I Free XPed out of the WZ132 into this

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Love your content man!

  2. The line got more disappointing the farther I went up through it.

    • What did you think of the tier 10?

    • @LemmingRush Tier 10 is fun but for me is not realy a full time light tank its more a medium tank with that armor and gun.Talking about armor it can bounce some shells from tier 8 and 9 but tier 10 with penetration they have will mostly pen it. Gun is avarage, good alfa and pen but bad handling and poor gun depresion. Mobility like all Chinese light 64km/h. Camo is ok but not the best because of size.

    • @LemmingRush I personally feel like it’s a bad medium and light tank in the current meta. I got a 71%wr, 2400dpg +1100 assist in the 30 solo games which are the only games I ever decided to play in it. Probably not enough for a solid opinion but there better light tanks or medium tanks for every single situation I found myself in.

    • @lemmingrush its a fast medium tank and should be treated as such its quite heavy with really good hp/t of 36 so you can ram other lights when needed but you know chinese vehicles have that really shitty RNG and WZ-132-1 has quite bad gunhandling and when RNG treats you like shit you miss quite alot of shots and you know the APCR shell penetration drop from 246 to 187 at 500 meters

    • @LemmingRush The WZ-132-1 is probably my second favourite light after the 13 105 and I got pretty good games on it. I think it is definitely worth it and one of the best lights at Tier X (Although I know not many people think so)

  3. It would seem you have made a mistake, that line is a meme have fun!

  4. It had the same gun as the 110, one of the worst tanks

  5. Love my WZ-132-1. My highest average damage out of all my tier 10 lights (2400 average). Although, EBR and T100 both beat it average combined damage.

  6. Very possibly the Batchat just slid on this rock by accident, but hey… could also a SPG pro 🙂

  7. I have every tank in the game except for arty and the chinese and british lights…

  8. Get ethernet cable which reaches your broadband?

  9. Gotta resist the urge to try and go down this line after seeing good gameplay of the tier 9 lol.

  10. Looking Forward to see you whit the tier X ! I rly like mine

  11. I really like this tank a lot. The bad gun depression doesn’t bother me but frankly I had a really great time in the WZ 132 at tier 8 my highest win rate of any light tank with the exception of the tier 6 German light which was insane and obviously an outlier.

  12. What makes the WZ-132 so bad? i’m planning to get one so i’ll have another T8 light for Frontline, my other options are M41 bulldog and BC 12t.

    • DPM is bad, alpha is average, gun handling is Uber bad.

      I might not be right about the DPM as most tier 8s have rough DPM anyways.

    • LemmingRush 2431 dpm for a tier 8 light is godly, better then a lot of mediums. 250 alpha? what do you want from tier 8 lights lmao. And 2 second aim time with a dispersion of .35 is not bad by any means

      edit: this is with my personal set up however, results may vary

    • slightly triggered because the wz132 is my favorite tank?. NA: ChairmanRen

  13. spotting tip, you can also go to D6 and sit in a bush there. Bit more risky as its easier for them to yolo you but if you have good support thats not a problem.

  14. I think WZ-132 is a resonable tank, suits my cautious style. 400 games 52% winrate. My worst tank by far is Ru251, what a turd that is. Gets bad mm on top of all.

  15. 4:17 So irritating when these shots miss, it must be server reticle not catching up or bad accuracy but what i try to do is not exit sniper view until i see the shot hit.

  16. Mihael Miličević

    Only thing that we use this thing for is for ace missions. Lulw

  17. I love the T8 WZ one of my favorite random tanks. But it takes getting used to. Also the top gun is not always the best choice.

  18. Finally started the chinese tech tree 2 months ago with the lights. recently 3 marked the tier 7.
    im enjoying them more than i thought i would, but they are really underpowered compared to the other lights.

  19. I found the Wz 132 was amazing, but the 132a is horrible

    • I have the exact same experience. According to the tanks.gg wz-132 has better gun handling than 132-A. Only thing that tier 9 has better is alpha.

  20. Thank you! Great video. I’m stuck (and stock) on the WZ 132 – it’s crap.

  21. My experience with the chinese light line has all been positive. It was the first light tank line I went down, mainly due to the top gun on the WZ-132 was, before the tier 10 lights were added, the second gun on the WZ-120. I have kept most of those lights, for me i feel they are more like a lightly armored medium, such as a cromwell, rather than a traditional scouting roll. I just bought my 132-1 not to long ago and retrained that crew up but havent played it yet.

  22. 90% of players have less than 49% WR in their tanks, are happy to have 49%
    LemmingRush has 49% WR in a tank and calls the tank shit
    Ah unicoms
    Thats why I love blowing their shit up with my STRV

  23. Looking forward to seeing more of this tank in future, looks very promising! 🙂

  24. The hell is this prison bed in the background 😀

  25. I recently got through this grind, and I love both the tier 9 and 10. The turret is very useable in tier ten.

  26. The only tank I liked from the chinese was 59-16 and WG fucking ruined it when they removed the autoloader. One of my all time favourite tanks

  27. my fav WoT youtuber. real big brain nibba

  28. 0:50 speak for you self, stock af always mid or bottom but I guess thats just current wot tier 8

  29. so nice to be grinding the same line as first tier x as you

  30. You are the best for obvious reasons! #solidbananaoutof10 😉
    We need Lemming and Baboon plotoon this summer!!

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