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Source: OddBawZ

The T114 is one of the best vehicles in War to a Nuke. In this video, I manage to pull of a Nuke in less than 5 minutes of fighting.

The T114 Premium is a US Light Tank come Tank Destroyer that has a HEAT RPG that penetrates over 400mm of armour. The projectile might be slow and difficult to aim but really packs a punch!

The T114 can scout too. It’s fast and even has an autoloader that means it can fire a round every 2.5 seconds until the magazine is empty. The only thing that really lets it down is that it only has 2 crew members and is poorly armoured. Although, whenever has that stopped a tank from being good? 🙂

Overall, the T114 light tank is one of the most overpowered vehicles in War and it’s an absolute blast to play!

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  1. I love how you synchronized the music with the gameplay in the intro.

  2. My name is andy, and I do play into the meta, how dare you insult me like this 🤣

  3. Nice!

  4. They really need to make it to where you can’t TK

  5. Francisco Andreoli Jr

    Where is this tank? Can’t find 🤔🤔🤔

  6. Miguel Alfonso Delgado Urby

    I really felt sad with that team kill 🙁

  7. Here is a link to the replay for the intro, I’m not gonna say who’s responsible for the teamkill.
    But if you decide to leave a report, I cant stop you. People like that need to be reprimanded for their unsportsmanlike conduct.

  8. i clicked the thing

  9. Odd gets a new gamingchair….
    also Odd: gets’s a Nuke within the first 5 minutes.

  10. Man, this video took so long to make that destroyed tanks were still despawning. It does help show how much better the new system is. Imagine how much better it’d be having Odd just surrounded by the dead.

  11. If war thunder was even remotely “esport ready” it would support randomized names for steamers, or, at least not CHARGE THEM to rename themselves.

  12. oddbawz is too good for this world. You’re such a good person you assume that everyone is equally nice. They’re not. Some of them are little monsters.

  13. That team kill crushed my heart I tell you. I thought they were here to form up on you

  14. When Odd plays the game he gets enemies like in the intro, when I play the game I get enemies like Odd, and I dont like what that says about me…

  15. Even a Teamkill should set the Bomb of on impact and provide a WIN. Those lowlifes teamkillers shouldnt get their way.

  16. Appeciate your Positivity about whole thing but yeah there should be a system that punishes team killers like for example in some shooter where you choose if u punish the guy or not and he get either a fine in Lions or something like that. Plus if i’m not mistaking friendly tanks can’t damage one another with their guns. Why not implement it to the lanes as well? And against the ramming you could simply make it like on the runway where there are no collisions on between friendly planes. I doubt that’s a very hard to implement.

  17. Sir Percival Blakeney

    I think I just need to get used to this things gun. I can get several kills often but it’s a bit hard to range sometimes being used to much faster and flatter shell trajectories. At least the reload is good and the penetration at this tier is insane.

  18. Charlesj HemphillIII

    That things a beast in the field.
    Very impressed.! 🙂

  19. Kitty Builder Bunch

    Odd according to me shooting each other with your machine guns at the start of around it is friendship

  20. llx-RED_OPPZ-xll Gaming

    I can already see the death threats to that poor guy now that killed you😂

  21. 15:01 well they could spawn at the other spawn point at g4 but yeah they got stomped. Oh and yes I would like to see you get the nuke using this again and I hope you don’t get TK’d at least once.

  22. I am not looking forward to the new M6 from the battle pass because it will be too much too handle for german players and they sure as hell will uptier/nerf/increase repair of US 6.7

  23. spawn camping is skirting around the map at the very start to shoot into there spawn, this is not spawn camping

  24. looks like a 5.7=6.7 cancer match

  25. To see someone so happy and then someone ruining it is so heart breaking

  26. I got nuke with T80U in Ground Zero. I’m not much of plane player but I got lucky there was thick cloud in sky so I could hide. Enemy plane came to intercept but lost me in the cloud, I dropped it way beyond the battleground but it did the job. So I now realize I was very lucky.

  27. i got a nuke with the AVRE lol

  28. Man that team killer is a POS

  29. How does the nuke work? Do you have to drop it on a certain spot, or just anywhere near on the battlefield?

  30. Nice! now do the same in the Type 60, oh wait only has 10 rounds. Now do the same in the Fiat 6614 oh only 17 rounds. The R3 T106! oh 10 rounds of ammo.

  31. 17:06 couple of days ago I had a game where I hit a KV-1 in the turret’s left side ammo rack three times in a row and nothing happened. On x-ray the ammo was destroyed but somehow I “detonated” the exact same shells three times without any effect. Seems to be a new bug. Needless to say I didn’t get the kill because of that

  32. As always I am amazed at how you spot the enemy, especially in the plane in the rain. I cant see shit..Probably why I die a lot…

  33. *And they don’t stop coming*
    *And they don’t stop coming*
    *And they don’t stop coming*

    – Odd in this video –

  34. Bro no way, they really killed u for having a nuke?

  35. Thuận Tăng Anh

    Only the most braindead, useless/unemployed, parent lost, no friend, limbs disassembled person on this world would shot down a friendly nuke carrier.

  36. Name and shame the douchebag that teamkilled you, dude. Shitheads like that deserve to be dunked.

  37. “Better horsepower to weight than a Toyota Prius” . . .

  38. Member of the oompaville shungite cult

    That’s why I would just drop it if I get friendly fire cause it’s a nuke it should kill them anyway

  39. i’m losing faith in humanity seeing people teamkilling people with nukes

  40. What was up with all those tiger tanks where they breeding like rabbits very cool video

  41. I get the Nuke alot using the T34 American Heavy, but I either get team killed or a player immediately J’s out and kills me. Nuke is a joke dont waste spawn points.

  42. All of these enemy tanks are from 1944

    Now this vehicle looks like it is from the next generation

    So 👏 wow balanced match by gaijan
    gOod JoP gAijAn
    Gud gob

  43. I did an analysis and the name and squadron of the team killer was -KOZ-Warrior_ForPeace if anyone is interested.

  44. gaijin be like ça me semble balancer de mettre ce tank la avec ça …. après tout il est pas très armurer LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  45. You need to change your in game name to “h8 falcon”. I swear you complain about it every time I see a video lol

  46. Omg I’m so late stupid youtube algorithm

  47. Bruh that team killer needs a 6 month ban for that. Don’t blur his username. They should give nuke spawns airspawn so it doesnt take so damn long to get to the battlefield.

  48. Pictured in the into, why the tiger and panthers will eventually go down again to 5.0

  49. Alexander [DIXX]

    Idk why they don’t just take friendly fire away. Maybe leave collisions in of course, but at least they need to die as well.

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