounds. I personally couldn’t find any.

    Unless it was sarcasm, ofc.

  25. Day 1: Phly, play discount roblox warthunder (steel titans)

  26. I think Panther is better.

  27. MyLateDroid101 D

    Problem is the BR the TD is placed in, 6.0 is pretty much the only tank in the French tech tree. Everything else is 6.7 or 5.3

  28. Phly could sell me on anything

  29. Swagger Company

    8:17 was one of the coolest gameplay I’ve seen ngl. And I don’t play air rb so it’s a pretty rare sighting.

  30. was just driving next to my teammate in a concept 3 and all i could hear were his tracks. sound is beyond broken right now and it started getting bad right after red skies

  31. tyler hornbrook

    phly you should try using the boston mk I i rarely ever see anyone use it but for its br this plane is great as a fighter instead of a bomber :3

  32. Steve, two years ago you used the wirbelwind in top tier, would you like to step it up a notch and use the Flakpanzer 38? :3

  33. Mitch Mccracken

    Play the Wyvern again! An excellent glass cannon

  34. War Thunder is full of Bs sometimes, I saw that side shot and I had a clear side shot on a Tiger 2 as an Is-2 1944 n guess what it bounced while he shot my front when I was angled n it bounced on my screen but I died for some reason

  35. Jason Rom D. Lacida Jr

    Wtf? Foch matching up with Pz4?!

  36. you know Phly, when you said Purrrfect xD I had chills because of Homelander…

  37. also a bad thing about the lorraine is the bad vertical angle of fire as it i quite milited

  38. MOPARman345 HEMI

    I used too LOVE this tank back in the day. I don’t know what it’s be like now tho, with all the tiny, super fast vehicles firing HEATFS.

  39. Alleric 'Ulti' Enslin

    Dude that first match at A… All paid actors… Holy fucking shit

  40. Love you phly, keep it up

  41. I love your vide,when are we getting some enlisted ones tho?

  42. Hey Phly, have you thought of making a series where you make a fresh war thunder account.

  43. Holy can you please tell me or someone in the comments how to fly while in free look

  44. This tank looks like it was made in Sprocket.

  45. A whole team of tanks vs counterfeit jagdpanther on a hill

  46. and the ailerons on the narval are still bugged (not moving) after all these years

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