I Got #1 with 0-Gold… | World of Tanks KanonenJagdPanzer 105

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World of Tanks 105, Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer 3rd Mark of Excellece Review – KanonenJagdPanzer 105 KanonenJagdPanzer. World of Tanks KanJPZ 105 German Premium Tank Destroyer.

Not too long ago I talked about my worst gaming trying to 3-mark the 90mm, then today I am going to talk about it’s good brother KanonenJagdPanzer 105. Having 150 less hit points, but 105mm and everything else identical… I did not think I am going to like it as much as I did.
This thing was AMAZING compared to the KJPZ.

What do you think?


    Anyway, have a nice day and good luck in winning one of those smexy tanks: https://gleam.io/U6ZGH/may-the-rng-be-with-you-part-2

  2. I am so naked

  3. Ezzaldeen Al-Basha

    grille and kanonenJagdpanzer is the reason why germany lost the war
    they just had a bad rng all the time

  4. Love this bad boy tank.

  5. Me, in Skorp: 48% bot
    Me, in SU-130PM: 48% bot
    Me, in KanJPz 105: 57% (??)

    If I was smart, I’d try to figure out WHY.

    • Sometimes the game works in mysterious ways. I have a higher WR on my KanJPz 90 than my 100.

      I used to like scouting with the 90 before wheeled vehicles.

    • @David Gardiner I still think that instead of yanking it from sale, Wargaming should’ve given the KanJPz 90 preferential MM.

    • @RedXlV I would like an increase in VR and gun handling instead. And maybe a camo buff 😀

    • @David Gardiner Hell, give it that too. Make it a non-broken T8 version of the E-25.

    • @RedXlV E25 is broken because it faces tiers with low view range and it has epic camo. The KanJPz camo doesn’t always hold up with the high tier view range. The commander’s vision system also made it worse 😛

  6. 2:58 i remember that kind of game back in 2014 the game entitled IRONKNIGHTS which you have 1 hero plus 5 backup here..which you can upgrade your swords with four elements..one element each swords also those backup hero cards which you can upgrade up to 6 stars.. i get sad when that game was not survived because they split each other in their company also the game always been hacked to destroy it..

  7. B̸U̸S̸T̸Y̸ P̸R̸I̸S̸C̸I̸L̸L̸A̸

    love the 90 mm one hate the 105

  8. You’re starting to sound like Claus Kellerman. 🙂

  9. I struggle alltime with it.
    I really don’t know if I buy it or not

    • I would not especially if u struggle. It’s one or the worse thanks out there and u can get better tanks that makes more credits with the same amount of money

  10. 12:28 – 12:50 the commander of churchill on top of the turret tap your shell with his hands so that it will not hit the turret..

  11. Dez still on the rant about that poor 90mm tank xD

    • Have you played it? It’s not horrendous now, but back in the day, before the bullet velocity buff, it was shooting god damn wiffle balls!!!!

  12. The #36 spot in player ranking is me. I really love this tank.

  13. NA: goyacc, the pain of playing this tank can’t be worse than any tier6-7 stock tank.

  14. that tank i wanted before after i bought the Skorpion G during the Black Market event kanonen jagdpanzer 105 but i don’t have a chance because i already quit playing on pc version..im on WoT Blitz again but its hard to play on a phone..

  15. On a map like the first one in this tank i like to roll a bit behind the heavies. Staying just out of view range and waiting for fire requests on tracked targets.

    Usually gets me dead but i get some good damage in that way. Also helps my heavies deal with them thicc boys on the other team they cant pen easily.

  16. gun handling or the higher alpha?

  17. thys was tech tre tank till they remove it and maike it prem tank….just ned it 20k too unlok it and..next day they removet it from game…its a nice tank…

  18. My friends and I have know about this for a long time. WG is a bunch of lying pieces of shit. And my Rhino’s .29 accuracy is BULLSHIT, meanwhile I snap shot with Russian .44 accuracy.

  19. 2:00 Wow, only 5 players? 🤣

  20. Dislike for this shit shadowlegends game….

  21. I won’t enter the giveaway, because I only want the Kanonenjagdpanzer with the 90mm gun. It’s 1 of the only 3 premium tanks I’m still missing, but unfortunately WG didn’t sell it in years now.

  22. I actually like this tank! Not that I do too well in it, but I managed to 2-mark it at least.

  23. Jean-Philippe Morin

    Surprise m&$5#=*& ! Hahaha!

  24. Ashutosh Parida

    12:40, that one shot describes the entire WOT game. Perfectly aimed, perfect lead from Dez and a tank with a 0.29 ish dispersion (Very accurate) and look where the shot went. Even Dez lost his chill just by firing that one shot.

  25. Paper stats always meant NOTHING in this game… It’s a more and more of a rigged sh*tfail by the year.

  26. I really enjoy my KJPZ 105. I wish the reload was a bit faster, as TDs like the WZ-120 FT has both higher alpha, and faster reload.

  27. I love this tank, my favorite premium TD I have.

  28. why anyone buy 105 when u can get that free from the referal program

  29. Alunita Inghinala

    Just finished binge watching Godzilla TV Series, pretty good animated series, time to watch Dez’s video.

  30. I have a NEW EU account name is KOScMOS EU….. I am a tier 3 monster ..lol

  31. just my opinion

    WOT is now about mobility and the 105 has spades of it, that is why this tank is so good despite questionable gun handling and yes i have this box on tracks lol

  32. This tank is a hidden gem and a blast to play with

  33. Hi Dez!
    I have noticed that youre last video to the AMX 50 b like 4 -5 Years ago was . I would be happy to see if the tank is any good with improved Equipment.

  34. You keep talking about RNG and hidden stats, is Claus getting to you?

    • Hidden stats in the sense of “After firing bloom” and stuff, what we can see from Tanks.gg for example, but not in the game. 😛

  35. Mattias Ronnberg

    “Surprise MF” hahahah so damn funny dez

  36. Dez Excelence



  38. I have about 5% of my portfolio in uranium bitcoin any advice on any other crypto currency that I can grow my $300k capital to a million dollars?

  39. social3ngin33rin

    RAID sponsor while you’re already playing RAID lolol
    That’s because .31 germany “dispersion” = .56 russian “dispersion”
    WalletGaming knows there are hidden stats that they never release or mention existing.

  40. Ameer Hamzah Taimur

    So DEZ tell me what do you prefer better?
    AMX CDA 105 or Kanonen 105?

  41. General N.Gabriel

    me a virgin World of Tanks Blitz watching this video knowing full well that ill never play WoT pc

  42. My personal record on this score board was 3rd place on ST-II, only because I had good winrate i wasnt even close getting 3rd mark, like every other guys in the board top

  43. I got something for my self in this video. Marking spot where too shoot before moving back to bush, didnt thought of that

  44. Is anyone else seeing relentless cringe ads for a certain mobile game that seems to have borrowed a few things from WoT (the artillery aiming for example)?

  45. Proves that WG:s softstats are BULLSH*T u mean? Aka they are lying to their customers, pretty serious u think?

  46. Unsubscribe this crap channel

  47. epic life achievement unlocked

  48. Mihajlo Petrovski

    this comment is old
    but i watched the video so early it said : kanonenjagdpanzer teached me something

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