I Found The Panzer Of The Lake | Mighty Wisdom Beholding (War Thunder Tanks)

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I Found The Panzer Of The Lake | Mighty Wisdom Beholding (War Thunder Tanks)


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  2. Mr zigzag is wholesome content.

  3. Hey phat boi how about you get some better internet?

  4. Hey Phly, I noticed you don’t have a video on the British Mustang Mk IA, do you think you could do that next? I have played it and I think it does well, even iph the ammo runs fast playing conservatively… I would appreciate it iph you did, thank you.
    -Your phellow North Carolinian

  5. Adds for men

    What a time to be alive again

    2010-2020 was a write off

  6. Real talk I was gunna buy that package but I’m Canadian.

    Guess I need my ball hair for the cold anyway..

  7. This gameplay brings memories… I remember my first kill with my Panzer III… good ol’ days it felt good when you slowly killing an enemy tank by taking out its crew one by one. Those are the good times

  8. Make a new video on the Leopard 2a4 cause you haven’t made a video on it since it was on the dev server. Recommended twice

  9. Me:

    “Oh, the great Panzer of the lake… What is your wisdom?”


    “Du shave and clean ihne balls, verdamnt!”

  10. Phly, I seen you play one time in the same game round as me and I thought I would able to sneak behind you but only to find myself to only flippin scared the shit out of me by killing me in the corner of dirt mount… :’v press “f” to pay respect plez


  12. 6:09. Man, 200 meters, front.

  13. RIP Mr. Zigzag another soul Phly phailed to protect

  14. Wtf game give him his 1mill lions

  15. 11:12 wait you can lock the fucking wheels?!

  16. *Phly, why are you being GAY by using a “Buzz” sound to censor yourself?*
    *Be a real man and use the classic “Beep” sound instead.*

  17. who needs a bully hunter, when you have a good ol’ fashion narn bat squad.

  18. Only for this promo i will buy one! Even if i have no hair on me balls

  19. That game was won by the valiant effort of Mr. Zig-Zag. 😀

  20. i ripped my dick off with that fucking shaver and they DID ask questions. that’s fucked up.

  21. This is not panzer of the lake video, this is Mr Zigzag video

  22. I live, i die
    I respawn and try

  23. Phly made new friend
    Low tier best tier

  24. Wasn’t that a scam to sell headphones

  25. Nikos Papasotiropoulos

    How to keep your squadmates alive step 1: push them into enemy artillery fire, step 2: push them into enemy artillery fire ???

  26. “I live ! I dieu ! …. ” You forget i live again ! 😉

  27. Eashaan RAJEBHOSALE

    Ball you say? Hmm Phucking Phantastic!

  28. Can’t get shot if you zig zag enough. Want proof? Mr.ZigZag only died when he wasn’t zigging and zagging.

  29. Phly you are smocking some thing to in big quantity 😀

  30. Ninja sponsored by Red Bull: 1million views

    Phlydaily sponsored by ball lotion:15milion views

  31. I enjoy low tier vids, they are so mellow plus you always make friends like mr zigzag. Please make more

  32. You should play your favorite tank/plane from every country. I’d like to see what Phly enjoys!

  33. What if you live somewhere were it doesn’t get night time?
    You will still be there?

  34. It says no nick technology but I can guarantee the second I even put that thing near my balls we’re gonna have a problem

  35. In the real wordl the F2 variant was made to improve the pz 4 anti-tank performances since kwk36 was the equivalent of a slingshot for tnt tubes
    In war thunder where you face mostly armored veichle the E variant perform better than the F2

  36. I wonder if people buy sponsor ads even work, did anyone buy that thing to save BALLS ?

  37. Man Mr.Zigzag is the best!

  38. Panzer of the lake tell us your wisdom:
    “phly shoud buy the bully hunters name and opperate under it”

  39. I have a challenge for you. Kill somebody with smoke

  40. 17:51 – “Fap, fap, fap….. UAAAHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhng……”

    Uh. Whatcha doin’ in there Phly?

  41. LitlBlackDragonNinja

    To Mr ZigZag: SURVIVE!

  42. How about seeing if the Swede Boi B18B with its 500m of pen rockets is as batshit in GF as they are in the air? Because in the air they boomshakalaka the living shit out of AR2s and HE111s and pillboxes and medium tanks and pretty much anything you point them at so I’m curious if there is anything at its BR of 2.3 that can handle a Swedish IKEA Missile.

  43. happy lunar new year for us chinese and those who celebrate it!


  45. 15:31 rip ad rev

    Edit: Timestamp

  46. People who camp in a heavy tank need to get a ball lotion

  47. I’d rather have Mr. Zigzag in my team than a bunch of top tier campers who don’t even play the objectives…

  48. Rossboss apple sauce

    Packet loss is the only reason I watch everyday

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